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Meeting management AR201


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Meeting management AR201

  2. 2. Definition meetingMeeting is formal discussion betweentwo party or more to achieveobjective with throughcommunication process. Another meetingbetween one with othersaccording to membership, organization andthe objective.
  3. 3. Purpose of Meeting Most effective way to resolve task and problem related to organization or association. Example; discuss way of finding fund for association activity. Disseminate information and new plan to society or especially member. Need to be carried out to make a decision or important mandate related to organization or association. To plan some strategy and programme or to get new ideas to implement activity.
  4. 4. Meeting management Planning policy implementation, programme, get advice, coordinate and resolve problem arise. Held from time to time. Agenda and schedule meeting need to be planned meticulously so that meeting held smoothly and effective. Meeting that is good and efficient will give contribution that is effective to department / organization. Secretariat will be appointed to help function effectiveness a committee.
  5. 5. WHAT IS THAT AGENDA?Matter intended to be discussed inmeetings. To determine have no important matter that left. To determine discussion done orderly. To tell meeting members matters that want to be discussed.
  6. 6. PRE-MEETING ACTION1. Determining the agenda, date, time andplace of the meeting with the Chairman of thecommittee.2. Make reservation of the meeting room3. Preparing working papers for discussion4. Send notice of meeting5. Ensure meeting room facility preparation6. Determine presence7. Pre discussion meeting8. Tell meeting members on ethic meeting
  7. 7. Agenda Of The Meeting Message from chairman Confirmation minutes of meeting that after Matters occurred Presentation working paper Other matters Cover
  8. 8. CURRENT ACTIONS MEETING Record minutes of meeting Meeting presence list Important thing discussed in meetings Decision made Follow-up action that need to be taken
  9. 9. AFTER MEETING ACTIONS Minutes Preparation Format Of Minutes Of Meeting Meeting Names Of The Members Arrangement Record Discussion Detection Feedback Implementation Meetings Decision Report Feedback By Secretariat Determine Format Feedback from Ministry / Department. Preparation Of The Report Feedback By Ministries or Responsible Department
  10. 10. Purpose ofmeeting, meeting types Purpose of meeting i. Solve problems. ii. Planning a job. iii. Monitor work implementation. iv. Looking for an idea. v. Present report. vi. Decide. Meeting Types Meeting may be classified to some type according to objective and need. Between kind of meeting was: i. General Meeting ii. Emergency Meeting iii. Extraordinary Meeting iv. Committee Meeting
  11. 11. General Meeting Every association need to have. Held in accordance with law, namely under Act Registrar of Societies. This meeting discuss on comprehensively association and implement member selection working committee that is new. Agenda that need to be included into annual general meeting ; -Chairmans speech -Presenting and confirm minute annual general meeting that after. -Presenting and accept annual statement last year. -Laying off and confirm past financial statement. -Choose working committee that is new. -Discuss and motion passed or proposal. -Adjournment speech
  12. 12. COMMITTEE MEETING A meeting that used to be carried out by one association to move the association. Attended by all members working committee appointed during annual general meeting. The agenda regular meeting related to activity, development, management, and the administration of association. Agenda determined by chairman through discussion with secretary and other committees. Meeting as such can be implemented several times according to associations requirement. Notice issued within the period of 2-3 day because business notice sending easy to do. Example, notice distributed to teacher that work in school.
  13. 13. Emergency Meeting Urgent General Meeting, held emergency when an issue arise and not feasible or resolved phased committee . Agenda discussed usually only that determined on member proposal or according to specific regulation. This meeting sometimes known as Emergency Meeting.
  14. 14. End