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Golf infuzion-magazine-may-2011-swing-analysis-apps-for-golf-pp.-36-38


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  • iSwing is such a great app for the price. Tiger woods and V1 while amazing still lack some of the ease of use that most golf apps offer. 12.99? too much for me. V1 is stil great for my laptop.
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Golf infuzion-magazine-may-2011-swing-analysis-apps-for-golf-pp.-36-38

  1. 1. APPS FOR GOLFBY STEVEN GIULIANO INSTRUCTION WRITEREveryday it seems new technology is being introduced, and there are new apps to choose from to help uswith our game. It seems hard to keep up - I know it is for me! From GPS apps, to swing analysis apps, greenreading apps to practice apps, apps for keeping stats and score, and apps to help us train. This will be thefirst of a series on the various iPhone apps that can be used to enhance your golfing experience.Let’s begin with a review of 3 the swing analysis apps that can be used as a swing analysis tool.iSwing speed, or you can step it through slowly.Cost $2.99 The downside to the iSwingRating 5/10 is that you have to purchase tour player videos such asThe iSwing application is Adam Scott costing $4.99,simple to use, and like the V1 and there is no option forGolf app I will discuss over the side-by-side comparison. Thepage, it allows you to e-mail application only gives you theyour swing sequence so you option to draw lines and notcan view a larger image on circles or free hand like theyour computer. With the other golf swing apps beingevolution of the iphone4 and reviewed. So the app is reallybetter camera quality, the a basic version for analyzingimages are getting clearer to a golf swing and the price ofview which makes it easier $2.99 is justified as it lacks theto analyze. You can play options of V1 Golf and Tigerthe swing at 20, 60 or 100% Woods app over the page.36 GOLF INFUZION MAGAZINE MAY 2011
  2. 2. V1 Golf V1 Golf application is the #1 paid for golf app in the USA mins with some Hi Speed shots) so you’ll need to be in V1 Golf includes a free personal online locker from on iOS. It was created off the a Wi-Fi area to download. The V1 and features a suite ofCost $9.99 back of the V1 Golf swing angles are sometime a little drawing tool, videos trim andRating 9/10 analysis program which has off, so for me as a golf coach playback options. Another been used by coaches for golf they can’t really be used. feature to this app is some of and other sports for over 15 There are some excellent the game improvement video years. Hi Speed shots which really drills, and some tips which highlight some key areas are done with images and The v1 golf app allows you which otherwise can’t be text - though these are quite to capture, compare and noticed with a standard frame basic and are certainly not improve your golf swing on rate. a reason for purchasing the your iPhone, iPad or Android app. Swings can be quickly phone. It allows you to record and emailed to your student or analyze your own swing coach with notes making One of the great features of and split-screen beside your it very user-friendly for this app is that it includes a favorite tour pro. V1 has many instructional purposes. library of over 50 different drawing tools which are very Tour Professionals with over easy to use such as lines, 90 different swings. Many circles, boxes and free hand of these swings are available in 4 different colors. Once in Hi Speed 300 frames per completed you just shake or second (fps) allowing for ultra- tap the screen to clear. Other slow motion footage which features include flip/mirror, you can used in side-by-side zoom function, ability to comparison. These do need overlay swings and landscape to be downloaded which can or vertical orientation. take some time (up to 5-10Tiger Woods: hitting his driver with some great effects, certainly a good The app comes with great video quality of Tiger’s recentMy Swing wow factor to start. The video quality is excellent offering swing, even though Tigers current swing is not in great face-on and down-the-line, form. There are exclusiveCost $12.99 allowing you to compare updates from Tiger aboutRating 7.5/10 swings against every club in his life on tour, and he has Tiger’s bag, and also against strong voice presence in the your friends. Like other swing app. After all the smoke and apps it allows you to record mirrors I feel the best feature your swing and compare it of this app is the quality side-by-side with Tiger’s, and videos of Tigers swing from includes swing advice from wedge through to driver from the former world no.1. face-on and down-the-line angles. The drawing tools are In the swing instruction not quite as user friendly as section Tiger presents videos the V1 Golf app with not as of his iron swing from down- many drawing tool options the-line, face-on, putting and colors. and set-up, explaining which lines he looks for from these various angles. Also available14 time major winner Tiger their swing through the video are videos of Tiger showingWoods has recently unveiled analysis tool and instruction what’s in the bag, Tiger’s heada mobile application called provided by Tiger Woods. cover and the history behind“Tiger Woods: My Swing” for The first thing that strikes it, and some other short clipsiPhone and iPad users. The me about this app is the cool of Tiger having fun with theapp helps golfers to improve flash intro of Tiger swing camera crew. Continued over page >> MAY 2011 GOLF INFUZION MAGAZINE 37
  3. 3. APPS FOR GOLF CONTINUEDIn summary, iSwing is certainly a good start if your looking for an app in this space though even at $2.99 for me is a littleimpractical, as it doesn’t allow for split screen analysis. Tiger Woods: My Swing certainly has the wow factor with great graphics,and being able to go through the bag on Tiger’s swing from front-on and down-the-line is a must for Tiger enthusiasts. I feel theprice isn’t quite justified when comparing to the many features of V1 Golf.For me, V1 Golf seems to be the far superior app, with a huge library of tour players to choose from and superior ease of use withsplit screen analysis, so it is certainly worth the money spent.iSwing V1 Golf Tiger Woods: Steven Giuliano is an Instruction Writer for Golf My Swing Infuzion Magazine. For more articles from Steve Click here >> Also, Steven is the owner of Steven Giuliano GolfCost: $2.99 Cost: $9.99 Cost: $12.99 Coaching. For more information Click here >>Rating: 5/10 Rating: 9/10 Rating: 7.5/10 CHANNEL Check out the latest videos...38 GOLF INFUZION MAGAZINE MAY 2011