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UXSG#5 Keynote Presentation


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Bojan Blecic - The Power of Design

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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UXSG#5 Keynote Presentation

  1. 1. UX SG Conference June 27-28, 2013 Bojan Blecic VP and Head Experience Design OCBC Bank, Singapore The Power of Design
  2. 2. Undifferentiated Comparable Easily replicable Why Design?
  3. 3. VSDesign approach Business approach Words, NumbersPictures Focus on resultsFocus on process Doing Planning DefinitiveUncertain, iterative Evolutive, continuous Completed
  4. 4. Card top up at ATM Before After
  5. 5. Insurance form Before After
  6. 6. Example project
  7. 7. GCFS/GCADDecember2011Co.Reg.No:193200032W Services for Online Banking You can apply instantly at any OCBC ATMs or visit information are mandatory unless stated. For bank’s use Name Mailing address Your details NRIC / Passport number Mobile numberEmail address As per NRIC / Passport 1 +( ) Verified by Date $20 replacement fee will be debited from this account number Re-issue my internet banking PIN Your new internet banking PIN will be sent to you within 5 working days upon submission of this form. Your choice will be activated within 3 working days upon submission of this form. Your internet banking account will be terminated within 3 working days upon submission of this form. Changes will be made within 3 business days upon submission of this form. Your replacement hardware token will sent to your mailing address above within 5 working days upon submission of this form. Link / unlink accounts from my internet banking Terminate my internet banking Re-issue my hardware token Add / remove option to send code to my mobile via SMS Update my mobile number as above Link Link Link Unlink Unlink Unlink Account number Account number Account number What services do you require?2 Terms and conditions agreement What to do next 5 6 I agree to abid and be bound by the Terms and Conditions Governing Electronic Banking Services, which I have read and any amendments, alterations and additions thereto as may be from time to time be made. I consent to disclosures as provided therein and agree that all payments be debited to my accounts with you. Send the completed form to OCBC Bank, Account Services, Bras Basah Post Office, Locked Bag Service No. 8, S911886 Bring your completed form and NRIC / passport in person to any OCBC branch. If you mail in, confirmation letters will be sent to your old and new addresses (except Treasury Products). If thumbprint is used instead of signature, please visit any OCBC Branch to update. Authorised signature Visit branch Send by mail Date / / DD / MM / YY OR Old form New form
  8. 8. 409forms/month with errors 22% Error rate 1% Error rate 13forms/month with errors Old form New form
  9. 9. Old page New page
  10. 10. 600 From 20,000 pages to
  11. 11. Fix the problem Understand the problem Verify the effectiveness of the fix
  12. 12. Understand the problem • Get the big picture • Draw the situation (make the problem visible) • Ask "why"? • Agree on the problem
  13. 13. Fix the problem • Explore different options • Ask "why not"? • Prototype and refine
  14. 14. Verify the effectiveness • Put in front of customers • Collect feedback • Improve
  15. 15. The iterative process Understand Verify Fix
  16. 16. Option A Correspondence
  17. 17. Don't understand or are unsure about what to do 4 out of 8customers
  18. 18. Option E Correspondence
  19. 19. We have saved $ 28 8 out of 8 know what to do
  20. 20. The cost of confusion? 1.2 Mcustomers
  21. 21. The cost of reputation ?
  22. 22. Don't beautify. Find pain points and fix them
  23. 23. Design is a problem solving tool
  24. 24. Thank You Bojan Blecic VP and Head Experience Design