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Lightning Talk #4: A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed by Maxim Gurkin


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How to become a true friend for your customer? How to transform support and communication experience from huge forms, emails and phone queues to something more reliable, something where users will be transformed into your buddies and the way of communication will be the same easy and trustful? When you communicate with your buddy you never ask yourself “will he answer me? what is a right time to talk? is it a right question to ask?”, you just talk. The same should be with products and services.

Join Maxim as he discusses key principles of reliable service-to-user communications and relevant technologies that will make the transformation possible.

Published in: Design
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Lightning Talk #4: A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed by Maxim Gurkin

  1. 1. A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed Social messengers as a key to gorgeous customer support
  2. 2. How to Be a Friend Today? 2 • Honesty • Reliability • Support • Forgiveness • Respect • Distance Time Language CONNECTIVITY
  3. 3. How to Stay Connected 3 1973 MOBILE PHONE The first handheld mobile cell phone by Motorola 1990s WORLD WIDE WEB Tim Berners-Lee invented WWW and wrote first web browser 1970s EMAIL The first ARPANET email was sent 1980s INSTANT MESSAGING Unix "talk" command line program 1992 SMS The first SMS message was sent over the Vodafone GSM network VOIP 1991 First Voice Over IP application 2006 PRIVATE VIDEO CALLS Skype 2.0 with video messaging 1996 Hewlett-Packard released the OmniGo 700LX SMARTPHONES 2010 WhatsApp initial release SOCIAL MESSAGERS TELEPHONE Alexander Bell granted a US patent for a telephone 1876
  4. 4. New Widely Spread Profiles 4 SHAREESE DIPTYCH Expat ROMAIN DIPTYCH Traveler ASAKO DIPTYCH Employee at international company PETER DIPTYCH Introvert
  5. 5. Pros and Cons 5 Old customer support tools Pros Cons Phones • Quick personal communication • Time zone • Language • Extra charges • Roaming • Out of money • Can’t be user at noisy locations • Voice menu Emails • Offline personal communication • Can be used with translation services • May content attachments • No confirmation on delivery/read • Delay in real time communication • Easy to loose conversation thread • Easy to make a mistake at recipient address Web forms • Offline personal communication • Can be accessed from any device with browser • No confirmation on delivery/read • Artificial structure
  6. 6. Romain lives in US and trying to book diving at Bali. 15 hours difference force to find a right time to make a call Book a Diving Trip at a Different Time Zone Location Loosing History of Online Chat Shareese was chatting with customer support specialist. He provided location of nearest office but unfortunately after closing browser chat history was lost Complicated Feedback Forms Max is a UX designer and wanted to provide feedback to his bank about online banking. Unfortunately feedback form had so many mandatory fields that he gave up Wrong Recipient Peter wanted to cancel booking of apartment for his vacation. He sent cancelation email in advance but made a mistake in address. He fount out the problem only when he got billed a fee.
  7. 7. Social Messagers 7 • Wide coverage (FB messenger has 1 billon users) • Can be used for offline conversation • Works with any internet connections • Free form communications • Attachments / photos • Automation
  8. 8. Automation 8
  9. 9. Boosting 9
  10. 10. Summary 11 • Always stay connected and avoid artificial channels of communication • World is changing, stay up to date with communication technologies • Tell customers that you want to chat with them • Automate what can be automated, but stay human
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