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Keywords, Remix, Audio-Visual Essays Links Only

UCC workshop on digital media, this slideshow has examples of the scholarly possibilities of audio-visual essay.

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Keywords, Remix, Audio-Visual Essays Links Only

  1. 1. Keywords,  Remixes,  &  Audio-­‐Visual  Essays        h8ps://  
  2. 2. Keywords    (inspired  by  Raymond  Williams)   h8ps://      
  3. 3. Keyword:  Space  Movement,  by    Jennifer  Candipan                                h8ps://      
  4. 4. Metonymy,  Virginia  Kuhn,  2011          h8p://    
  5. 5.       AuraTc  Axes    by  Tiffany  Chen  for  IML  340   h8ps://            Abstract  and  experimental  –  Embodied  viewing        
  6. 6.            Jackson  Stakeman  Once  Upon  a  Time  in  Afghanistan    h8ps://                                  CriTque  as  Culturally  Informed  Parody  
  7. 7.           Un$tled,  Kevin  Vavasseur          Remix    
  8. 8.   BUILDING  A  DESERT,  BY  ALI  PEARL   h8p://       PoeTc  Documentary  
  9. 9.   PoliTcal  remix:  “IdenTty  CorrecTon”     “The  power  of  Chevron”  (Jonathan  McIntosh)   h8ps://        
  10. 10. AcTvist:  “Film  the  Police”   h8p://­‐video-­‐remake-­‐acTvism-­‐ remixed-­‐viewer-­‐generated-­‐documentary-­‐footage     Sage  Francis,  B.  Dolan,  Toki  Wright,  Jasiri  X  with  Video  Directed  by  Mason  Johnson      
  11. 11. Counter  NarraTves:“Vidding”   Elisa  Kreisinger,      “Set  Me  Free”  h8p://    
  12. 12. “The  Just  War.”    Vicki  Callahan   h8ps://      
  13. 13. Video  Essay,  The  Trailer  Exercise,    Vicki  Callahan,  NEH  Workshop,  June  2015   h8ps://              
  14. 14. Video  Essay,  Epigraph,  Vicki  Callahan,  NEH  Workshop,  June  2015   h8ps://