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Introducing Uzzicom


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Introducing Uzzicom

  1. 1. ©copyright Uzzicom 2012
  2. 2. Your Website is Your Primary Contact Point with Customers• If it’s not working for you your business won’t achieve its sales potential• Are potential customers finding your site?• When they find it, can they learn what you offer quickly? ©copyright Uzzicom 2012
  3. 3. How do You Know if it’s Working?• How many visitors do you get?• Are they engaged (time on the site)?• Are they potential customers?• And what are they looking for?• Can your sales team contact them?• Do they re-visit your site?• Are you on the same (social) channel? ©copyright Uzzicom 2012
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  9. 9. Services Inbound Marketing Outbound Marketing Content: blogs, ebooks, Placed Advertising: Print, whitepapers, podcasts, Banner Ads, Video rolls webinars, infographics Social Media Marketing Press Releases Search Engine Email, Newsletters, Direct Optimization SEO Mail Pay per click advertising Exhibits & Trade Shows PPC ©copyright Uzzicom 2012