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The Direct Project In Action


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HealthVault welcomes Google Health users! Thanks to Health & Human Services Direct project, users can automatically send data from their Google account to HealthVault.

I used to be an active Google Health user; I’m going to log in to my account. As you can see I have various trackers and conditions in my Google Health record. Notice this “nerve pain condition”, which I was actively tracking for months. I still have not been able to get rid of this nerve pain in my fingers.

Anyways using the down data link on Google Health I can select my profile and send information directly to Microsoft HealthVault. As part of the process I get an e-mail with the e-mail account associate with Google Health, in this case it’s Gmail.

I click on the e-mail and follow the directions. Google has sent all my information using secure e-mail to HealthVault, as an extra step I’m asked for a secret question which in this case is my e-mail address associated with Google Health record. I enter that information and then I choose to create a HealthVault account or use an existing one. As you can see on the next screen all my information has been added to my HealthVault account.

Again thanks to direct project, we can receive structured information through a secure channel and connect disparate systems, seamlessly!

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The Direct Project In Action

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