One Vietnam Presentation To Agent Orange Team 3.15


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How to bring agent orange into mainstream using OneVietnam Network

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One Vietnam Presentation To Agent Orange Team 3.15

  1. 1. OneVietnam Network A Platform for Philanthropy 2.0 March 15, 2010 Presenters:  James Bao Uyen Nguyen OneVietnam Network 1
  2. 2. Our Mission We connect & organize the people and groups that seek to make Vietnam a better place to learn, work, and live. OneVietnam Network 2
  3. 3. OneVietnam Network A global online network that brings 3 million expats to one place and create a community of giving. OneVietnam Network 3
  4. 4. Bringing Agent Orange into the Mainstream OneVietnam Network 4
  5. 5. What is mainstream? “That of which is popularized, normalized, and widespread” The key to taking a topic “mainstream” is to reach as many people as possible and make it part of the daily conversation. OneVietnam Network 5 OneVietnam Network 5
  6. 6. Word of Mouth Today Word of Mouth World of Mouth Social  Media Social media has made word of mouth marketing faster and bigger. OneVietnam Network 6 OneVietnam Network 6
  7. 7. “Everything is Social” The way we “get news” and share information is shifting quickly away from traditional to new media and our generation is leading the way. OneVietnam Network 7 OneVietnam Network 7
  8. 8. The Facts OneVietnam Network 8
  9. 9. Vietnamese Americans Young Vietnamese Americans are leading the new social media revolution. OneVietnam Network 9 OneVietnam Network 9
  10. 10. Going Mainstream with Social Media 1,000 Super Fans OneVietnam Network 10
  11. 11. OneVietnam Network How to use OneVietnam as the social engine for the Agent Orange Initiative. OneVietnam Network 11
  12. 12. Background I. Create Your Social Hub Simplify the social media experience 1.All your social media accounts on one page 2.Publish from a single platform A single social media space for your organization and fans OneVietnam Network 12
  13. 13. Background II. Build Your Fan Base Capture your fans, online and offline 1.Electronic registration at events Follow up with all attendees in one email Be in constant contact 2.Drive traffic from online marketing to a single social hub Capture fans from every event you hold, online or  offline. OneVietnam Network 13
  14. 14. Background III. Turn fans to champions Nurture your fans through interactions 1.Upload wonderful content Photos, videos, blogs, links 2.Start a conversation 3.Let your fans contribute by generating their own content Mike Arauz, 2009 OneVietnam Network 14
  15. 15. Background III. Turn fans to champions Mike Arauz, 2009 OneVietnam Network 15
  16. 16. Sample Social Map: Facebook OneVietnam Network 16
  17. 17. IV. That’sBackground it! The magic happens in the background OneVietnam Network 17
  18. 18. “Our FanBackground is your Fan” Every member of the group benefit from the success of a single group. OneVietnam Network 18
  19. 19. Background Intelligent Matching The system intelligently recommends people to groups they may have a vested interest in, even if they’ve never explicitly indicated so. An Example OneVietnam Network 19
  20. 20. Background Beyond Agent Orange We are building a platform that connects 3 million Vietnamese expats to each other, and more importantly, to organizations in their community. OneVietnam Network 20
  21. 21. Background Beyond Agent Orange GENERATION OneVietnam Network 21
  22. 22. OneVietnam Network’s Early Successes OneVietnam Network 22
  23. 23. Vietnam Talking Points Published  over 150  original  articles Over 10  contributing  writers OneVietnam Network 23
  24. 24. “Understanding Agent Orange” No. 1 Google Search Result OneVietnam Network 24
  25. 25. “Understanding Agent Orange” OneVietnam Network 25
  26. 26. Development Status OneVietnam Network 26
  27. 27. Our Team OneVietnam Network 27
  28. 28. Support Fiscal Sponsors  Legal Support
  29. 29. Word from a fan
  30. 30. Q&A OneVietnam Network 30