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This presentation was made for a World Citizenship course at the Pontífica Universidad Catpolica del Ecuador. It was the support for a talk+conversation of what world citizenship means for future businesspeople.

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  • His 3 first birthdays were celebrated in 3 different countries.
  • What are each of those guys thinking? Can they actually share thoughts with each other? Are they too different?
    How will they relate if he is British and she is Irish?
    Is he Chinese or Japanese? Does that make a difference? Is it important?
    Can he be “African”?
    Can i (Vahid) be “European”?
  • How do you deal with it? Cultural diversity at one level, never ending human diversity at the other.
  • IT comes down to the very concept of human being that we keep in our minds and hearts.
    Lying under the cover of culture, we inevitably find human beings… so what is human, and not cultural?
  • Back to that question, which is key to a World Citizenship State of Awareness, allow me to offer the answer that has worked for me…

    Maori, from New Zealand, see the movie The Whale Rider to see how an adolescent deals with her growing up in between cultures. The showing of the tongue, part of a dance called a “challenge”, is where an encounter starts, and goes on as a fight or as a peaceful meeting depending on how the challenge is answered.
  • Moral Leadership, Module 10 Teamwork, Nur University. Eloy Anello & Juanita Hernández.
  • Showing GENUINE interest
    Tolerance a stepping stone towards…
  • Along with understanding usually come some emotions…
  • When we have a shared vision, living in a state of unity in diversity becomes possible, or rather inevitable.
  • Requirements: if it's just one country. Nokia might require studies across several countries
  • and a world clock
  • Here is my business card.
    World citizenship a full time job? I’m talking crazy here, right? Or am i?
  • An interculturalist is a specialist who helps people develop the skills that enable them to operate professionally and personally more harmoniously and more efficiently in an unfamiliar environment and with people from other cultures.

    25 years of field experience in intercultural communication •    20 years of expatriation on four continents •    Professional experience with European, American, Asian and multicultural companies •    Accredited coach, experienced intercultural trainer, public speaker •    Expertise in international business, world culture and foreign affairs •    Franco-British family and mother of two Third Culture Kids •    Fluent in three languages (French, English and Spanish), proficient in Russian and basic Mandarin
  • What are global leadership coaches and counselors?
    All of our providers have the following qualifications: Lived and worked outside their own country or culture
    Are culturally competent
    Knowledge of global leadership competencies
    Adept at working over the phone and virtually
    In addition, our coaches have extensive coach training, strong educational backgrounds, experience working with global leaders, and strong industry experience.
  • World Citizenship

    1. 1. World Citizenship a state of awareness Vahid Masrour Pontifica Universidad Católica del Ecuador World Citizenship Chair February 2010
    2. 2. (Planned) Topics I. Intro: Who am i, and why am i here? II. The multi-cultural mindset III. World Citizenship and business IV. World citizenship as a job
    3. 3. My son, Kalim Masrour
    4. 4. My wife, Zaynab Gates
    5. 5. Vahid Masrour
    6. 6. Citizen of a country… because i just happened to be born there?
    7. 7. Article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.”
    8. 8. “Let your vision be world-embracing, and not confined to your own self” Bahá’u’lláh
    9. 9. Multi-Cultural Mindset a requirement of World Citizenship
    10. 10. How do we deal with human diversity?
    11. 11. So, what is a human being?
    12. 12. How do we deal with human diversity?
    13. 13. Unity in Diversity OK, but how do we achieve that?
    14. 14. A path to Unity in Diversity Moral Leadership, by Anello & Hernández Initial encounter (with a culture that’s “different”) Tension Division in Diversity Come together with an open mind
    15. 15. Understanding A path to Unity in Diversity Coming together with an open mind Showing interest Tolerance Endeavour to understand
    16. 16. A path to Unity in Diversity (2) Understanding affection Esteem Shared vision
    17. 17. A path to Unity in Diversity (3) Shared vision Unity in Diversity
    18. 18. World Citizenship The business perspective • What does World citizenship have to do with business? • Why would World Citizenship be a part of work? • How could world citizenship help a manager?
    19. 19. Creating a product/service in 2010 Requirement s: USA Design: Sweden Miniatu rization: Japan Manufacture : China Storage : Panamá Distribution : Local
    20. 20. The enterprise in the XXIst Century Virtual Organization Network Enterprise a. Online participation b. Cultural sensitivity c. World-view d. Collaboration What skills will it require? What will it look like?
    21. 21. World Citizenship as a Job Vahid Masrour World Citizenship Coach Cel (593) 99.044.027
    22. 22. World Citizenship as a job "intercultural coaching“, they call it.
    23. 23. World Citizenship as a job
    24. 24. Thank you!