Open data panel at MSIS 2012


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MSIS meeting 2012 in Washington
few slides for Open Data panel
MSIS presentations can be found at
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Open data panel at MSIS 2012

  1. 1. MSIS 2012 some Open Data issues Carlo Vaccari (Istat, UniCam , ISF , MZ , ...)Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY 1 Open Data panel, MSIS 2012 Washington
  2. 2. data ↔ applications Open Data need applications/interfaces: should Public Administration focus on the production and publication of raw data and information, leaving development of applications and interfaces to the private sector? Pro: diversity/richness of interpretations growth of new districts of the immaterial economy new production model alongside the traditional one Con: absence of official “voice” - possibly contradictory resultsLayout by orngjce223, CC-BY difficult to distinguish between official figures and other sources of statistics 2 Open Data panel, MSIS 2012 Washington
  3. 3. Italian experience Findings: many Open Data released by Public Bodies, but few users use them many Open Data released but few applications are developed often only communities (civic hackers) use, test, improve, advertise/criticize Open Public Data OpenPolis, SpaghettiOpenData, it-OKFN,, Needs:Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY habit/culture of using data (eg data journalism) civil society actors 3 Open Data panel, MSIS 2012 Washington
  4. 4. Open Data for Statistical Orgs as input: Open Data can replace Administrative Data and data exchanged with public and private respondents availability of tools → savings! (eg maps for GIS) new sources → the Web integration issues → tools and standards as output: confidentiality problems, like in micro-data disseminationLayout by orngjce223, CC-BY legal issues: need for a standard license (EUPL equivalent) - today too many licenses (Italy IODL and CC-BY) 4 Open Data panel, MSIS 2012 Washington
  5. 5. learn to surf Official Statistical organizations data more and more are compared to data coming from “unofficial” sources: Open Data compared to Statistical publications Data from the Web, like Google Prices Index Data from Internet of Things - automatic collection: see Cosmos Data from private companies (Ebay, telecom providers, …) and from social networks To exploit and improve our skills on data → coopetition betweenLayout by orngjce223, CC-BY public and private: on standards, tools, licenses, big data 5 Open Data panel, MSIS 2012 Washington
  6. 6. which are the standards? Standards are those from Semantic Web: TBL 5 stars , RDF , SPARQL To avoid becoming dinosaurs: 1 - We must learn to use new tools for data cleaning (like Google Refine), new techniques like Data scraping for extracting data from the Web 2 – Our data must be re-usable (linkable): Statistical Data must beLayout by orngjce223, CC-BY part of Linked Data → must be in the map 6 Open Data panel, MSIS 2012 Washington