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Top tips for different home types


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Published in: Travel
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Top tips for different home types

  1. 1. 5 Best Transport Apps for every Traveler
  2. 2. What better method of accessing information relating to transport than via a mobile phone, and what better time to do it than while you are on the move? The two mediums are truly synergistic and both change their content regularly. Transport-related apps have the ability to access timetables, for example, in real-time. As such, they can pick up late changes in those timetables due to adverse weather conditions or problems on the route. Some apps enable you to plan your route and find the holiday home or villa rental where you’ll be staying. While other will give you a real-time movement monitor. By utilizing your phone’s GPS system, they can see where you are relative to the rest of the country or find out how close you are to your holiday destination or the next station – endlessly useful if you find yourself in an unfamiliar location. Information like this also enables you to ring ahead to friends, family and business colleagues with up-to-date information regarding any unexpected delays. And below are 5 of the best transport apps that will certainly help you as you travel. SpeedView Pro - Paid SpeedView Pro is an advanced speedometer that connects to your phone’s GPS system to show you your current speed and other essential driving data. The interactive HUD can be customized to show other data that can then be sent to your desktop computer for you to take a look at, and you can then attach your phone to a windshield mount to see live stats as you start driving. There’s a free version available from the Google Play Store but it doesn’t include half the amount of features that the Pro version does.
  3. 3. Hailo - Free Use Hailo to scan for a taxi in your area, then – with two quick taps – get their attention and tell them your location. Track your cab in real-time, so there is no reason to hang outside waiting for them. After you get to your destination, payment is taken from your card automatically and a receipt is emailed to you. Currently Hailo is only available in London, Dublin, Toronto, Chicago and Boston, but it plans to be available in 100 cities worldwide this 2015. WhatGas Petrol Prices - Free WhatGas flags up petrol stations in your area on a map. Tapping on a flag will reveal the petrol station’s unleaded and diesel prices as submitted by other local users, and tapping on the top bar will reveal the best overall price in the area. When you go to fill up, if you spot their prices have changed, you can submit new prices yourself and update the app. Similarly, if you also spot there is a petrol station near you that has been missed, you can add it to the map yourself. Tube Map - Free Whether you’re a regular London commuter or just a day visitor, the usefulness of having this app close on hand is unspeakable. Get live updates as well as plan your route and use maps offline. Car Locator – Paid Never forget where you parked the car again with this excellent app. Car Locator uses GPS to log your location. For convenience this tracker can be set up as a home screen widget. To aid your search, you can attach photos and add notes to an entry, or email the location to a third party.