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Mabel Normand and Lew Cody, SCMS 13 presentation


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Here is my presentation from SCMS on the "infelicitous romance" of Mabel Normand and Lew Cody -- still images only for now.

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Mabel Normand and Lew Cody, SCMS 13 presentation

  1. 1. The Knowing Glance, The Nickel-Hopper, 1926
  2. 2. Begrudging acknowledgment of vicissitudes of bodyFatty and Mabel’s Simple Life, 1915
  3. 3. Our “thingness” The Nickel-Hopper, 1926
  4. 4. Mabel and Teddy as Co-Workers (The Extra Girl, 1923)
  5. 5. Not quite Cinderella –The Nickel-Hopper (1926)
  6. 6. Mabel’s Blunder (1914)
  7. 7. Shared Laughter at Romance, Mickey 1918
  8. 8. THE COMEDY OF SCREEN ROMANCE The Extra Girl (1923)
  9. 9. Recognition of the inversion of Mabel’s formula for comedy
  10. 10. Phantom Romances
  11. 11. The Infelicitous Couple, Mabel Normandand Lew Cody, 1926 (at film opening)
  12. 12. “It wasn’t like being married. She hated being serious aboutthings, and she loved a joke. She made me feel as though I weretaking part in a most glorious lark…” Lew Cody, Oakland Tribune1931