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Information is Power - Tax Liens


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Take 5 Actions to Power Your Information, Lower Your Overhead Costs, and Scale Efficiently.

Tax Lien Investors Get Information Overload. Take 5 Information Actions to Get Measurable Results.

Published in: Investor Relations
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Information is Power - Tax Liens

  1. 1. Information is Power Optimize Your Tax Lien Fund Information
  2. 2. Information Overload  3 Themes Recur for Tax Lien Investors: 1. Overwhelming data to analyze and audit 2. Complex legal issues and state business rules 3. Labor-intensive tasks (e.g. legal docs, foreclosure)  Based on VADAR’s 20-year experience across 19 states servicing over $1 billion in tax liens
  3. 3. Overhead Costs  The power of information diminishes from the costs of paperwork, spreadsheets, and staff. • Data error – losses of $ and reputation • Duplication – costs and losses of repetition • Manual tasks – lack of automation costs man-hours • Storage – ad hoc data gets lost, stuck, or misplaced  10 Limitations of Spreadsheets vs. Systems Human Error Data entry mistakes are common and costly Non-Compliant Systems meet deadlines and SoX compliance Non-Collaborative Different information from different sources No Data Recovery Lost financial data when devices fail Not Scalable Overhead costs rise disproportionately Hard to Test Systems can be tested; spreadsheets cannot Inflexible Business Dependence on a few constricts flexibility Non-Consolidated People use different data in different ways Slow Decisions Financial decisions require instant info. Fraud Spreadsheets vulnerable from lack of controls
  4. 4. Information Actions  These 5 Information Actions improve the power of any tax lien investor’s information: 1. Identify key stakeholders and unify their focus 2. Record operational challenges to identify the easiest and costliest to remedy 3. Know your vital data elements, where they are stored, and who controls them 4. Reduce redundancy by improving communications and interfaces between systems 5. Find resources that can be leveraged for solutions (e.g. IT staff, software vendor, law firm)
  5. 5. Measurable Results  Clients who take these 5 information actions yield these quantifiable results: • Enhanced cash flow • Higher portfolio returns • Increased revenue recovery • Lower overhead costs of audits, information, and operations staff
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