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Ed6620 edmodo presentation

  1. 1. TransformingTeaching and Learning Edmodo Roxanne Gibbons Individual Project Education 6620 Memorial University of Newfoundland
  2. 2. What is edmodo ?Edmodo is a micro blogging platform created by Jeff OHara and Nic Borg. is an emerging style of communication. It allows equality in communication among students. provides a safe way to communicate with students and other faculty members outside the classroom using the internet. enables one to one, small group and class or larger group communication.
  3. 3. EdmodoEdmodo is a free, secure, social learningplatform for teachers, students, parents,and schools.Teachers and students can store andshare all forms of digital content likeblogs, links, pictures, video, documents,presentations, and more.Edmodo provides teachers and studentswith an easy way to post events, alerts,classroom materials, files, and videos.They can also access homeworkassignments, quizzes, grades, polls andschool notices.
  4. 4. Edmodo and Social Communities Edmodo is an example of how knowledge is constructed and shared in the real world through social and professional online communities. It is a good introduction to how these communities operate and how to use them. Edmodo is developed for an educational setting which gives it an edge over other social networks. It also contains resources regarding digital citizenship, and professional development support . Some examples of online social communities are facebook, twitter and myspace. Some professional online communities include Proteacher, Edutopia, Teachnology and Smart Tech.
  5. 5. What Program? or or• Open • Open• No teacher control • No teacher control • Teacher views all. • Teacher communicates with texts, images, links or attachments. • “It is like a Twitter for Education” • All Google Docs can be uploaded to the library
  6. 6. Edmodo set up is very similar to Facebook. As the teacher you have complete control over your group members’ blogging. vs.• Social network • Social network• Simple • Simple• Handles events • Handles events• Shares photos and videos • Shares photos and videos• Handles grades • No grading• Teacher controlled • No teacher control• Private and education-oriented • Public and unregulated• Known audience • Unknown audience
  7. 7. Ideas for Edmodo Edmodo can be used by students at home, school, library and youth centres. It enables learning to be done at the student’s own pace. This can be in collaboration with other students, with the assistance of the teacher or individually. The Edmodo App can be used by both parents and students using various mobile devices. Keep parents and students updated by providing notes, assignments or other updates to students who are absent.
  8. 8. Ideas for Edmodo Flipped classrooms, blended learning, online collaborative learning and problem based learning can be conducted with ease. Edmodo can be used for differentiated instruction and assessment. All assignments can be annotated and feedback can be provided on all assignments, as often as necessary. Writing processes in blogs or other google documents can be monitored and easily uploaded and shared.
  9. 9. On Edmodo Communities teachers can collaborate on ways of using Edmodo, specialty subject areas and professional development.Edmodo is a platform for teacher to teacher collaboration through the Edmodocommunities forum. This enables teachers to share professional developmentknowledge, blogs and webpages as well as make enquiries about the practicaluse of edmodo in the classroom. Teachers from all over the world are looking forcollaboration opportunities for both themselves and their students to participate in.
  10. 10. Teachers can display edmodo on the smartboard/teamboard and demonstrate to students how it can be used. post links to what previous students have completed through edmodo such as presentations, videos, photos and podcasts. set up monthly calendars in advance indicating holidays, assignments, tests, upcoming events. interact with each other, administrators, and the edmodo support team, to learn how to use edmodo in the classroom as well as receive professional development materials as posted files or assignments. post “how to” videos from YouTube to help students when they are doing their homework at home and will give them another explanation from an expert. check updates, view and reply to posts, and publish new messages to edmodo groups from anywhere, anytime, with the mobile web application.
  11. 11. The teacher can create activities to reflect real word problems, such as a class poll for students to voice their opinions and suggest changes. a debate where students express their ideas through posts which may include videos or photos to enhance their arguments. bringing edmodo on your next field trip or science lab and post photos, create scavenger hunt questions, or quiz questions along the way. real-time discussions through edmodo including read alouds, in-class movies and professional development events, where the teacher can scaffold discussions backchannel discussions during current events- e.g. elections, breaking news stories, etc.) students communicating in online forums and answer questions similar to real world social or public discussion forums.
  12. 12. Students can attach their assignments and send it directly to the teacher. Writing progress can be seen throughout the year. have a direct link to connect to group members, tutor or teacher. explore multiple ideas, roles and perspectives of different people. save their work using their edmodo account and work on it at home. perform self assessment and evaluation of their work. E.g. what could you have improved? edit each other’s writing tasks and student responses. use Edmodo to ask the teacher or peers questions of about homework and school activities.
  13. 13. Edmodo Edmodo is transforming teaching and learning by providing an educational platform that both teachers and students can adapt to readily. Edmodo accounts can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Instructions :  Log in as a teacher at www.edmodo.com  Create a group  Write down your group code before you introduce edmodo to your students  Watch student tutorial for edmodo at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMThesvG1Lg&featur e=related  Students can sign up for all subjects using the correct code  It is free!
  14. 14. Related Links Digital citizenship: http://blog.edmodo.com/2012/09/19/download-the-digital-citizenship-starter-kit- from-edmodo-common-sense-media/ Edmodo: www.edmodo.com Edmodo article: http://www.bgdailynews.com/features/learning/an-online-class-with-training- wheels/article_e463fd12-51b4-11e1-b932-0019bb2963f4.html Edmodo Blog: http://blog.edmodo.com/ Edmodo Guide: http://techtools4teaching.wikispaces.com/Edmodo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/edmodo Help Center: http://help.edmodo.com/ How to get started: http://www.scribd.com/full/52581150?access_key=key- mae4go653bbr23s94co How to use Edmodo: http://help.edmodo.com/ideas Parent Resource : http://www.slideshare.net/scheeler/edmodo-parent-presentation Teacher roll out resources: http://help.edmodo.com/teachers/teacher-rollout-resources/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/edmodo Webinars: http://help.edmodo.com/teachers/webinars/
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