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Cnw racing proposal

  1. 1. Chicken and Waffles Racing 2014 Sponsorship Deck
  2. 2. Chicken and Waffles Racing • Team Profile: Chicken and Waffles Racing is a team of seasoned elite amateur cyclists. At an average age of 40, we view ourselves as ambassadors of sport; we remain competitive while juggling family and professional responsibilities. ● Mission Statement: The Chicken and Waffles Racing mission is to lead by example, advancing the concept that competitive sport can be a light-hearted, proactive, health option throughout one’s entire life.
  3. 3. Sponsorship Opportunity The digital era brings new opportunities for brands looking to increase awareness and develop relationships. Chicken and Waffles Racing team competes year-round, utilizing cycling events and social media to bring visibility to sponsors. Our team is looking for sponsors that share our sense of community, humor, professionalism and healthy living. Our goal is to develop long-lasting relationships with all of our sponsors.
  4. 4. Cycling Demographics According to the National Association of Sporting Goods Retailers, cycling is the second most popular recreational activity. Cycling enthusiasts generally fall into one of the 4 categories below. As a team, Chicken and Waffles Racing compete throughout the year at an elite level. Recreational Cyclist Cycling FansUtility Cyclist Competitive Cyclist
  5. 5. US Racing Demographics According to USA Cycling, the US governing body for bike racing, 87% of licensed bike racers are men. Over 50% of licensed racers are between the ages of 35 and 54.
  6. 6. Team Visibility The Chicken and Waffles Racing philosophy is light-hearted yet professional and competitive. We strive to be ambassadors of bike racing, realizing we are in the public eye in the follow ways: ● Community Visibility ● Race Venue Visibility ● Social Media Visibility ● Website Visibility
  7. 7. Community Visibility As businessmen, parents and spouses, we take our community visibility seriously, presenting ourselves in a manner that will reflect positively on our sport, our team, our sponsors and ourselves.
  8. 8. Race Venue Visibility Chicken and Waffle compete at road racing events, mountain bike events and cyclocross events throughout the entire year. Our mature relationships with race promoters help us bring visibility to our sponsors on site. Major 2014 Events 1. Austin - Driveway Series, Thursdays (Mar - Oct) 2. New Braunfels - Tour of New Braunfels (Feb) 3. Walburg - Walburg Road Race (Feb) 4. Pace Bend - Pace Bend Road Race (Feb) 5. Lago Vista - La Primavera Road Races (Mar) 6. Fayetteville - Fayetteville Stage Race (Mar) 7. Dallas - Matrix Challenge (April) 8. Silver City, NM - Tour of the Gila (May) 9. Houston - Houston Grand (May) 10. McKinney - Bike The Bricks (May) 11. Tulsa - Tulsa Tough (June) 11. Wichita Falls - Hotter Than Hell (August) 12. Austin - Tour of Austin (September) 13. Utah - Masters Nationals 14. Ft. Hood - Texas State Championships
  9. 9. Web Visibility: Site & Social Media CNW Racing Website CNW Racing utilizes Internet channels to chronicle team successes and failures as well as industry oddities. The team also leverages these profiles to publicly thank our sponsors. Many announcements and status updates get syndicated to other channels or “re-broadcasted” by followers for increased visibility.
  10. 10. Sponsorship Options
  11. 11. Sponsorship Options Short side panels $2k Chest and back $3k Chest only $1.5k Back only $2k Both shoulders $1k Center back of shorts $1k *Jersey pocket $750 each *Both backside panels $750 *The value of these placements can be substituted for product, twice face value.
  12. 12. Team Roster ● Casey Crosby, Cat 2, Sales Rep, 40 ● Chad Smith, Cat 2, Software Engineer, 42 ● Craig Virr, Cat 2, Surgical Assistant, 40 ● Doug Looney, Cat 2, Sales Rep, 45 ● Eben Kellogg, Cat 2, Property Agent, 40 ● Gilbert Ramirez, Cat 2, Marketing Consultant, 46 ● Gregg Ueckert, Cat 2, Dentist, 45 ● Jimmy Miller, Cat 1, Investment Banker, 40 ● Joseph LaFico, Cat 1, Social Worker/Business Owner, 35 ● Kevin Farley, Cat 3, Marketing, 45 ● Scott Henry, Cat 1, Sales Rep, 41 ● Ted Nitka, Cat 3, Marketing, 43 ● Tommy Fad, Cat 2, Software Engineer, 35
  13. 13. Proposal Summary, Deadlines So that we may place our team kit order in a manner that will allow maximum return for all ofour sponsors for next year, we will need to confirm commitments by Sept 30, 2013. ● All cash must be in hand. ● All digital media files must be in hand in vector format. ● Contracts must be signed.
  14. 14. Chicken and Waffles Racing Thanks for your time and consideration.