Virginia Divorce and Pension Rights


Published on Virginia Divorce can mean a lot of question for the parties. If you need information of how to divorce in Virginia or need a Virginia Divorce Lawyer, Bob Jeffries Law can help you. In this video you will learn some issues about the Pension Rights in a Virginia Divorce.

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Virginia Divorce and Pension Rights

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  5. 5. Virginia Divorceand Pension Rights
  6. 6. Under Virginia divorce law, pensionrights earned by one spouse
  7. 7. during the marriage are considered to bemarital property.
  8. 8. The judge in a Virginia divorce case
  9. 9. has the power to order a division of thepension benefit.
  10. 10. Except in the case of a very short termmarriage, division of the pension will be anissue in a Virginia divorce case.
  11. 11. If you are considering a divorce andwant to know more about pension rights,
  12. 12. you must have the counseling of anexperienced lawyer.
  13. 13. Call us now(757) 491-0240 Bob Jeffries Law
  14. 14. Call us now(757) 491-0240 Bob Jeffries Law