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Valdir Adorni - Compwire / EMC2 Clariion Implementation Sample


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Valdir Adorni - Compwire / EMC2 Clariion Implementation Sample

  1. 1. Port Port use TCP ports Rede Cliente NAT para Gerênciamento 25 . COMPWIRE ACESSO Console 80/443 REMOTO VPN Client – Quando Necessario 2162/2163 Cliente mstsc 5414 EMCRemote VNC (SymmRemote), Team Viewer -Porta 80 Storage Resource 6389 Manager 6390-6392 Navisphere Host Agents Tcp/ip Port 6389 Network Interface 9519 Remotely Anywhere Classic CLI 6390/6391/6392 Controller 13456 Secure CLI 443/2163 UDP ports Network Interface Network Interface Host Agents Controller Controller Tcp/ip Port 6389 161 Network Interface Classic CLI 6390/6391/6392 162 A port used to send Controller Secure CLI 443/2163 SNMP traps from the storage system or Host Bus Adapters Host Bus Adapters Host Bus Adapters Host Bus Adapters QLOGIC QLOGIC QLOGIC QLOGIC from a host agent. Host Bus Adapters EMULEX EMULEX EMULEX EMULEX QLOGIC EMULEX WWN WWN WWN WWN WWN WWN HBA FIRMWARE WWN WWN WWN HBA FIRMWARE CONFIG BIOS HBA FIRMWARE 2Gb ou 4Gb HBA FIRMWARE CONFIG BIOS WWN Server MultiPath Load CONFIG BIOS CONFIG BIOS ConfigDoc @ Powerlink E_Port = ISL ConfigDoc @ Powerlink Balance – EMC2 ConfigDoc @ Powerlink Navisphere Server Utility N_Port ConfigDoc @ Powerlink Navisphere Server Utility Power Path Navisphere Server Utility to register the HBAs with WWN NL_Port Navisphere Server Utility to register the HBAs with Ativação Licenças Fiber Secure Access the storage system to register the HBAs with SAN F_Port to register the HBAs with the storage system =<emc preg -i> BandWidth “400MB/Sec” the storage system Switches/Directors the storage system FL_Port Fiber Secure Access Clariion Agents – Block Level G_Port BandWidth “400MB/Sec” Registro no Storage “Single Mode” center-best-practices/resource- Zoning Zoning center/ <---------------------------- Block Level por Sistema “Short e Long Wave” Hard (Ports) Hard (Ports) EMC Brocade OEM Connectrix Arbitrated Loop “Single Mode” Operacional SAN HEALTH Assessment Soft (WWN) Fiber Lucent Conector Soft (WWN) Full Mesh “Short e Long Wave” Navisphere Server https:// Connector 2Gb / 4Gb Single Fabric ‘ Utility ou Navisphere Fiber Lucent Conector public/SanHealth/ Core-Edge Host Agent Connector 2Gb / 4Gb EZSwitchSetup report_generation.jsp ----SFP---- TCP/IP port 6389 6390 6391 6392 para Firewall 0,, tom externo Firmware Updates Gigabit Conector <0800-891-2914> Acesso Default “Lucent Conector” Compwire Informática <0800-891-0678> Configurações dos ADMIN Navisphere System EMC Remote IP: 172.16.0.x HUB / SWITCH Customer Services Agentes @ servidores Numero Cliente <# Definir> PASSWORD Initialization / Serial # para registro no (user(blank)passw(RAII) Implementações Clariion DogTag subsistema Clariion REDE LOCAL CLIENTE Navisphere Task Bar Milestone C:Program FilesEMC EMCREMOTERddu -r * SO Inglês. – Firewall Disable e Customer Engineer Flare OE Symbol Count Description Arquivos: (reebootar desktop) Storage Nodes SPCollect CAP File tirar rede local * Service LapTop AgentID.txt p/ 2 lan Acesso USER Padrão NAVISPHERE MANAGER Clariion Ativação Enablers 1 Modem Serial <services> cards ADMINISTRATOR / EMC ConnectEMC & Navisphere PASSWORD (Password) Acesso ou https:/<IP/Setup> < Funções> Agent.config Agent (Configurar os End IP Qdo ADMINISTRATOR User= emc (remote desktop PASSWORD Procedure Generator Console Dial Portais Storage) group) password http: Emc.powerlink 2 NTP serviço Home REDE PUBLICA AT&T 1800 *Cliente VPN* Crtl/shift/F12 (psw:messner) Web Services Partner archive/ (psw:sir) VERIZON 1800 TeamViewer / VNC / MSTSC MultiTech Systems Direct Atached Storage Simulação EMC Customer Support Center CLARalert Storage 0800-771-2023 MultiModem ZBA MIRROR VIEW Clariion BUS Model MT5634ZBA Templates SAN COPY 8 Site ID = software *incluir =smtp serviço* IP: 172.16.0.x 0 Serial # = Hardware CLARalert Service Desktop BCS DRP SITE RAID DISK CONFIG DATA MIGRATION 8 DAE 1 Gigabyte hard drive space WWN Ports STORAGE POOL Laptop iSCSI Ports LUN / METALUN Zoaning Port/ Port 1 512 MB RAM FC Ports Storage Processor STORAGE computer SERVER Minimum screen resolution of SFP I/O Modulos Controlers SPA , SPB ASSINALAMENTO 1024 x 768 and 256 colors with Naviseccli ioportconfig - Dual Circuit 110/220 V AC 1 Hub small fonts. persist Power Supply