Synergy, Raising,MOS and OS


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Synergy, Raising,MOS and OS

  3. 3. RAISING University Based Expansions  Using University Booklets showcasing EP Experiences and Endorsements from BOA and universities/Institutes.  Getting in touch with Student Council or Club heads and going through them.  Youth Empowerment through LEAD sessions.  Selling Experiences through Product Packaging  Establishing Entities.  Organizational structure in Universities  MDPs can be proposed to University(ET +DT + OGX + Events like GV) but ideally GCDP OGX should happen first and EPs take up TLP and TMP unless there is a campus ambassador.  Events like GV can also be done to promote AIESEC.  Using Returned EPs as Campus Ambassador. Education Support Group Internships to be projected as projects/experiences(GEP) and not internship for GCDP OGX. Product Packaging(Covered in another slide) Product Evolution. Certificates by LCs with BOA logos on them(endorsing). Country Specific Raising Local Exchange Partners(LEP) – College, Institute helping us provide a minimum number of experience to their students(say 25) as LEP who get additional benefits. Parents Supporting / Endorsing International Experiences. BOA supporting International Experiences through Videos/Endorsements University Booklet/Project Report Booklet which showcases our impact and experiences of EPs and Institutes. EP Booklet which includes a GEP form. MOUs/ Endorsements with Universities/ Institutes to be used as reference. OC VP Recruitments should have 2 members from OGX. Reintegrated EPs to act as campus ambassador in their respective college/institute/university. Global Village in Universities/institutes/colleges. Empower/ International Youth Carnival – Events to be done. Adhoc Raises – EP(raised and realized) Recommending to friends, Members(LC) talking to friends, converting from the registrations, RNR for the same. Approaching International Business Schools. Contacting Undelivered EPs(match breaks, visa issues , undelivered / last year EPs). Social Media promotion – Country Specific Promotions. Social Media Campaign – Related to the countries we can send for internships. Find Colleges with Different Cycles(Aug , September) - Research Members going on International Leadership Experience Members going on International Membership Experience Partnerships with Youth organizations(Rotract etc) Marketing through Print and Broadcast Media. Career Day or Dean/Principal Meet. Alumni going for GCDP and also working as BDMs.
  4. 4. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Getting endorsements from the hosting LCs of returned EPs for showcasing the quality of AIESEC India EPs WIKIs for GCDP OGX by every LC.  Endorsements by ICX country/LC.  Videos endorsing LC EPs by hosting Country/LC.  Videos of EPs  Project reports of EPs showcasing impact and their experiences.  Brief background of LC.  Colleges/Institutes EPs come from.  Selection process details. Global Leadership/Membership Programme(Members/Leaders) Quality EPs(with TLP) as BDMs. EPs as CEEDERs or at least promoting IR for the LC. Webinars by hosting LCs to prepare EPs and EPIC by LCs to prepare them for a TMP (building IR at least) on Exchange. Web Portal/ Super WIKI for OGX nationally. Sending BDMs by MC. Helping Hosting Country to sell GEP (Indian EPs) to NGOs (Projects in the country) by giving them proposals for the same. Country Partnerships for Q3  The 4 countries who have promised 50 Exchanges each in Q3 are : 1. Egypt 2. China 3. Russia – VISA period has been reduced to 2 weeks from 4 weeks. 4. Kenya  Indonesia(25) , Hungary(30) , Poland(10) , Turkey(8) , Ukraine (30) These countries (except turkey) have not confirmed anything(have the capacity to take the above number) but are ready to partner with us for Q3 if EPs are available well in advance. .
  5. 5. PRODUCT PACKAGING/EVOLUTION  Global Entrepreneurs Programme  GCDP Experience(Social project)  Project on a issue we give them make a project report on(videos, documents, research) Eg. Education system of that country as a additional job role.  Inducting them as Associate members or providing them LEAD/Youth empowerment workshops to keep them interested.  Regional EPIC  Certification (endorsements from NBOA/LBOA endorsing GEP), logos on certificates as “endorsed by ….)  TLP TMP on Exchange  Cultural Exchange  TLP/TMP roles once they come back from internship  Conducting India Day in hosting country(hopefully by december)  Learning partners by hosting country(hopefully by December)This collectively would mean a student is getting International experience and learning entrepreneurial skills which is the core ofthis programme)Please note GEP doesn’t mean project on Entrepreneurship necessarily but a project where you will learn/develop entrepreneurialskills and outlook through a international experienceThey cannot get everything mentioned above but get 5 products of the above mentioned in a GEP depending on the project theygo for(or what our LCs can provide). LCs should offer products in a GEP as per their capacity and what they can deliver.Concept note and country specific posters/videos for GEP will be released by end of July.  Global Leadership/Membership Programme  Everything in a Global Entrepreneurs Programme  BDM if they have a good AIESEC Experience.  International TLP in hosting country.  TLP once they return back.GLP is a new programme designed for the members/leaders of AIESEC India who can now go for an international experienceand gain much more than just a NGO work experience. They can now also go as BDMs for the LC or AIESEC India(dependingon their credentials) and take a TLP role in the hosting Local Committee. It is aimed at enhancing the experience of amember/leader of AIESEC India. It basically makes a member/leaders AIESEC experience.
  6. 6. SYNERGYFINANCE SYNERGY  Investment Model  Formal proposal to be send with a proper analysis of ROI.  Incoming CEEDERs to promote OGX.  Outgoing CEEDERs – with proper expectation setting and results expected.  Contracts to be signed.  EP Tool kits/ University Booklets.  RNR for members(OGX and LC) and EPs(Each one raise one or EPs recommending their experiences to more students.)  Kurtas/Tshirts, bands,brochures to be send with EPs.  Promotions for OGX through print and broadcast media.  Events .  Subsidy for Global Leadership programme  EPICs/Preparation seminar  External Research  Hiring a PR agencyMARKETING SYNERGY  Social Media Campaign  GEP being promoted(country specific) through  Articles of those countries.  Videos of those countries.  Videos on social entrepreneurship.  Videos on international exposure.  Videos by Alumni or BOA talking about international experiences. Promoting a country through the above to get a student interested.  Showcasing impact through Project reports and videos.  Investment in Marketing to promote OGX.  Endorsement/videos from Parents(good quality).  Promotion through Print and Electronic Media.  Branding in Café and youth hangouts.  EP Booklet(EP Project report, case studies , AIESEC India details, preparation seminar details, EPIC)  University Booklet(LEAD,OGX,EP Case studies, impact, AIESEC India, Endorsements)  IS material. Materials will be given by MC and Marketing commission. Operational and promotional work(in colleges/Institutes) should be taken up by GCDP OGX.
  7. 7. TM SYNERGY  EP Induction  Reintegration  EPIC  Associate membership(if possible)  Engaging them with AIESEC during(Raise - Realization) period  TLP,TMP roles.  Recruitment planning  Member planning  RNR CampaignsCoordination with VP TM is required however TL AIESEC XP and Delivery is responsible for it. VP TMs will help GCDPOGX strategize, make agendas, creating job roles, give training to your TLs for the same. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYNERGY Ensuring following are documented and collected in one place for all EPs.  Passport  ILs  TN and EP AN  Project reports  Videos  ICX Endorsements  EP Contracts  Parent NOC.  Parent Endorsements.  MOUs.  Client Endorsements  Agenda and pictures of EPIC, Preparation seminar, IS and other EP forums.  Database of students attending IS.  Induction plan  Minutes of Department meets.  LC Partnerships.  Receipts given to EPs for payments.  Year and mid year plan.There should be a IM responsible in GCDP OGX under TL Exchange Support to do all this.
  8. 8. EXPANSIONS SYNERGY  Training Expansions team.  Matching EPs from Expansions in synergy with VP Expansions.  Visits if required with VP Expansions.  Providing knowledge and resources to Expansions team.GCDP ICX SYNERGY  Getting AIESEC Experience Trainees.  Trainees getting ICX brochures, materials.  Trying to get outgoing MC members/LCPs/VPs of different countries to come for GCDP ICX projects.  Using the trainees as CEEDs and promoting GEP(trainee country promotions)This is not a compulsion but a progressive step to grow.
  9. 9. GCDP OGX INITIATIVES – INFORMATION HUBKnowledge Hub  WIKI created with documents, agendas, presentations and videos for all processes in OGX to be used nationally. Time line: 20th July  WIKI for Induction plan of members. Time line: 30th July  WIKI for EPs with full details. Time line: 1st Week of August.VISA  VISA application(software) which gives details about VISA for every country.  Information about VISA issues collected from LCs of India and hosting country and taken forward in Country meetings and IC. Time line: 20th July  Hosting country approaching Embassy to sort out issues. Time Line: Continuous Process  WIKI for VISA Details. Time line: 20th July.International Relations  WIKI with details of Country partners,Endorsements, IR initiatives , EP profile Time Line : Before IC,2012.  Partnerhips for Q3(already shared)
  10. 10. CLUSTERS Cluster A Cluster B Cluster C Delhi University Manipal University Baroda Delhi IIT Bangalore Kolkata Hyderabad Mumbai Indore Chennai KGP Chandigarh Surat Jaipur Ahmedabad Pune Lucknow Jalandar Navi MumbaiEven though LCs are part of the same cluster they might have different OS structures due to different realities and market.
  11. 11. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE DU DI Chennai Chandigarh TL - New Market, 3-5 members Adhoc TL - Existing Market 3-5 members TL - Delivery and 3 members 1 VP GCDP OGX AIESEC XP 1 marketing TL - Exchange 1 Finance Support 1 ER 1 IM 5 Members(regions) + Active EPs should be part of the region they want to TL -IR get matched monitored by the member responsible for the region.Incase a LC has more than 1 VP – TL Delivery and AIESEC XP and TL Exchange Support can be common to both VPs.
  12. 12. Hyderabad Bangalore Mumbai Pune Jalandhar 1 TL - University 3-5 members Relations. TL Delivery and 3 members AIESEC XP VP GCDP OGX TL - Adhoc 3 members -1 Members - Marketing TL - Exchange -1 Member - F Support -1 Member - ER -1 Member - IM 5 Members(regions) + Active EPs should be part of the region they want to get TL -IR matched monitored by the member responsible for the region.Incase a LC has more than 1 VP – TL Delivery and AIESEC XP and TL Exchange Support can be common to both VPs.
  13. 13. Kolkata Jaipur Baroda Navi Mumbai TL - University 3-5 members. Relations. TL - Adhoc 3-5 members. VP GCDP OGX TL - Exchange -1 Members - marketing -1 member - F and ER Support -1 member - IM 3 members responsible for 2 regions each and 1 TL -IR and Delivery member responsible for delivery.Incase a LC has more than 1 VP – TL Delivery and AIESEC XP and TL Exchange Support can be common to both VPs.
  14. 14. Surat Indore Ahmedabad Lucknow TL - University 3 members Relations. TL - Adhoc 3 members VP GCDP OGX TL - Exchange -1 Members - Marketing -1 member - F and ER Support -1 member - IM and VISA VP TM -DeliveryThese LCs should have 2 members for IR directly working under the VP.
  15. 15. Manipal University 2 TLs - University 5 members. Relations . TL Delivery and 3 members. AIESEC XP VP GCDP OGX TL - Exchange 1 Members - marketing -1 member - F and ER Support -1 member - IM 5 Members(regions) + Active EPs should be part of the region they want to get TL -IR matched monitored by the member responsible for the regionIncase a LC has more than 1 VP – TL Delivery and AIESEC XP and TL Exchange Support can be common to both VPs.
  16. 16. IIT KGP TL - University 5 -7 members Relations + Adhoc. VP GCDP OGX TL - Exchange -1 Members - Marketing -1 member - F and ER Support -1 member - IM and VISAThese LCs should have 2 members for IR directly working under the VP.
  17. 17. Job Roles CRM tools, Feedback mechanism, MOUs, partnerships, Fixing and Delivering IS, Raising ,University Relations Building University Relations, Working on MDPs with university. Random Raising, Tapping on registrations, Working on LC RNR for raising EPs, Using EPsAdhoc recommendation to tap students , tapping students registered through marketing initiatives. The team is responsible for everything from Preparation seminar, feedback forms mid way and at the end of the internship. Getting Tshirts, Kurtas, tool kits, reception kit ready. Evaluation of EP experience. They also handle VISA for EPs. Basically from the moment they are matched Delivery team takes over and carries on till they are reintegrated. Coordinating with IR team to ensure EPs get TLP,TMP roles if promised. EPIC, Induction, reintegration ,associate membership ,TLP TMP support and job role creation forDelivery and AIESEC Experience EPs IR Teams dedicated to specific regions. These teams can also have EPs(who were inducted and showed interest, regions they want to go to). The team is responsible for striking LC LC partnerships. Get EPs inducted in the hosting LCs virtually and ensure they get TMP ,TLP is happening there.IR VP has to be a core part of this team. Legalization and maintenance of EP contract, organizing EPIC, Preparation Seminar, Reintegration conferences, Embassy relations(getting materials),budgeting and accounting. Certification and getting external for EP development. Keeping a track of receivables different functions & follow up for the same. Budgeting for theER and F programme. Promote GCDP OGX, Marketing strategies to reach to the youth, design, wikis, videos, social media, mailers. * Drive Social Media strategies for the local entity align with the National Social Media Plan * Educate LC in Social Media Usage * Manage and review Official Social Media Channels * Drive strategies to increase the size of the AIESEC virtual community in the city based on theMarketing National Brand Alignment. Design and management of internal communications channels To admin and support all IT resources in your local entity. Also to get used to the new IT tools after approbation of MC VP IM in order to avoid spend unnecessary of resources. To raise the needed information for the Knowledge Management project to assure the sustainability of knowledge and proficiency of GCDP OGX of your local entity. * To resolve all issues about accessibility and other problems of platform in yourInformation Management local entity "
  18. 18. MEASURES OF SUCCESSParticulars Key Performance IndicatorsExperiences Delivered No. of Experiences Delivered. Quality of EPs Pipeline in Exchange X+ TMP,TLP and vice versa Delivery Rate and Realization rate Delivery of IR (national partnerships)Market Capitalization and UR No. of Colleges, Universities partnered with. Conversion Rate from ISs MOUs, Partnerships. Innovation like adding in curriculum or funding of whole internship by College Delivery of National partnerships(incase any) Project ReportsShowcasing Impact Marketing of GEPMarketing and Branding Endorsements from hosting LCs. Outreach Videos of EPs Branding in the AIESEC NetworkProcesses EP Flow (Integration, Reintegration, EPIC, Preparation Seminar) Education and knowledge. IM(AN, IL, Passport) OS Structure Evolution Process Flow implementation.Other aspects Leadership Pipeline Participation , Presence, Support , Contribution Nationally by VPs - includes representation at International/National conference Innovation Transition Implementation of Growth Drivers CRM National Contribution If a LC works on maximizing these indicators they will move towards becoming a sustainable GCDP OGX LC.