East Coast Greenway Alliance                                   5315 Highgate Dr ste 105, Durham NC 27713                  ...
East Coast Greenway Alliance                               5315 Highgate Dr ste 105, Durham NC 27713                      ...
East Coast Greenway Alliance                            5315 Highgate Dr ste 105, Durham NC 27713                         ...
East Coast Greenway Alliance                            5315 Highgate Dr ste 105, Durham NC 27713                         ...
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Mid atlantic coordinator-job_description


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Mid atlantic coordinator-job_description

  1. 1. East Coast Greenway Alliance 5315 Highgate Dr ste 105, Durham NC 27713 919-797-0619 www.greenway.org Job Description East Coast Greenway Alliance Mid-Atlantic Regional Trail Coordinator June 3, 2011Position Description. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Trail Coordinator (RTC) is a full-time positionthat carries region-wide (NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, & DC) responsibilities for all aspects of ECGAinvolvement in trail implementation, State Committee/volunteer development and support as well assome fundraising tasks related to the region. She/he will function as part of the ECGA trail programstaff from a location within the region, based in either a home office or partner organization’s space.The RTC works under the direction of the Trail Program Coordinator and will also work closelywith the Executive Director and the Office Manager.The staffperson coordinates closely with the State Committees within the region. She/ he must beable to travel frequently within the region for meetings and site visits. The RTC will alsooccasionally attend meetings and events outside the region, such as ECGA Trail Council meetings,and will occasionally meet with central ECGA staff. A budget for phone, travel, equipment andother program expenses will be provided.Responsibilities of the Regional Trail Coordinator include:1. Improve tools for using the current travel route. Complete ECG signage throughout the region and update cue sheets and Google maps posted on our web site (greenway.org). Work to move a maximum amount of the on-road portions off-road (including designating trail as official ECG) and make remaining on-road sections as safe and bicycle/pedestrian friendly as feasible.2. Keep the data reporting system up to date for each state in the region and create reports as requested (at least twice per year).3. Assist our volunteer State Committees and other volunteers within the region.4. Build/maintain a strong network of strategic alliances with public agencies, elected officials and organizations within each Mid-Atlantic state to continue strong greenway progress.5. Communicate regional information via ECGA website, print and electronic newsletters and manage media within the region, in coordination with Executive Director and Office Manager.6. Assist with fundraising efforts as directed by the Executive Director. Detailed Responsibilities A. Planning 1. In collaboration with State Committee chairs and partner agencies and organizations, complete a twice-annual updating of the segment benchmarks for each state within the region to provide a detailed current status picture of the trail within the region. Prepare reports illustrating state and regional status as requested (lately 3x/yr).
  2. 2. East Coast Greenway Alliance 5315 Highgate Dr ste 105, Durham NC 27713 919-797-0619 www.greenway.org 2. Work with ECGA staff and host State Committee to plan logistics for ECG progress in the region. 3. Make Mid-Atlantic regional input into annual ECGA work plan and budget. B. Trail Implementation 1. Become familiar in detail with the route throughout the 393-mile corridor. 2. Work directly with ECGA State Committees and/or trail development officials to advance implementation of ECG plans. This will entail attending ECGA State Committee meetings as well as other meetings involving local initiatives; and meeting with local and state officials. 3. Manage the trail designation process within the Mid-Atlantic region with goal of having all completed trail designated each year. i. Assist state volunteers to nominate trails for designation, including securing of letters of agreement from trail managing agencies. ii. Coordinate trail inspections. iii. Provide staff support to Trail Council related to designation reviews. iv. Prepare official ECGA Trail Designation Report and execute post- designation tasks. v. Assist Trail Program Coordinator with the maintenance of designation files, trail database and official ECG Route Designation Map. vi. Help to encourage and organize state designation events. 4. Coordinate signage program within the region including: i. Post ECG trail markers on designated trails in each state each year and signage on the interim route as feasible, in coordination with appropriate partners. ii. Ensure ECGA has one or more informational kiosks in each state in the region. iii. Recruit/organize volunteers to monitor ECG signage to ensure it remains in place and in good condition 5. Refine the on-road portions of the ECG current travel route and have it field checked periodically. Help maintain Google maps listing of current travel route. 6. Build and maintain collaborative partnerships with other trails organizations, public and private agencies, and trail advocates to further Greenway priorities. 7. Organize ECGA state or regional meetings, workshops and training sessions as requested by Trail Program Coordinator and Executive Director. 8. Serve as a point of contact for trail managers/developers/advocates regarding ECG questions relating to the trail within the region. Help provide technical assistance or direct inquirers to appropriate sources. 9. Oversee monitoring of designated trail segments to ensure they continue to meet ECGA standards. 10. Get ECG included in state plans, official reports and on official maps. 11. Identify and relay to the Trail Council matters related to trail policy, via the Trail Program Coordinator.
  3. 3. East Coast Greenway Alliance 5315 Highgate Dr ste 105, Durham NC 27713 919-797-0619 www.greenway.org 12. Identify state or interstate routing issues and help to manage their resolution through the state committee(s) and Trail Council. C. Building Support 1. Build and support strong State Committees including attending State Committee meetings as needed, at least one per year per state. Foster a strong volunteer effort within each state. 2. Assist with the formation of trail advocacy organizations and “friends” groups related to local trail segments. D. Tracking Progress 1. Participate in twice-annual ECGA Trail Council meetings, and Board meetings as requested; present a progress tracking report for the Mid-Atlantic region at each Trail Council meeting. 2. Compile regional input into the annual State of the Trail Report. E. Communications 1. Media i. Serve as a point of contact within the region for print and broadcast media. ii. Respond to or help direct to the correct party inquiries by the public, our partners and the media related to the ECG. iii. Provide regional news and stories for monthly e-newsletters iv. Coordinate the posting of information on the state pages of the ECGA website. 2. Promotion i. Represent ECGA at appropriate meetings and conferences, including mounting displays and giving presentations ii. Develop a basic South Atlantic ECG power point presentation F. Administrative 1. Maintain basic files for each state, a database of contacts, and email address groups as needed for your communication within the region 2. Help Executive Director to refine and maintain a database of names of key stakeholders relevant to the ECG within each state in the region. 3. Maintain trail development files and other files pertinent to work within the region. G. Fundraising 1. Assist the ED as directed to raise funds from major donors, increased ECGA membership within the region, foundation grants, corporate support and events. 3. Provide fundraising guidance to states including identifying funding sources that can be tapped within each state. 4. Oversee advocacy agenda at state and regional levels related to securing funding for local trail development.
  4. 4. East Coast Greenway Alliance 5315 Highgate Dr ste 105, Durham NC 27713 919-797-0619 www.greenway.org 5. Work to secure funding to reprint user guides of the ECG route within the region. 6. Help plan and organize events within the region aimed at building awareness, support and funding for the ECG. H. Assist with other tasks as assigned.Qualifications:· Passionate commitment to ECG mission· Strong sense of personal responsibility and integrity· Bachelor’s degree required in a relevant field such as planning, environmental management, project management, or community organizing; master’s degree is a plus.· Four years or more project management and/or program experience in a relevant area such as trail, environmental policy or management or community organizing.· Non-profit experience is preferred.· Demonstrated ability to work effectively and tactfully with a wide range of people and personalities to establish collaborative partnerships.· Tenacity.· Able to engage and motivate volunteers.· Strong computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. (InDesign, database management. Adobe Illustrator and mapping experience a plus.)· Entrepreneurial and strategic approach to work; takes initiative in problem solving; applies sound judgement.· Excellent written and oral communication skills.· Team player.· Able to function in a fast-paced work environment; able to multi-task and work on several project deadlines simultaneously.· Well-organized, self-motivated and independent worker: understands the need to develop weekly, monthly and annual work plans and to prioritize work on a daily basis. Takes record- keeping and file management seriously.· High standards for professional work delivered on time and on budget.Salary: full time competitive salary commensurate with experience.Benefits:· 10 holidays· 10 vacation days (increases to 15 after first year of service)· 10 sick days· FICA, Medicare, unemployment security, workers compensation.· 67% of premium cost for medical and dental insurance for the employee via group policy.How to apply: Interested candidates should send a cover letter (attn: Dennis Markatos-Soriano,Executive Director) detailing their interest and qualifications with resume, writing sample, andreferences attached. Email this to hiring@greenway.org. Closing date: 5 pm, June 20, 2011.The East Coast Greenway Alliance is an equal opportunity employer and seeks qualified candidatesregardless of race, color, gender, disability, or national origin.