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The Secret's in the Sauce: LOEX 2012


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A presentation on the four frames of leadership and how they can be used to improve library instruction programs in a variety of concrete ways.

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The Secret's in the Sauce: LOEX 2012

  1. 1. The Secret’s in the Sauce… The RIBS recipe for building ahealthy, balanced instruction program Virginia Cairns UT-Chattanooga
  2. 2. The Things
  3. 3. What We’ll Do With The Things:
  4. 4. The Four Frames of Leadership Structural Human Political SymbolicBolman, L. & Deal, T. (2008). Reframing Organizations, 4th ed. San Francisco:
  5. 5. Refresh Invest Structural Human Political SymbolicBuild Sell
  6. 6. Your Plate = Your Program
  7. 7. One Food Choice Per Frame
  8. 8. First Frame = Structural • Process / Tasks /Efficiency • Policy / Procedure • Organization / Heirarchy • Measurement
  9. 9. Instruction Program Areas • Curriculum • Policy and Procedure • Scheduling • Data / Assessment
  10. 10. Add to Your PlateSteak: the “center cut” Chicken: what are Pork: have you gotof your program you afraid of? fat you need to trim? Shrimp: the undersized Tofu: The Wild Card, whatever little guy in your program you want it to be.
  11. 11. Second Frame = Human • Staff development • Empowerment • Collaboration • Team building
  12. 12. Instruction Program Areas • Nurture Existing Talents • Build New Skills • Strengthen Relationships • Provide Opportunities
  13. 13. Add to Your Plate Heirloom tomatoes: nurture Baby carrots: what new your unique talents skill will you develop? Cole slaw: give opportunitiesSpinach: Strengthen for new combinations; mix it up.your team
  14. 14. Third Frame = Political • Internal Relationships • External Partnerships • Negotiation • Strategizing • Putting Out Fires
  15. 15. Instruction Program Areas • Partnerships, all kinds • Negotiating for things • Strategizing the future • Coping with problems
  16. 16. Add to Your Plate Mac n’ Cheese: maintain a Bread: baking up a new harmoniousrelationship. partnership is an exact science.Grits: the nitty gritty of Hot potato! Learn to deal withnegotiating for what you want. these We all have them.
  17. 17. Fourth Frame = Symbolic • Vision (Mission) • Identity • Culture • Brand or Message
  18. 18. Instruction Program Areas • Defining yourself • Describing your program • Crafting your message • Sharing that message
  19. 19. Add to Your Plate
  20. 20. My Sauce
  21. 21. Wrap UpStructural HumanPolitical Symbolic
  22. 22. Share With Me!• If you have a smart phone, please take a photo of your plate and email it to me at:• Include your name in the email.• I plan to post them on my website as examples.
  23. 23. And Now for a Contest… Prize Winning Sauce
  24. 24. That’s All Folks!• All materials will be available at Please contact me if you have any questions or want to talk over anything I shared with you today. THANK YOU !!!