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Teenage smoking


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Teenage smoking

  1. 1. Teenage SmokingAnti-smoking Campaign
  2. 2. Smoking refers to the inhalation andexhalation of fumes from burningtobacco in cigars, cigarettes andpipes.
  3. 3. Harmful Effects of Smoking• Heart disease• Stroke• Emphysema• Lung, throat, stomach, and bladder cancer• Increased risk of infections like bronchitis and pneumonia.
  4. 4. -Bad skin(skin tumor)-Bad breath-Bad-smelling clothes and hair-Reduced athletic performances-Increased risk of illnesses-Greater risk of injuries andslower healing timeWHY TEENAGERS SHOULDN’T SMOKE.
  5. 5. Reasons for Teenagers to Smoke Some want to act cool or act like someone special or dangerous They want to get attention They are curious about cigarettes Peer pressure They are stressed or nervous
  6. 6. steps to Quit Smoking• Step 1: Prepare to Quit• Step 2: Find Medication to Help You Quit Smoking• Step 3: Surviving Your First Week
  7. 7. How to Say NO to Smoking• NO WAY!!• My mum will kill me if she knows!!• I am going to the library. Do you want to join me?• I think I’d better not join you. I have a tuition to go to. NO!!!!
  8. 8. ONce yOU STarT, iT’S HarD TO STOP Quit smoking NOW!!!
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