Basics of internet business marketing


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Basics of internet business marketing

  1. 1. E MarketingBasics of Internet Business MarketingFirst of all you need to know about all the platforms that the Internet provides you to market and promote your business. Ifyou thought that creating a website is the only thing that you need to do to use the internet for business marketing, then it istime you refresh your Internet business marketing basics. Internet marketing includes the following platforms: • Business Marketing Website • Business Marketing Blogs • Business Press Releases • Business Networking • Business Marketing Research • Business Email Marketing • Business AdvertisingBusiness marketing on the internet makes use of each and every opportunity to communicate with the audience which couldbe either potential or existing customers and investors. Let us know more about how you can utilize each of these marketingplatforms to the fullest.Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Effective Use of Your WebsiteYour website is a reflection of your business, and hence makes sure you have a clean and simple website with concise andquality content. The key to having a great website starts from the url itself, which is the name of your website. Pick a url thatwill attract attention and yet will not sound like a hoax. A well designed website will obviously and advantage, but is not aprerequisite, you can get your basics right and still be successful over the Internet. This is the age where everyone is lookingfor simple and straight things, if you complicate your website too much and add unnecessary embellishments, it will definitelybe a turn off for the visitors. Use an appropriate colour scheme and graphics for your website. Marketing is all about buildingrelation and enhancing communication with your audience. Give all the details about your business, starting from the history,the achievements and benchmarks and current credentials and clientele. It is always wise to categorize the information inseparate tabs, which gives a clear and systematic look to the website.Do not make your website look boring with the use of extensive text, always use interesting graphics and photographs toillustrate the text messages and bring harmony to the website. Add detailed information about all the achievements andsuccessful business projects undertaken and completed so far. Always provide a feedback option wherein people who areinterested can revert to you with their queries. Provide links to other related web pages like your recent press releases, yourblog sites etc to pique the interest of the readers. Try and conduct various polls and contests on your websites and announceprizes for the winners. Increased readership often translates into increased profits and hence acts as a major boost to thebusiness.Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Business BlogsMost of the people would question the need of a blog in of an official website. Why do you need a blog for business marketing?The answer is the enhanced interactivity that blogs provide, their informal appeal and their rising popularity on the web. Blogshave emerged as a very successful communication medium with the number of bloggers increasing day by day. The bloggingcommunity is expanding day by day and has a huge influence on the Internet. Having a website is not enough, you need to goa step further and have your own business blog to enhance the marketing. In case you have your partners on the web, do notforget to link your blogs together to increase readership. Blogs can not only help you to keep updating daily news snippets andinformation about your business but also serve as an excellent medium for people to contribute to your blog and share theirviews about your products and services.Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Press ReleasesPress releases are short succinct pieces of information that allow the readers to know the latest developments andachievements of your business. Press releases are touted as effective Public Relations tools and hence also play a major role inbusiness marketing. There exist several websites that allow you a platform to share your information and publish it on theInternet. Social news aggregators or article directories are the best platforms to publish your press releases and createpublicity for your business. There exist paid and free varieties of such websites. Depending on your requirement and capacity,you can select a site for publishing your press releases.Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Business NetworkingBusiness networking is an inseparable element of business marketing. At the end of the day, every businessman knows thatthe success of the business does not depend on the number of customers. You need more investors, you need franchisees forexpansion of the business and the Internet is a great place to meet people from the same field and interact with them. Thereexist several platforms for businessmen to interact with each other and discuss their business prospects and other relatedissues. Networking websites also offer a great way to forge new business partnerships and business deals. The most important 1
  2. 2. E Marketingfactor of online business networking is the fact that small scale as well as large-scale business owners can be reached on acommon platform.Tips on Internet Business Marketing: AdvertisingHave you ever noticed the small or the pop-up advertisements on the Internet? The Internet is a large advertising platform forall sorts of businessmen. There exist all sorts of advertising options, but pick the ones that are authentic and effective. Avoidusing pop-up ads since they are an annoyance to the Internet users and are often blocked by pop-up blockers used by amajority of people. There exist several facilities like Google Ad sense, which make sure your advertisements are featured onrelevant web pages and websites.Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Online ResearchThe Internet is home to a wide range of people with different age groups, genders, people with different profession, differentlifestyles and different buying habits and preferences. This is a place where any businessman can access any target group thathe thinks is suitable for his/her products and services. Online research and surveys of target audience with respect to theirshopping preferences and requirements are easily possible on the Internet. There also exist various research and surveywebsites that will carry out the research for you at a fixed minimum price. Online research helps you to fathom the customerrequirements and accordingly plan your marketing strategies in future. It also allows you to know your strengths, weaknesses,threats and opportunities by results of comparison between your products and other competitors. Online research also enablesgeneration of useful mailing lists that includes contacts of people who could genuinely be interested in your products andservices.Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Email MarketingAfter websites and blogs, email is the best marketing tool over the Internet. Unlike websites and blogs, an email provides acommunication mode that is more personalized. However before undertaking mass email marketing it is advisable to conductthe online research and surveys to generate relevant mailing lists. Also while sending the marketing emails, care should betaken about the content of the mail. It should not appear as a spam my email that is truly an annoyance to the reader. In caseyou have mailing lists that include people who have done business with you it is better to make a reference to your pasttransaction which will make the email seem more authentic and prevent the reader from ignoring your mails. Do not keep onbombarding the readers with repeated mails. Send relevant mails at regular intervals to generate a positive response.Effective Internet Marketing StrategiesThe processes and means developed by marketers to achieve greater business and attain customer return are referred to asmarketing strategies. The implementation of a marketing strategy is preceded by thorough market research and analysis ofcustomer base. During the first phase of online marketing, business companies research the market to identify their targetcustomers and develop an Internet marketing plan. The marketing plan consists of an overview of the company goals andpotential business opportunities. It also includes a statistical data about users, competitors and market trends. The human taskforce and monetary resources dedicated towards the implementation of marketing strategies are outlined in the Internetmarketing plan. The marketing strategies and tools to be used are also included in the marketing plan.The development of an Internet marketing plan is followed by its effective implementation. The choice of marketing strategiesdepends on the size of business and the types of customer base. Most importantly, it depends on the kind of business productor service to be marketed on the web.Build a suitable Domain name: The domain name of your website plays a major role in web marketing. In case your websitedeals with the most-visited tourist destinations, then it is advisable to give it a name like Website namesshould be relevant to the subject your website deals with. However, certain theories recommend the use of easy-to-remembernames. Take the example of Google or Buzzle. These short-n-easy-to-remember names have managed to create a buzz in theInternet user community.Use Keywords: Now that you have a website of your own, you need to make sure it is visited by a large number of users. Inorder to increase the number of users visiting your website and also to get it bookmarked as a favourite, you need to hostcontent that is most relevant to your business. For a website to receive higher search engine ranking, it is important to use themost searched words and phrases in your web content. Keyword research and SEO strategies help a website in ranking higherthan its competitors.Implement Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Search engine optimization aims at improving the quantity andquality of traffic to a website. Editing of web content and HTML coding with intent of increasing website traffic constitutessearch engine optimization. Besides using key phrases, including links to related web documents helps in increasing thepopularity of your website. Obtaining links from popular websites is also a part of search engine optimization. As a webmarketer, you can opt for SEO services, which can help you in obtaining a higher search engine ranking, for your website.Many consider SEO as a part of search engine marketing, which a niche area is dealing with increasing the visibility of businesswebsites in search engine results. 2
  3. 3. E MarketingInternet Advertising: Displaying banner advertisements on your website is sure to help you market your business producteffectively. You might like to opt for the pay-per-click advertising model, wherein advertisers pay if a user clicks on an Internetadvertisement. Advertisers bid on keywords that are most likely to be searched by a large number of users. When content withthe bidden keyword is displayed, the advertisements related to it are also displayed. Google Ad words that offers pay-per-clickadvertising is popularly used by many websites. It allows the marketers to specify words that can trigger advertisements,which are then placed in the sponsored links section of Google. If you can obtain e-commerce affiliates for your website,affiliate marketing can prove being an excellent marketing tool for your business.Connect to the Masses: For any of your marketing strategies to work, it is very important for you to reach out to yourcustomers over the web. The Internet offers you an excellent communication platform. Email marketing is one of the mosteffective Internet marketing strategies, whereby companies send emails to their customers with intent to enhance customerrelationship and keep the customers informed about the companys products and services. It is good to build a responsive opt-in email list. Viral marketing is another effective web marketing technique that uses existing social networks to achievebusiness promotion. Blogging and participating in online forums can help you communicate with a wide customer base. Articlemarketing, wherein articles on frequently searched topics are published on websites, serves as an effective Internet marketingtool.Strategic Internet marketing is the key to success. It gives the businesses an effective way of targeting their customers,improving their sales and achieving an overall business growth.Most Effective Internet Marketing ToolsThe promotion of products and services that is carried over the Internet is known as Internet marketing. Lowered marketingcosts and distribution of information to a wider range of audience are some of the positive changes brought about by Internetmarketing. Websites, emails, forums, blogs and articles are commonly used for Internet advertising and online marketing.Owing to the audio-visual aspects of the Internet media, marketing through the web is more effective. Moreover, webmarketing targets a very large audience, thus achieving speedy advertising of products or services. What are the various toolsused for web marketing? Which of them are the most effective ones? Let us see.If you are an Internet marketer, it is necessary for you to understand the importance of putting yourself in the shoes of yourprospective customers. In fact, any marketer needs to think from the perspective of his/her potential customers in order todevise the best marketing strategy or apply effective marketing tools. In the literal sense of the term, thinking from the pointof view of the customers is not a marketing tool, but it is a marketing tactic. In fact that is the gist of any kind of marketingand web marketing is no exception.Keywords: Think of what the Internet users do. Yes, they surf the net, browse a number of sites and bookmark their favouriteones. If you want to increase the number of visitors who bookmark your website, it is important to furnish it with authenticcontent. Do you know who the first to read your website content is? In fact, it is not a human user; its a search engine. It isextremely important for a website to rank on leading search engines. Only then can a marketer look forward to increasewebsite traffic, thus achieving business growth. And for a website to rank high, its content needs to contain the most-searchedand frequently sought words and phrases known as keywords. Keyword analysis plays a vital role in helping a website rank.Pay per Click Advertising: It is an Internet advertising model wherein an advertiser pays if a user clicks on an Internetadvertisement. Search engines, advertising networks and websites use this advertising model. In this advertising technique,advertisers bid on keywords. When web page content relevant to the bidden keyword is displayed, advertisements related to itare also displayed, thus creating chances that the web page visitors will click on them. Websites charge advertisers on thebasis of the number of clicks the advertisements receive. Google Ad Words offers pay-per-click advertising wherein advertisersspecify the words and phrases that are likely to trigger their advertisements. Their advertisements are placed in the categoryof sponsored links on the search results page of Google.Google Ad Sense: Ad Sense is an application run by Google and can be used as an Internet marketing tool by websiteowners. They can enrol to Google Ad Sense, whereby they can host text, image or video ads on their websites. The advertisersare charged based on the number of times an advertisement is clicked or on the number of times it appears on the website.Article Marketing: Articles generated with the application of SEO techniques serve as effective Internet marketing tools.Website owners make use of SEO tips and techniques to search for the most-searched topics and to generate keywords.Articles based on frequently searched topics are generated and published on the websites. The articles often consist of back-links to their website, thus achieving more user visits. Article marketing is often used by small businesses, whereby theysubmit small articles about their products or services on websites in order to publicize their business.Blogs and Forums: Blogs and forums give the businesses, an opportunity to interact with their target customers. Throughblogs, they can create awareness about their products and services among their customers. Forums serve as platforms fordiscussions, whereby marketers can interact with their potential customers.Emails: Small businesses use email marketing to achieve business promotion. Emails sent for the purpose of enhancing ormaintaining customer relationship as well as those sent in view of acquiring new customers fall under the category of emailmarketing. Emails can be made to carry advertisements and commercial messages, whereby, the readers are encouraged toopt for a certain product or service. Emails are one of the most effective Internet marketing tools used today. 3
  4. 4. E MarketingSocial Networks: Existing social networks are popularly used for business promotion. Businesses aim at increasing brandawareness by spreading their message through social networking websites. The process is known as viral marketing. The useof video clips, Flash games, e-books as also plain text messages on social networking websites is in wide use today.Effective Internet Marketing ToolsInternet technology has redefined communication and business. It has enabled the user to establish a global presence with thehelp of certain search engine optimization techniques. These SEO tools are designed around consumer access and web sitequality. However, there are some of these strategies that have earned the reputation of being most effective. These include:Analytical and Statistical Tracking ProgramIt is very important for any individual or internet business to enhance profitability by accessing peak performance of the site.In the anonymity of the online business world, it is not uncommon to get lost among a myriad of similar products or individualservices. It helps to identify the websites and key words that are most likely to attract maximum traffic to the site. This is whatsearch engine optimization is all about. A good analytical and statistical program allows you to instantly maximize traffic andtrack changes.Dedicated and Automated Keyword TrackerIn order to benefit from an online presence, it is very important to make a list of product or service related keywords and usethem unique combination to rank high on the search engines. It is also important to track regular changes in the rankings. Theautomated keyword tracker allows you to beat the slow manual process and enrich the site with dedicated SEO changes. Theimportance of good keyword research is indispensable to the web site. The automated keyword research tool enables you todevelop and optimize ranking with the help of suitable keywords. There are also hybrid tools that search click frequency andorganize price research.Heat MapsThis effective internet marketing strategy maps the most clicked areas on the site. This helps in the identification of the bestplaces on the website for the headers, navigation points and product or service related content. The mapping of the extensivelyused and least used areas on the web site help you to identify most useful positions.Link Popularity Monitoring ToolThis is a simple, back link monitoring tool. It helps automated monitoring of related back-links on the website. The analysis isthen used to compare the results with other benchmark websites. The results enable you to address serious design and contentchanges to acquire desired search engine ranking.Social BookmarkingSocial bookmarking is an effective internet marketing tool that offers the website a number of associated categories to benefitfrom related clicks. Every click can then be converted into a dedicated sale with the help of the traffic thus generated. Thegenres offered defy the general aversion to sales and advertisement clicks.SitemapsAs in the case of any organizational effort, your website too needs to be arranged and clutter free. A quality sitemap makes ahuge difference to the website by marking or indexing the content pages within the search engines. In this way, the businessbenefits from clicks on related keywords and relevant content. These are just a few of the search engine optimizing tools thathave been extensively researched upon and found most effective by providers of SEO services. It is not difficult to see thatthey are all driven by the common need to secure a higher internet search engine ranking. The business stands to benefit fromthe automated processes, without a delay due to a much slower human intervention. Timely integration of these SEO tips andtechniques enables the business to profit by the segregation of manual and intellectual effort from applications that areconditioned to monitor.10 Strategies of Push-Pull Marketing for Your Online BusinessPush and Pull MarketingThe two different types of marketing are:1. Push marketing : This is marketing to push your product to the market. You market it to distributors and wholesalers who in turnpush the product out to consumers. 4
  5. 5. E Marketing2. Pull marketing : This is marketing where you directly target the consumer, pulling them into purchase your product.Both types of marketing create a demand for your product. Both are useful for growing your online business. Utilize both at the sametime for the most success.A Good Push-Pull Marketing StrategyA good marketing strategy that incorporates both push marketing and pull marketing typically includes the following 10 strategies: 1. Your website. The number one pull marketing tool that you have is your website. This is where you have the ability to really show off what you’re all about. You can highlight certain products to create a demand for them among your customers. 2. Your blog. The blog should extend the purpose of the website. It should provide useful information in a way that encourages readers to build loyalty for your business. 3. The use of social media. Proper social media development isn’t about aggressively advertising your product or business. It’s about creating a buzz around your product and getting others talking about. Targeted social media use as well as general use of social media is a great combination push pull strategy. 4. Establish active forums. Having forums on your site is a terrific way to get people talking about your products, your service and your brand. You can use third party forums to start this conversation as well but launching and growing your own forums is more effective for marketing. 5. Email newsletters. This is a direct way to advertise what you’re doing and what your business is proud of to customers that have already shown an interest in your work. 6. Press releases. This is another great way to directly advertise your business. Use online press releases (also known as social media press releases) to include useful links to your products in your press releases. 7. Sales announcements. However you choose to present them, sales announcements are always an enticing marketing option that goes direct to the customer to create a demand for your product. 8. Paid advertising. Many online businesses use some form of paid advertising to raise awareness of their brand. Paid advertising is a smart push marketing strategy. 9. Collaborate with others in your industry. If you can get quoted as an expert in your industry by credible bloggers and journalists then you can raise awareness of your online business. If you guest post on other sites and syndicate your content in your field then you grow your own credibility in the field. Collaborating with others in the field that way is a great marketing tool that can be used to pull others towards your brand. 10. Surveys and polls. Pull marketing is all about learning what your customers want and delivering what they want to them. The use of surveys is a great way to get that information. This is a tool you can use to enhance your online marketing strategy. 5