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Vicki Callahan UFVA Collaborative Online Teaching Tips and Tools

conference presentation from 2020 UFVA

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Vicki Callahan UFVA Collaborative Online Teaching Tips and Tools

  1. 1. UFVA 2020 Teaching Forum Teaching Online Group Work Vicki Callahan, Professor, University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts Divisions: • Cinema and Media Studies • Media Arts + Practice •
  2. 2. Tools and Tips for Teaching Online Collaborative Assignments Collaborative (Group) Assignments • Icebreakers • Share stress of assignment; students make a contribution to larger goal and don’t always have to be perfect • Employ group brainstorm sessions: build dialogue, share ideas • Be inspired by teammates • Learn skills from each other • Build Community • Taught fully online, hybrid, and in person with collaborative online in multiple variations since 2008. Wealth of options for collaborative online assignments
  3. 3. Collaborative Assignments Ideal for Breaking the Zoom Gloom • You can use these collaborative tools in async or sync online contexts • If working in sync, great opportunity to use breakout rooms, not only for meeting up but for project planning and even project making.
  4. 4. Google Drive is Essential Tool
  5. 5. Discussion Forums Structure responses as dialogue
  6. 6. Share Media Files for Collaborative Work: Video Curate, Create, Edit, Review
  7. 7. Collaborative Video Example from 2013, IML 420, New Media For Social Change Used mix of software/platforms including WeVideo • Project #1: Collaborative Video Editing, Who Are the Peacemakers? “Collaborating on this project was integral to presenting the information in a clear and direct way. If I had been alone, the process and the end result would have been so boring. “We need to have a point of view,” Allison kept reminding us. When researching something, I too easily fall into fact-gathering mode and need a push to be analytical at times. Analytical thinking (on top of good, context- giving research) is critical to social activism.” From final reflection (on page) orative-video-editing-who-are-the-peacemakers/74-2/ Camila Vallejo, Student Activist (2 minutes 17, seconds) Amber, Biz, Allison group
  8. 8. Collaborative Video 2013, IML 420 Audio Visual Essay, Project 2 (parent release, partnered with USC Joint Education Project) Teaching Media Literacy with Elementary School students & Interviews (Group 1, posted by Renee) Interviews, Drawings, Edits – share skills, curate, discuss 3 minutes and 12 seconds
  9. 9. IML 420: 2014 Collaborative Map, Zines, Video, and Mixed Media • Shelly Wattenbarger (USC Professor in Animation and MA+P students) • Partnership with West Adams High School students • Partnership with local community organizations and activists • Hybrid, in person and online (challenges with tech for LAUSD students)
  10. 10. Community Storytelling
  11. 11. Google My Maps used here, also check out Knight Story Maps
  12. 12. Student Community Design Fiction/Final Group Project
  13. 13. Collaborative Stories Can Be Simple, Social Media and Remix Often used as First Project/Icebreaker Remixing Titanic with Time Travel Lens Used Wordpress, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, 2011
  14. 14. Twine IML 295 Race, Class, Gender in Digital Culture (2018) • Wormwood • Team of 3: Emily F, Emily B, and Dan G. • Brainstorm and mapping sessions in class, built using shared files in google drive
  15. 15. Liberty Elementary School (school shootings) Ethan, Tia, Remi
  16. 16. Miro: Online Whiteboard -- • Brainstorms • Storyboards • User Journeys • Narrative Strands in Conventional Contexts (backstories, timelines) • Transmedia Story Lines • FREE Templates Comments Sticky Notes Frames Add video, images, text Chat Present from site Export as PDF
  17. 17. Transmedia User Journey: IML 320 (2019) individual and small group projects, 2-3 students max
  18. 18. IML 320 Writing and Designing Transmedia (2019) Nicole and Brooke “The Search” – Streaming Series, Facebook, text alerts Full User Journey for project
  19. 19. IML 320 Writing and Designing Transmedia (2019) Nicole and Brooke “The Search” – Streaming Series, Facebook, text alerts – Segment Breakdown
  20. 20. IML 320 -Narrative Strands for Transmedia Story (Try Life Partner): 3 Strands (20 students, 2018) Queer Student Assembly, Greek Scene, Journalism Students
  21. 21. Journalism Group Work, IML 320, Try Life, 2018 (Each Team 4-5)
  22. 22. Curation: Key Conceptual Tool • Use as an Icebreaker/Explore social media and online offerings in public scholarship • Academics who use tech in interesting ways? For example, podcasts or video essays or creative writing or activism? Academic websites as portfolios? • GRAD CLASS (2020), but use in undergrad often (replaced Storify)
  23. 23. Scalar – Curation and Annotation (Image and Video Annotation possible) IML 420, New Media for Social Change (Gender and Emerging Media, 2020) • ”Queering Masculinity on hetero- saturated platforms,” [Dorian Electra and Ezra Miller] Nico, undergrad • In this case, Students commented on the curation/annotation, but possible to have multiple people annotate or comment •
  24. 24. With peer comment
  25. 25. Scalar: Curation as Group Project IML 420, New Media for Social Change, 2017 Gender and Emerging Media (groups of 4-5)
  26. 26. Teaching Syllabi and Assignments on Scalar collaborative-online-teaching-and-tools/index
  27. 27. Final Thoughts/Suggestions • Consider your intentions • Let go of the precious object • My courses are more on process than product • Things change Education focused on flexibility: technically, intellectually, Emotionally • Don’t be a thief of joy