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Web-­‐Scale	  Discovery:	  	                Post	  Implementa8on	  Richard	  Guajardo,	  Head	  of	  Resource	  Discovery	...
What	  is	  a	  discovery	  service?	  Through	  one	  simple	  search	  to	  a	  single	  unified	  index,	  the	  Summon	...
Pathway	  to	  Discovery	  •    Metafind	  •    LibraryFind	  •    ResearchPro	  •    Encore	  
Why	  Summon?	  •  It	  would	  index	  over	  90%	  of	  our	  subscribed	  resources	  •  Already	  heavily	  invested	 ...
Implementa8on	  Team	  Head	  of	  Integrated	  Library	  Systems	  	  Head	  of	  Cataloging	  &	  Electronic	  Resources...
Implementa8on	  Project	  implementa8on	  began	  in	  April	  2010	                                                      ...
User	  feedback	  “This	  is	  great,	  why	  didn’t	  you	  do	  this	  years	  ago?”	  	                          “a	  c...
One	  Search	  [Box]	  
Technical	  Challenges	  •  Number	  of	  catalog	     records	  •  Consor8al	  holdings	  •  Post	  implementa8on	     cl...
Organiza8onal	  Change	  New	  library	  department	  created:	  Resource	  Discovery	  Systems	  (RDS)	  	  RDS	  has	  r...
Organiza8onal	  Change	  A	  post	  implementa8on	  commigee	  was	  formed:	  Discovery	  Systems	  Working	  Group	  	  ...
Pre	  Summon	  vs.	  Post	  Summon	            Journals	  2010	  
Pre	  Summon	  vs.	  Post	  Summon	     Database	  Searches	  2010	  
Pre	  Summon	  vs.	  Post	  Summon	     Database	  Sessions	  2010	  
Marke8ng	  &	  Branding	  •  To	  name	  or	  not	  to	  name	  •  Library	  has	  new	  website,	  	     now	  with	  One...
Web	  Presence	  Integra8on	  
Research	  Guides	  Integra8on	  
Subject-­‐based	  Search	  Widgets	  
Mobile	  Integra8on	  
Discovery	  Day	  Camp	  •  ½	  day	  conference	     on	  discovery	  •  72	  people	  agended	     from	  around	  Texas...
“I	  enjoyed	  the	  discussions	  and	  I	  came	  away	  with	  a	  much	  beger	  understanding	  of	  web	  discovery	...
Assessment	  •  Work	  with	  other	  ins8tu8ons	      –  UH	  Downtown	  and	  UH	  Clear	  Lake	  •  Discovery	  Systems...
Recep8on	  •  Undergraduates	      –  Like	  the	  “OneSearch”	  box	      –  Get	  relevant	  results	  for	  their	  res...
Future	  Plans	  •  More	  assessment!	  •  Conduct	  market	  analysis	  Summer	  2012	  •  Fall	  2012	  à	  2/3	  of	 ...
Our	  Final	  Thoughts	  •  Worth	  it?	  	  à	  YES!	       –  Usage	  increased	  at	  astronomical	  rates	       –  M...
Credits	  •  COUNTER	  stats	  (hgp://	     provided	  by	  Jeannie	  Castro,	  Electronic	  Resou...
Thanks!	       Richard	  Guajardo	  	             Rachel	  Vacek	  	       Head	  of	  Resource	  	          Head	  of	  W...
Web-Scale Discovery: Post Implementation
Web-Scale Discovery: Post Implementation
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Web-Scale Discovery: Post Implementation

Discovery services provide users a single
search box to access a library’s entire prei-ndexed collection. Representatives from
two academic libraries serving different
user populations will discuss marketing,
instructing users, evaluating the product,
and maintaining the resource after a
discovery service is implemented

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Web-Scale Discovery: Post Implementation

  1. 1. Web-­‐Scale  Discovery:     Post  Implementa8on  Richard  Guajardo,  Head  of  Resource  Discovery  Systems    and  Rachel  Vacek,  Head  of  Web  Services   TLA  Annual  Conference,  Houston,  TX   April  20,  2012  
  2. 2. What  is  a  discovery  service?  Through  one  simple  search  to  a  single  unified  index,  the  Summon  service  provides  …  one  search  box  for  a  researcher  to  enter  any  terms  they  want  and  quickly  get  credible  results  in  one  relevancy  ranked-­‐list.    Content  types  include:  library  catalog  records,  e-­‐journal  ar7cles,  databases,  newspaper  ar7cles,    e-­‐books,  disserta7ons,  ins7tu7onal  repositories,  conference  proceedings,  grey  literature,  cited  references,  reports,  digital  library,  more…  
  3. 3. Pathway  to  Discovery  •  Metafind  •  LibraryFind  •  ResearchPro  •  Encore  
  4. 4. Selec8on  
  5. 5. Why  Summon?  •  It  would  index  over  90%  of  our  subscribed  resources  •  Already  heavily  invested  in  the  Serials  Solu8ons  suite       of  services,  so  it  was  thought  that  Summon  would       integrate  well  with  those  •  Summon  promised  a  rela8vely  painless  turnkey       implementa8on  •  One  of  the  first  web-­‐scale  discovery  products  out  of     the  gate  •  Already  had  a  number  of  large  academic  library       customers    who    seemed    sa8sfied  with    the    results      
  6. 6. Implementa8on  Team  Head  of  Integrated  Library  Systems    Head  of  Cataloging  &  Electronic  Resources    Head  of  Web  Services    History  &  Poli8cal  Science  Librarian    Digital  &  Web  Projects  Fellow    
  7. 7. Implementa8on  Project  implementa8on  began  in  April  2010   OneSearch  debuted   in  August  2010   ContentDM        MARC  mapping  table      LibGuides    MARC  record  loads  
  8. 8. User  feedback  “This  is  great,  why  didn’t  you  do  this  years  ago?”     “a  confusing  bunch  of  results  in  all  media”    “I  can  go  straight  into  an  ebook  –    I  don’t  have  to  click  again  and  again.”     “OneSearch  is  confusing  to  me,     because  it  searches  everything.”  
  9. 9. One  Search  [Box]  
  10. 10. Technical  Challenges  •  Number  of  catalog   records  •  Consor8al  holdings  •  Post  implementa8on   clean  up  of  catalog  •  Ongoing   maintenance  •  Daily  update  limits  
  11. 11. Organiza8onal  Change  New  library  department  created:  Resource  Discovery  Systems  (RDS)    RDS  has  responsibility  for  Summon,  the   Millennium  ILS  and  electronic  resources   management        
  12. 12. Organiza8onal  Change  A  post  implementa8on  commigee  was  formed:  Discovery  Systems  Working  Group    The  commigee  is  charged  with  coordina8ng   data  exchange  between  discovery  system   vendors  and  the  shared  ILS.  It  also  stays   abreast  of  discovery  system  ini8a8ves  at  other   area  library  systems.  
  13. 13. Usage  
  14. 14. Pre  Summon  vs.  Post  Summon   Journals  2010  
  15. 15. Pre  Summon  vs.  Post  Summon   Database  Searches  2010  
  16. 16. Pre  Summon  vs.  Post  Summon   Database  Sessions  2010  
  17. 17. Marke8ng  &  Branding  •  To  name  or  not  to  name  •  Library  has  new  website,     now  with  OneSearch  •  Engaged  in  conversa8on   –  New  way  to  search  the  library   –  Discover  new  resources   –  Search  across  Research  Guides,  Databases,  Digital   Library,  Finding  Aids,  Catalog  –  all  from  one  search   box  
  18. 18. Web  Presence  Integra8on  
  19. 19. Research  Guides  Integra8on  
  20. 20. Subject-­‐based  Search  Widgets  
  21. 21. Mobile  Integra8on  
  22. 22. Discovery  Day  Camp  •  ½  day  conference   on  discovery  •  72  people  agended   from  around  Texas  •  Vendors  and   librarians  from   public,  academic,   medical,  law  and   school  libraries  
  23. 23. “I  enjoyed  the  discussions  and  I  came  away  with  a  much  beger  understanding  of  web  discovery  tools.”   “The  networking  and  hearing  what  other   ins8tu8ons  are  doing  was  really  valuable.”  “I  enjoyed  interac8ng  with  vendors  and  speaking  with  colleagues  about  their  experiences.  This  program  was  excellent  –  so  worthwhile!”   “Awesome  event!    Thank  you    UH  for  pulng  this  event  on!”  “It  was  good  to  hear  from  vendors  and  libraries  together  and  to  compare  the  products  and  services.”  
  24. 24. Assessment  •  Work  with  other  ins8tu8ons   –  UH  Downtown  and  UH  Clear  Lake  •  Discovery  Systems  Working  Group   –  Ongoing  maintenance,  assessment,  vendor  info  from   reps  •  It’s  All  About  Access  (IA3)  Commigee   –  Discuss  changes  in  discovery  and  access  to  unique   materials  across  web  presence  •  Web  Services   –  Usability  tes8ng  of  Libraries’  homepage  search  box   –  Explore  user  interface  op8ons  
  25. 25. Recep8on  •  Undergraduates   –  Like  the  “OneSearch”  box   –  Get  relevant  results  for  their  research  •  Faculty  /  Graduate  Students   –  Find  results  overwhelming,  too  difficult  to  drill  down   to  a  specific  item   –  More  open  do  known-­‐item  searching   –  Directed  to  familiar  and  exact  tools   –  Pushing  them  to  advanced  search  •  Librarians   –  Mixed  feelings,  depends  on  discipline  
  26. 26. Future  Plans  •  More  assessment!  •  Conduct  market  analysis  Summer  2012  •  Fall  2012  à  2/3  of  way  through  3-­‐year   Summon  contract  •  Integra8on  of  subject-­‐specific  Summon  search   boxes  within  Research  Guides  (Springshare   CampusGuides)  •  Usability  tes8ng  on  library  homepage  search   box  
  27. 27. Our  Final  Thoughts  •  Worth  it?    à  YES!   –  Usage  increased  at  astronomical  rates   –  Much  more  content  being  exposed   –  Undergrads  like  it  and  can  find  relevant  info  •  At  point  of  no  return   –  Web  presence  will  always  have  a  discovery  search   interface   –  Look  for  ways  to  improve  discovery  service  integra8on   and  more  accurate  search  results   –  Amount  of  print  materials  moving  to  electronic  format   will  con8nue  to  increase  
  28. 28. Credits  •  COUNTER  stats  (hgp://   provided  by  Jeannie  Castro,  Electronic  Resources   Librarian  at  the  UH  Libraries  
  29. 29. Thanks!   Richard  Guajardo     Rachel  Vacek     Head  of  Resource     Head  of  Web  Services   Discovery  Systems  Presenta8on  available:  hgp://