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Career planning

  1. 1. By Vincent Ingersoll
  2. 2. Lifestyle Learning Choices StylesI have a lot of goals for my future. Primarily my learning style isSome are short term and some are auditory learner. I like to listenlong term goals I hope to meet. and I am not a very big note taker and can just hearShort Term Goals: Some of my short something and be able toterm goals include finishing off junior remember it. Although I amyear strong by outdoing myself each primarily an auditory learner,quarter with a continuously increasing however, visual and tactilegpa. Another one of my short term learner also scored a lot ofgoals is to do well on the SAT as this points in my book. I can keepone of the most important tests I will mental pictures in my head oftake in my life. notes/textbooks to help meLong Term Goals: A couple of my long remember various information. Iterm goals are too get accepted to a also learn well when I take thegood college where I will begin the rest lesson hands on and try to doof my life at. I also would like to be things myself. Overall, I wouldable to get a good education at this say I am an auditory learner butcollege so I can choose a career that I do incorporate all learninginterests me and I would be happy styles when I am learning newdoing for the rest of my life. things.
  3. 3. My highest value in mywork is the achievement Everyone is unique in theirthat I get from it. What own way and have theirwould be the point of doing own unique qualities. Awork that you wouldn’t feel unique quality of mine issome sort of achievement unlike most people, Iafter you finish? Jobs that actually like math. I am awould interest me the most good math student andaccording to my work enjoy the subject becausevalues would be jobs that I it intrigues me how theam able to use the best of numbers are always able tomy abilities in and after see work out. Math is thethe results of my efforts, to language of the universeget the feeling of and is the sameaccomplishment from. everywhere, and this particular trait could definitely lead me into a career such as accounting or architecture.
  4. 4. Arithmetic/Math Negotiation Reasoning- Performing basic -Using interpersonal -Understandingcomputations relationships communication- Choosing appropriate skills to obtain a between objects.mathematical desired goal or -Using knowledgetechniques to solve resolve conflict to solve problemspractical problems Building Blocks I would like to develop more thoroughly are: Creative Thinking, Communication, and Self-Management. These are blocks I would like to develop more because you can never be too creative, my essay writing is not bad but it could be better, and self management because having that trait will be very beneficial for whatever you do in life.
  5. 5. • My Holland Code was ESC• Enterprising, Social, Conventional• I chose Enterprising because this is an area I can see my self working in, a place where you need to make decisions that sometimes may be risky decisions for the good of the organization.• I chose Social because I like working with people, I could never work in a job where I sit by myself all day.• I chose conventional because I like to solve problems that are given to me, mainly because I like math.
  6. 6.  This career interested me because it is not often youhear about people being funeral directors and it is just anall around unique career path to take.This career matches my personality code ESC, wherethere are a lot of enterprising and social aspects involvedin this job. You need to be
  7. 7. This career interested me because it is more of a math orientedcareer and I enjoy math so I feel this would not be a bad careerchoice for me.This career matches my personality code of CES. Being anaccountant has the conventional aspect in it by the math problemsinvolved in this career. You are presented with equations that youare required to solve; it has the enterprising aspect involved with itbecause as an accountant you need to be able to make decisionsthat may either hurt or help your organization.
  8. 8. • This career interests me because it involves working with a lotof different people and I enjoy being social and talking topeople.• This career is related to my personality code of SEC. This isobviously a social career because you deal with different typesof kids and all of their different types of problems and struggles,and also help them excel by helping them choose the rightclasses and colleges that match their personality.