vCom Success Story - Monterey Mushrooms


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vCom Success Story - Monterey Mushrooms

  1. 1. vCom Success Story - Monterey MushroomsBackgroundMonterey Mushrooms, Inc. is the country’s largest and onlynational marketer of fresh mushrooms for sale to supermarkets,foodservice and ingredient manufacture operations, and forpreparation of processed, canned, and frozen mushroom products.Headquartered in Watsonville, California, Monterey has 18production, sales and administrative offices in the U.S. and8 locations internationally.The Challenge ChallengePrior to vCom, Monterey had no centralized management • Lack of visibility and control over telecomof its telecom environment, so each facility managed its own expensestelecom services and processed its own bills, with no overallcontrol or analysis of expenditures. When the owner of the • Processing more than 150 bills per monthcompany wondered, “Why are we spending $700,000 per year • Facility managers unable to understandon communications?” the answer was elusive – it was simply their costsa necessary expense that nobody had control over. There weremultiple attempts to negotiate corporate-wide long distance Solutioncontracts to reduce costs, but they resulted in unfavorable • Moved services under vCom managementcontract renewals, and the company was still dealing with over150 invoices per month. • Employed vManager software to improve visibility and automate cost allocationThe TRANSFORMATION • Worked with vCom to design and manage migration to an improved data networkWhen Monterey started its partnership with vCom in 2006,they implemented the vManager software and immediately saw Benefitsan impact from the visibility it afforded. With the consolidated • Visibility into charges for each facilityview over all the different services and locations, and the ability Controllerto analyze costs by facility and type of expense, they were ableto trim unnecessary costs and proactively manage their telecom • Doubled network capacity and improved reliabilityexpenses. They started using the tool to place orders and troubletickets and communicate with their team at vCom, and they • Company growth and demand supportedbegan to enjoy the benefits of placing orders and managing without increasing coststrouble tickets through a single source, as well as receiving a • Automated generation of GL-coded AP filesingle invoice that interfaced with their accounting system. for upload into accounting systemAs the relationship grew, Monterey asked vCom to take over the • More efficient management of telecommanagement of its data services. The companies worked together through a single point of contact forto design a new MPLS network. vCom did the leg work of orders/changes and repairsexploring six different carrier options, helping to determine the
  2. 2. best solution for Monterey, and negotiating the contract on theirbehalf, freeing up the Monterey IT team to manage their day-to-day operations. The new data network included an upgrade froma Tier 2 carrier to a Tier 1 carrier, which provided better SLAsand a more reliable network, as well as an internet-based back-up solution. The migration to the new network, led by vCom’sprofessional services team, was seamless. vCom now supports thedata network, which allows Monterey’s network administrators tospend more time working directly with users.THE RESULTSBecause of Monterey Mushrooms’ distributed company structure,having vManager available to the Controllers at each of its facilitieshas been a key driver to the successful management of their telecomexpenses. They have been able to keep their telecom expensesessentially flat over the past 8 years despite tremendous companygrowth and doubling the capacity of their data network.The IT team has also enjoyed much faster and easier managementof repairs as well as new and change orders for telecom by workingwith vCom’s professional services team as their single point ofcontact. In addition to these increased efficiencies, the AP clerk hashad a huge burden removed via the automated upload of pre-codedtelecom expenses into the accounting system.........................................................About vCom SolutionsvCom Solutions revolutionizes the way enterprises manage “Because we have the right managementtheir entire telecom lifecycle. vCom customers gain control tools, we’ve been able to streamline ourover inventory, expenses and carrier relationships, achieving telecom environment (e.g., seeing andbetter business intelligence that drives profitability. vCom’s removing unused lines) to keep our costsTelecom Management as a Service (TMaaS) solution includes flat, despite providing increased speed anda suite of cloud-based telecom management software tools, volume for our users.”complemented by a full portfolio of professional services. Michael Matelli, Director of Information ServicesFor more information, visit Headquarters 12657 Alcosta Blvd, Suite 418 Main: 800-804-VCOM San Ramon, CA 94583 Direct: 925-244-1800