Case Sudy: Boost


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Case Sudy: Boost

  1. 1. Saturday, January 27, 2007Boost : Is The Secret Of Our EnergyBrand : BoostCompany: Glaxo Smithkline BeechamAgency:JWTBrand Count : 192Boost is one of the major players in the Rs 1400 crore Indian Health Food Drink ( HFD)market. The brand was created in 1975 by the company R&D team and test marketed in1976. The brand became national in in 1980s. Glaxo rules the Indian HFDmarket with a share of around 64 %. The market is ruled by Horlicks and the leader is flankedby flanker products Maltova and Viva.Boost takes on Bournvita from Cadburys which is the market leader in the brown powdersegment. The HFD market is having two segments : White powder segment and brownsegment. The market is dominated by white powders. Boost is a malt milk additive with theflavour of chocolate.Boost has a share of around 12% in the HFD market.HFD is targeted at children aged 5-18. The market is huge since this is the age group thatdemands some kind of energy drink. The kids are active and playing during this age and thepressure is on the home maker to keep the energy level of the kids high using some drinks.Boost is positioned as an energy drink. The tagline " Boost is the secret of my energy" hasremained a blockbuster all through these years.The tagline has highest recall among the TG.Boost is also the first HFD brand to be endorsed by a celebrity.After the initial growth, the brand landed in the mature stage of PLC during 1980s with salesplateauing. The brand repositioned itself through a careful planned strategy backed byconsumer insigh t. The brand realised that kids are stronginfluencers of the purchase process for such products and once kids get hooked onto suchdrinks, brand loyalty can be assured. GSK also identified cricket as the vehicle to Boost theSale of Boost.During 1980s Kapil dev was roped in as the brand ambassador for Boost and as a cricketer,Kapil was considered an Icon by many . Boost got the energy from Kapil and GSK had foundthe success mantra.
  2. 2. During 1990s Kapil gave the baton to Sachin. Sachin endorsed this brand when he was in histeens. During those times, the ads showed both Kapil and Sachin together endorsing thebrand and thus ensured that the transition is smooth. From 1990-present, Sachin has beenendorsing this brand. I think Boost and Sachin hold the record for longest associationbetween a brand and celebrity at least in India. (The kid who starred with Kapil for the adwas Nikhil Chopra who later played for India0in 2000, the brand also roped in Sewag to endorse the brand. At that time, Sewag and Sachinwas at fire as the opening pair.Boost was innovative not only in the promotion front but also in product improvements. in2002, as a part of its repositioning, the brand came out with Power Boosters : which containsCopper and Biotin.It was first of its kind in this segment.Boost also innovated in packaging.Over these years, the packaging became contemporary and stylish to reflect the changingconsumer preferences.A brand will become successful only if the owner invests in the brand for the long term.Boost is a testimony of that. Over these years, the brand has been positioned and repositionedin tune with the consumer. During the late nineties, consumer insights showed that althoughthe kids liked the promos involving Sachin, they felt somewhat distant from the brand (because Sachin was perceived to be extraordinary). Realising this the brand changed itstagline to " Boost is the secret of my energy to " Boost is the secret of OUR energy". The adsincreasingly gave importance to kids rather than the celebrity.In 2005, the brand came with Choco Blast ( more chocolate) and Advanced Energy Boostersto counter the threat from Bournvita who now has the Chocolate taste of "Five Star" in the commercial here: Boost chocoblastBoost is a super brand with lots of lessons for a marketer to learn.The brand continues toinvest in it and has remained the favorite of marketers and kids..Source: Superbrands,agencyfaqs.Imagesource; agencyfaqs,superbrands