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DeepFakes: pro & contra of democratic order


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DeepFakes are not only technologies for entertainment, fraud and fakes, but also for individual protection (anonymization) from analysis (using Artificial Intelligence) and control of private life by states and corporations.

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DeepFakes: pro & contra of democratic order

  1. 1. DeepFakes: pro & contra of democratic order © 2020, Vitaliy Goncharuk
  2. 2. Agenda 1. State of technology in 2020 2. State of technology in 3-5 years 3. Is it possible to control DeepFakes? 4. Synthetic media concept 5. Is DeepFakes the right to freedom and counter-technology against AI control? 6. Synthetic media and politics 7. Synthetic media and the change of centres of power 8. Dynamics of changes in society and dynamics of AI 9. Summary 10. Sources
  3. 3. About the speaker Vitaliy Goncharuk: 1. Founder of Augmented Pixels, Inc (autonomous navigation for robotics) and HLAB.AI (AI for human behaviour prediction); 2. The Head of The AI Committee of Ukraine 3. Member of AD HOC AI Committee / Council De Europe
  4. 4. What is Deepfakes? Deepfakes - synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else's likeness (WiKi).
  5. 5. Relevance
  6. 6. Politics
  7. 7. Taboo of the body
  8. 8. Thefts
  9. 9. Fake people
  10. 10. Zoom + DeepFakes
  11. 11. Watch this video
  12. 12. Questions - Is it possible to detect DeepFakes? - Is it possible to control DeepFakes? - How will DeepFakes and synthetic content affect elections, society, government? - What is the impact on ethics, social norms in 1- 2-5-10 years?
  13. 13. Trends
  14. 14. Mass social media Facebook users
  15. 15. Availability of DeepFakes technologies Photoshop - long - expensive DeepFakes - 3-4 clicks - 1 minute - cheap and mass use
  16. 16. DeepFakes opportunities in 2020 It is possible to change, completely synthesize or simulate: • visual series (photo-video); • voice; • body, head, lip movements (photorealistic 3D model); • environment (including physical properties); • generating text that mimics the style; • reproduction of mixed models (part from the real world, part - no)
  17. 17. How can DeepFakes be controlled in 2020? - partial and semi-automatic; - many fake content startups have received funding; - in most cases because the developers themselves are interested and add ‘water marks’ to the synthetic content; - it’s already possible to produce content that cannot be detected
  18. 18. What will happen to DeepFakes in 2025? - mass availability of tools and algorithms for creating DeepFakes (including open source code); - the algorithms will be so perfect that it will be impossible to establish the truthfulness of the content with the help of technology;
  19. 19. How can DeepFakes be controlled in 2025? The only effective mechanism: A real individual claims that the content with his participation is fake and on this basis the content is blocked in the distribution channels.
  20. 20. Synthetic media Synthetic media (also known as AI-generated media) is a catch-all term for the artificial production, manipulation, and modification of data and media by automated means, especially through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, such as for the purpose of misleading people or changing an original meaning.
  21. 21. Synthetic media - next? Fears of synthetic media include: - the potential to supercharge fake news; - the spread of misinformation; - distrust of reality; - mass automation of creative and journalistic jobs; - potentially a complete retreat into AI-generated fantasy worlds. Synthetic media is an applied form of artificial imagination.
  22. 22. Changes in 2020-2023 New content distribution channels GOVERNMENT / INFLUENCE Changing trust mechanisms Synthetic media
  23. 23. Is everything new long forgotten?
  24. 24. First Synthetic media
  25. 25. Improved Synthetic media
  26. 26. Photorealistic Synthetic media
  27. 27. in 1900 100% FAKE 99% “TRUE” - talking now - see now 1900
  28. 28. in 1990 100% FAKE 90% “TRUE” - talking now - see now
  29. 29. in 2020 100% FAKE 50% “TRUE” - talking now - see now
  30. 30. in 2025? 100% FAKE 15% “TRUE” - talking now - see now
  31. 31. Changing the impact Content creators Owners of content distribution channels
  32. 32. What will happen in Politics? - election manipulation - virtualization of politicians (including completely fake characters) - automation of communication with voters (using technologies for creating synthetic content) - maximum individualization of political messages - Competition for distribution channels
  33. 33. Destruction and creation of new institutions - trust - “truth“ - “scientific knowledge“ - norms of behaviour - Delegation - representation of interests
  34. 34. Ethical problems
  35. 35. Summary DeepFakes are not only technologies for entertainment, fraud and fakes, but also for individual protection (anonymization) from analysis (using Artificial Intelligence) and control of private life by states and corporations.
  36. 36. Everything will be fine!
  37. 37. Contacts E-mail: WhatsApp: +14086684340 Facebook:
  38. 38. Sources 1. New AI deepfake app creates nude images of women in seconds pfake-nude-ai-app-women-deepnude-non-consensual- pornography 2. Fake face u0gOs 3. Fake voice 4. Fake voice and video
  39. 39. Sources 6. Як технології змінюють владу novini-ukrajini-50042007.html 7. The rise of the deepfake and the threat to democracy interactive/2019/jun/22/the-rise-of-the-deepfake-and-the- threat-to-democracy 8. Is seeing still believing? The deepfake challenge to truth in politics the-deepfake-challenge-to-truth-in-politics/
  40. 40. Sources 9. Synthetic media