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UXSG#3 Keynote Presentation


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Daniel Szuc - Global UX

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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UXSG#3 Keynote Presentation

  1. 1. Daniel  Szuc   @dszuc   Global  UX  
  2. 2. A  JOURNEY  
  3. 3.­‐suzuki/bhutan-­‐gnh_b_3233429.html  
  4. 4.­‐suzuki/bhutan-­‐gnh_b_3233429.html   "There cannot be enduring peace, prosperity, equality and brotherhood in this world if our aims are so separate and divergent - if we do not accept that in the end we are people, all alike, sharing the earth among ourselves and also with other sentient beings.” - Crown Prince Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
  5. 5.­‐ball-­‐curiosity/  
  6. 6.­‐ball-­‐curiosity/   “The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose holy curiosity.” - Albert Einstein
  7. 7. hGp://­‐be-­‐bold  
  8. 8. STUCK  IN  OLD  WORLD  
  9. 9. thoughts
  10. 10. thoughts Their architecture disfigures landscapes as well as thoughts. This is the worst aspect of a barrier, that most people develop an attitude of border defenders: Those on the outside are bad, those on the inside are good.
  12. 12. What  challenges  do  you  face   today?  
  14. 14. myth/304883/
  15. 15. Management theory came to life in 1899 with a simple question: “How many tons of pig iron bars can a worker load onto a rail car in the course of a working day?”
  16. 16. LEGACY    
  17. 17. Management   Structures   Silos   No  Planning   No  customer   truth   False   AssumpRons   Too  much   RaRonal   Thinking  
  19. 19. BEING  HUMAN  
  20. 20. What  does  it  mean  to  be   human?  
  21. 21. Care  
  23. 23.­‐can-­‐we-­‐design-­‐ourselves-­‐away-­‐from-­‐blah-­‐ conversaRons/  
  24. 24.­‐can-­‐we-­‐design-­‐ourselves-­‐away-­‐from-­‐blah-­‐ conversaRons/   Can you remember the last time you had an amazing conversation?
  25. 25. Empathy  
  26. 26. RelaRonships  
  27. 27. Immersion  
  28. 28. Culture  
  29. 29. EmoRons  
  30. 30. Grow  your  frame  
  32. 32. Understand   the  whole   system  
  33. 33.
  34. 34. OUR  WORK  
  35. 35. Spaces  
  36. 36. Skills  &  PracRce  
  37. 37. New  Toolkits?  
  39. 39. Skills   People   Language   Spaces   CreaRvity   Values   Toolkit   Fundamentals   Alignment   Culture   Business&   Product   Maturity   Humanity   &  EmoRon   Roles  &   Skills   Futures   How  we  work   The  Business   How  we  speak  to  each   other   Where  we  work   What  inspires  us   What  we  believe   To  listen,  learn  and  make   The  team  basics  
  40. 40. MEANING  &  SUCCESS  
  41. 41. extract
  42. 42. A company’s greatness is grounded in doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people, and the least harm. It is neither first nor foremost about maximizing short- term return for shareholders. Rather, it is about investing in and valuing all stakeholders— employees, customers, suppliers, the community and the planet—in order to generate the greatest value over the longest term for all parties, including the shareholders. extract
  43. 43. RECAP  
  44. 44.
  45. 45. THANK  YOU