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Villa Lante- Italy


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A topic from landscape design one of the famous gardens in the world villa lante and read to know why is it one.!

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Villa Lante- Italy

  1. 1. Landscape design Topic –villa lante ,italy Submitted by- Vishant Tyagi Manish Mishra Vaibhav Mudghal Sakshi Aggarwal
  2. 2. • Villa Lante at Bagnaia is a Mannerist garden of surprise near Viterbo , central Italy. • The villa is known as the "Villa Lante". • It did not become known as this until the villa was passed to Ippolito Lante Montefeltro della Rovere, Duke of Bomarzo, in the 17th century, when it was already 100 years old. • Topography – the garden is present at contour site, and it divides into four levels. • The garden has various kind of shurbs and trees . • It also contain water channels and fountains. • It has two twin villas. • Symmetrical balanced .
  3. 3. Bird eye view of villa lante
  4. 4. Top view and section plan section
  5. 5. The villa lante is set up into three main levels that Controlled the flow of water from the mountain side Down to the town below.
  6. 6. The grotto and upper level The grotto site at the summit of the hill From which all the water flows down Towards the town. This area includes the Fountain of the dolphins as well as terraced Straight water path to the fountain of the giants .
  7. 7. The cardinal’s table and casini level The fountain of the giant is at the cardinal’s table Which features a central channel, which in fact was Used to chill bottles of wine . And below that are two Casini which were built as the cardinal’s dwellings.
  8. 8. The cardinal’s table and casini level The two casini were built separate from Each other with about 30 years in between ,but are exactly duplicates of each other. Form a visual barrier between the gardens And the upper level.
  9. 9. The lower gardens The gardens at the bottom level of villa lante Stand as a testament to geometric landscaping And provide an entryway from the town below.