OneVietnam Network Mission and Goals


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What is OneVietnam Network and why Vietnam?

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OneVietnam Network Mission and Goals

  1. 1. z one Vietnam Organization Missions & Goals MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009 1
  2. 2. special THANKS DaviD Teece ivan Moss Hoang Bao Long s. Le anDre nguyen Da nang universiTy Kea new ZeaLanD vsvn Haas scHooL of Business creaTive coMMons AUTHORS JaMes H. Bao neiL nguyen Huu Brian Luong uyen P. nguyen 2 MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009
  3. 3. OneVietnam connects and organizes the people and groups that seek to make Vietnam a better place to learn, work, and live. Our goal is to create a network that makes people, organizations, and information centrally accessible. We want to enable members of the community to work together, share resources, and eliminate the duplicative work that hinders progress. By providing the platform that empowers people to take action, we hope to accelerate Vietnam’s success through the compounded efforts of the community. MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009 3
  4. 4. Uniquely Young Population Strong GDP Growth (USD billions) High Cell Phone Usage Why Vietnam Needs Help $69 $69 ##" "&# $%" $%# ##" !" $35 $35 !"# $27 $27 vietnam at a glance Less than 25 yrs. Between 26 and 45 yrs. Between 46 and 60 yrs. $10 $10 Greater than 60 yrs. 1992 1997 2002 2007 1992 1997 2002 2007 Metro Urban Rural Saigon & Hanoi Rural Vietnam has transformed Source: Vietnam Statistics Office, 2008 Source: World Bank Source: Nielsen Omnibus 2008 itself in the last 20 years VIETNAM: THEN AND NOW to become one of the fast- est growing nations in Prior to the 1990s, many people did not have access to basic amenities such as running faucets, flushing toilets, or a reliable electricity source. To the world, Asia. Despite its growth, Vietnam was a poor and underdeveloped nation. Vietnam still stands at the However, in the last 20 years, Vietnam has made extraordinary progress and is now hailed as the next Asian Tiger. Vietnam’s GDP has grown more than crossroad of progress and seven times since 1992, largely due to its shift towards an open, market-based economy. It is a young and tech-savvy nation, with the average population stagnation. Success relies age of 25 and the highest internet penetration rate among its neighbors. In on the compounded effort fact, Vietnamese are the tenth largest spender on technology in the world, as a percentage of income. According to A.T. Kearney’s 2008 report, Vietnam is of our community to steer the most attractive retail market in the world. With its ascension to the World Trade Organization in 2007 and its membership in the Asia Pacific Economic development in the right Cooperation, Vietnam is becoming a major player in the global economy. direction. Rank: Largest Rank: GDP Life Expec- Adult Literacy Estimated ‘09 Populations Per Capita tancy (94th) Rate Inflation 13th 116th 71yrs 90% 11% World Bank, 2008 World Bank, 2008 CIA Factbook, 2008 UNICEF State of 2008-2010 IMA the World’s Chil- Asia Brief, 2008 dren, 2009 4 MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009
  5. 5. GDP Per Capita Although Vietnam has made impressive progress, it is still far from becoming the fifth $60,000 Asian Tiger. With the world’s 13th largest population, Vietnam’s GDP per capita ranks a mere $51,142 116th in the world. In fact, Vietnam’s GPD per capita is dwarfed next to the Asian Tigers. $45,000 $43,811 Michael Porter, a professor at Harvard Business School, assesses that Vietnam’s economic $30,881 reforms remain insufficient, and the country needs a long term economic strategy in order to $30,000 $27,647 improve its standard of living. Vietnam’s long term economic policy must focus on improving $15,000 its competitiveness, which depends in part on increasing productivity of workers through health and education. Although it has one of the highest labor force participation in the world, $2,784 Vietnam’s labor productivity is significantly lower than the majority of the world. Poverty also $0 Vietnam Singapore Hong Kong Taiwan South Korea remains a large threat to Vietnamese families who are unable to meet basic nutritional needs, let alone afford adequate education. Source: International Monetary Funds, 2008 Learn: Education Fails to Work: Lack of Opportuni- Live: Stagnant Social Devel- Meet Job Demands ties and High Skilled Jobs opment and Protection Vietnam lacks human resource development to Vietnam’s work force is dominated by manu- Approximately effectively compete in the global economy. Al- facturing and agriculture, accounting for 21.4% 30% of Vietnam- though enrollment has risen sharply, the qual- and 20.3% of GDP, respectively (Asian Develop- ese people are ity of education remains low. Both curricula ment Bank, 2008). Many companies hesitate to living on less and teaching material are dated, with 62% of invest in a white-collar work force that’s often than $2 USD per the textbooks still in Russian, and 55% pub- viewed as inferior to that of India, China, and day (World Bank, lished before 1980 (VSVN Foundation). As a other neighboring countries. As a result, Viet- 2002). The main result, students do not have the skills to meet nam competes on low skilled labor, leading to cause of traffick- the demands of global companies. This is re- low GDP per capita and wages. Vietnam has ing men, women, flected in the fact that degrees from Vietnam- one of the lowest minimum monthly wages in and children for ese universities are not accepted in other parts the world at less than $50 per month (Global sexual and labour exploitation is poverty. of the world. Competitiveness Report, 2008). Due to lack of job security and available opportunities, 36% With only 1 doctor for every 2,000 people in Furthermore, Vietnamese universities fail to of Vietnamese named job security as their the country and insufficient medical equip- attract international experts and retain its number one concern. ment, easily preventable health problems often brightest minds. The most promising students become deadly. The country’s most vulnerable are attracted to universities and opportunities Primary Concerns of Vietnamese population are often neglected because of the abroad, creating a drain on the country’s intel- Job Security %&" lack of public programs to care for the old, sick, lectual resource. Those left behind simply can- and orphaned. Furthermore, children of the ru- not find the opportunities and training to put Economy $$" ral areas are forced to skip school to work, hin- their talents to use. dering their ability to support themselves in the Life Balance #" future and perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Health !" Source: Neilsen Global0Online Survey, 2009 0 0 0 0 MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009 5
  6. 6. Why a Network Makes Us More Effective. Lack of Coordination Slows Progress The myriad of problems that hampers Vietnam’s • Duplicative efforts create inefficiencies and waste time and money. progress have not gone unnoticed. Individuals and • Fragmented groups lack the resource and scale to address large issues. organizations, inside and outside of Vietnam, have • Inability to tap the community at large impedes the ability to gain sup- set out to cure Vietnam’s ills. Some efforts have been port and grow. highly successful, but most fail to reach the scale re- • Lack of information limits the ability to effectively identify needs, oppor- quired for permanent change. More often than not, tunities, and allocate efforts. projects fail to launch and organizations burn out or lose momentum. The lack of a community and coor- dination lead to: 6 MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009
  7. 7. Online Network: Join the cause by choosing from a database of organizations and initia- Linking the global community tives. OneVietnam’s Solution Make new contacts with individuals Our solution is to create a network that makes people, orga- and groups with similar interests and nizations, and information centrally accessible. goals. With a network, we can eliminate duplicative work, reduce fragmentation, tap the community, and share information. Collaborate with other groups to ex- Anyone can join or grow their own initiatives that aid in Vietnam’s development. Individuals can use the network to pand existing projects and eliminate identify needs, brainstorm solutions, and find the necessary overlap. resources to help launch their projects. Existing organiza- tions can similarly utilize the network to collaborate, recruit, and fund raise. Tap the Collective. Identify needs. Share opportunities. Track efforts. Spread knowledge. Offline Network: A launching platform The offline network supplements the online network by providing a live forum to identify Vietnam’s needs and opportunities, find potential solutions, and initiate action. Our meetings will provide a focused environment to discuss specific aspects of Vietnam, from heath care to education and business. At each meeting, we will invite experts within the specific fields to educate and facili- tate discussions on the topic. Meanwhile, we will allow community leaders and organizations to present their solution and begin gaining momentum for their initiatives. To avoid stagnation, our goal for every meeting is to walk away with tangible results and actionable steps. MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009 7
  8. 8. How a Network There are 3 million Vietnamese expatriates around the world. Each Unlocks Value. year, they send $7 billion USD to Vietnam, amounting to nearly 10% of Vietnam’s GDP. Among them are lawyers, doctors, NASA scientists, news anchors, world renowned inventors, award-winning chefs, and even the most feared fighter in the world (4). Imagine the possibilities if those 3 million expatriates worked together. With a strong network, the global Vietnamese community can pool together its knowledge, capital, and resources to get things done faster, cheaper, and easier. 8 MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009
  9. 9. Potential of the Network 1 Combine Massive Resources What we can do with No other Southeast Asian country relies on the resources and relationships with its expatriate population like Vietnam. Between 2003 and 2007, Vietnamese living $7.2 Billion overseas sent a total of $20 billion USD to Vietnam in the form of remittances or gifts to family members. Remittances from the Vietnamese expatriate community amount to 7 to 8 percent of Vietnam’s GDP every year. 9.00% $6,000 Remittances to Vietnam New schools Millions of lap- $5,000 and libraries. tops for educa- 8.00% tion. 480,000 14 Remittances as % of GDP $4,000 Remittances in $ millions 7.00% $3,000 Supply of clean wa- Kilometers of ter for the entire new highway population of VN. road. 6.00% $2,000 80 Yrs. 6,900 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Source: World Bank, 2008 In 2008, Vietnam is estimated to receive $7.2 billion USD in remittances, making it the fourth largest recipient of remittances in the world. Imagine what just a fraction of that $7.2 billion USD could do for Vietnam if it could be organized and put toward a collective effort. Instead of having a few hundred dollars to spend, Vietnamese families can to- gether help build the infrastructure that will ensure the prosperity of generations to come. MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009 9
  10. 10. Vietnamese Around the World Our unique network is world wide. Whether you’re at a beer garden in Germany or in the outback of Australia, we’re there! United States 1,600,000 France 250,000 Australia 160,000 Canada 150,000 Germany 100,000 2 Make Big Impact 3 Leverage a Global Community Imagine if the only thing that stands in the way of your idea The Vietnamese community is uniquely global. There are commu- and reality is a few clicks of a button. nities of at least 10,000 spread over 30+ countries; from France (250,000) to Poland (50,000) and even 13,000 Kiwis in New Zealand! Need help? Tap the network of existing organizations to collaborate or partner up with. With a strong cultural emphasis on education, Vietnamese people have risen to the highest levels of their fields. From successful entre- Need volunteers? Recruit from a pool of indi- preneurs to respected politicians and scientists, the world wide Viet- viduals already interested in causes like yours. namese com- Need contacts, records, guides? Search from a com- munity proves to be an ex- “Strength is derived mon knowledge base; open and free. tremely valu- able network from unity. The range The network eliminates the barriers that deter people from taking action. By empowering everyone in the community that can pro- vide diverse of our collective vision to do their part, we pave the way for their small efforts to compound into major results. One person sending 30 books perspectives and experi- is far greater when to Vietnam a year can stock one class room. 300,000 people sending 30 books to Vietnam will build a library to rival the ences in an increasingly individual insights be- largest library in the world (United States Library of Con- gress) in less than 5 years. global econo- my. come one.” - Andrew Carnegie 10 MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009
  11. 11. Viet D. Dinh (1) Vietnamese people have Truong Dinh Tran U.S. Assistant Attorney General Billionaire & Philanthropist Mr. Dinh served as the U.S. Assistant made important contribu- Mr. Tran began his hotel business after Attorney General from 2001 to 2003. Mr. Dinh graduated magna cum laude from tions to society in business, immigrating to New York and has owned and operated major hotels in Manhattan. Harvard University in 1990. He later returned to Harvard Law School, where politics, media, sports and After the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Mr. Tran donated culture. Here are a few re- a valuable network he was a Class Marshal, Olin Research $2 million USD to the American Red Fellow in Law and Economics, bluebook Cross Disaster Relief Fund. He also has editor of the Harvard Review, and knowned faces from our im- a reputation for providing generous graduated magna cum laude in 1993. Post law school, Mr. Dinh served as a law pressive community. assistance to countless Vietnamese American community events. clerk for the U. S. Court of Appeals and the U. S. Supreme Court. Cung Le (4) Kick boxing World Champion Betty Nguyen (2) Arguably the most prominent Vietnamese CNN Anchor athlete, Mr. Le is the current Strikeforce Ms. Nguyen made her mark in American Middleweight Champion. Mr. Le’s journalism by winning countless awards: impressive record includes an undefeated Associated Press Award, Legacy of kick boxing career (22-0), three time Women Award, Great Women of Texas world champion in martial arts, and four Honoree, and a regional Emmy award. time US national champion. By 2004, she was anchoring at one of the 1 4 Duy-Loan Le (5) most watched news channel, CNN, and covering top breaking news. TI Executive & Inventor Ms. Le was the first woman and the first Dr. Eugene H. Trinh (3) Asian to be elected as Texas Instruments NASA Director & Astronaut Senior Fellow in history. Only four others Dr. Trinh is the first Vietnamese in outer hold the distinction in the world. Ms. Le space. He hold a Bachelor’s Degree from has accumulated 24 patents and received Columbia University and a doctorate in countless recognition (e.g. Women in applied physics from Yale University. He Technology Hall of Fame, Asian American is currently the Director of the Physical Engineer of the Year, and Congressional Sciences Research Division at NASA. 2 5 Special Recognition). She is also an avid philanthropist. Timothy Linh Bui Hung Huynh (6) Hollywood Director Mr. Bui has directed, produced, and Top Chef Winner Born in Vietnam and raised in Pittsfield, written multiple award winning films, Massachusetts, Chef Huynh received his including Three Seasons and Green first culinary training as a young boy at Dragon. His most recent movie, Blue his family’s Vietnamese restaurant. He Powder, stars Jessica Beil, Forest later became the winner of Bravo cable Whitaker, and Patrick Swayze. 3 6 television’s Top Chef. MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009 Profile Sources: 1) US Supreme Court Website 2) CNN News Network 3) NASA 4) K Superstar 5) Mark Eveslage 6) Bravo Network 11
  12. 12. Our Vision The Pearl of the Orient can shine again. By fostering trust and collaboration among new and old generations of Vietnamese across the globe, we can reinvigorate inter- learn est in Vietnam and provide opportunities A Globally Competitive Work Force for talented professionals abroad to invest We envision the day when Vietnamese students no longer have to look in their homeland. abroad for a quality education. Investments in textbooks, research equipment, and training for teachers can modernize the Vietnamese Vietnam can become a country where citi- educational system. With the right education and training, Vietnamese students no longer have to defer to low-skilled jobs. Rather, they can zens enjoy prosperity and high standard of be on an even playing field to compete for intellectually stimulating and living paralleling other economic power- high paying careers. houses of Asia. Vietnamese people all over Being globally competitive also means Vietnam can retain its brightest the world can take pride in our own culture minds and reverse the effects of the “brain drain” that have been strip- and nation. ping away the nation’s intellectual resource. These bright minds will en- sure the continual development of Vietnam for generations to come. Together, we can make Vietnam a bet- ter place to learn, work, and live. 12 MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009
  13. 13. work live Prosperous Careers Happy Living By refocusing attention on Vietnam and encouraging investments in With quality jobs, high productivity, and job security, Vietnamese citi- the country, we envision an active job market that provides Vietnamese zens can focus on long-term projects to eliminate many major prob- workers with careers, not just jobs. lems such as poverty, human trafficking, and labor exploitation. We encourage the development of an entrepreneurial culture where em- Our combined resources can provide the health care and nutrition re- ployees can take ownership in an intellectually challenging and stimulat- quired for the safety and health of the less fortunate. By ensuring that ing work environment. We support the innovation and productivity that their basic necessities are met, Vietnamese families can be free to pur- ultimately lead to higher job satisfaction. High skilled careers improve sue an education, explore their passions, and live a prosperous life. the competitiveness of the Vietnamese labor force, enabling them to compete for and earn higher income. The result will yield high job secu- rity and peace of mind for Vietnam’s young work force. 13 MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009
  14. 14. “ The difference between what we do and what we “ are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. - Mohandas Gandhi 14 MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009
  15. 15. Interested? Help us! Invest in our cause. Be a Volunteer. Donate. If you believe in our cause, please contribute any- Advisors and Mentors. The task at hand is large and we’re al- thing you can. Your contributions will be recognized on our ways in need of a guiding hand. We welcome any level of help, web site. from constructive remarks to joining out board of advisors. Please contact us at Transparency is our guiding principle. Anyone who makes a donation can request our annual financial statement to see Team Members. We are very much in the start-up phase and are where and how their money is being spent. actively looking for new members to join our exciting team! Our needs include marketing, community coordinator, programmers, Donations of any size is welcome. Trust us, we need it! college liaisons, and general operations. Please contact us at Please visit our web site at for a quick for more information. and easy way to donate, or contact us at donate@oneviet- “Here is the high emprise, the contact us. fine endeavor, the splendid pos- sibility of achievement, to which I summon you and bid you wel- (415) 448-6674 come.” - Justice Benjamin Cardozo MISSIONS AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM • 2009 15
  16. 16. one Vietnam z 16 MISSIONS GOALS • ONE VIETNAM © 2009 MISSIONS AND AND GOALS • ONE VIETNAM ••2009