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  • I will get an A, won’t I? 
  • I think it’s effort it’s well valued.
  • This is awesome!
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  • What a great dedication.
  • Best English work of the Universe; indeed.
  • Nearly there.
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  • Group J

    1. 2. SKIP END
    2. 7. END
    3. 8. Tom´s for sure the funniest guy you´ll ever meet. Although he´s herbivore , that´s what has given him the shape of an antilope. In fact, he once defeated a Russian gang of foxes, biting and kicking!. But that´s just a myth, isn´t it?. He´s said to have white fur with black stripes., but he assures it is the other way around. That´s why his friends call him ´´Chaplin´´. Carl is his BFF since they were in kindergarden. They both went to St. Darwin School, later to Wildlife High Zoo, and then to Green Leaves College. He had a great childhood, now he enjoys life like if he were in Africa. END
    4. 9. Carl is a famous actor and has loa ds of money. He stores water inside his body so that he doesn´t dehydrate. He eats grass, bushes and cact us. When they do this, his humps get filled up. If not, they flop to one side!. We know he seems to be identica lly like a dromedary. But there ´s is a difference. First, they do have only one hump (what a pity); and second, they are always complaining about camel´s luck. You do not need any luck to be a camel, you need to be cool. END
    5. 10. Sheldon knows how to blend in. He always has what is necessary, in every type of situation. He met Tom and Camel in Wildlife High Zoo. Brian came along when both Sheldon´s and his parents got divorced and re-married. They both have stepfathers now; well, only one of them actually. Sheldon´s former father´s loss have been a real nerve- racking situation. But this man is looking forwar d to the birth of his new daughter, Phantie. Now h e´s living a little bit far from his friends, but he hop es he´ll move in when the baby is born. END
    6. 11. Brian is Sheldon´s stepbrother. He can be a little bit odd, but he is certainly not shy! He has a great skill for playing any sport, even if it is the first time he plays one. Once, he scored five goals against Belgium´s soccer team (when he used to be a professional player). Recently, he has met a female condor that lives two blocks from his house. They fell in love with each other. It´s been one year and three months since they first saw each other, and Brian is going to propose marriage to her. END
    7. 12. Leonard found the guys in a bar called ´´The Clam Environment´´. He was dancing the Macare na on a table when they saw him and joined to that dance. The day after that, he made four new friends. He´s very clever. He read hundreads of books, and knows everything about sci-fi comics and I.T. skills. He has feet similar to his hands, in order to climb up thi ngs. Whenever his friends got a problem, need to know something, or just want to have fun; they know who to call. END
    8. 13. END