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Lightning Talk #10: Creating a Design-Centered Culture in Organizations: Learnings from creating a UX Community by Elymar Apao


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It’s not easy to introduce a UX culture within an Organization. There are ways, however, to slowly introduce the culture and get buy-in from other teams. It involves regular meet-ups and getting small wins.

Join Elymar as he shares his journey on how he created a UX Community in the Philippines, and how he brought his learnings into the corporate setting and promoted a Design-Centered culture.

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Lightning Talk #10: Creating a Design-Centered Culture in Organizations: Learnings from creating a UX Community by Elymar Apao

  1. 1. Communities To Corporations ByElymarApao
  2. 2. “I want my company to have a UX culture so bad. ” A UXPH member expressed:
  3. 3. “Start with quick, cheap demonstrations of how UX can improve things.” Responses
  4. 4. “First thing that you should do is arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to preach UX within the company.” Responses
  5. 5. “The key to stakeholder buy in is to show the value of UX. How do you do that if you don’t have “permission” to do UX work? Don’t ask for permission to do UX.” Responses
  6. 6. ● Experience Design Leadership ● Influencing people towards a shared goal. Kim Goodwin on Culture UXHK 2014 Talk
  7. 7. ● Get Executive Buy-in ● Build a coalition of key influencers and make them look good through a few keys wins. Kim Goodwin
  8. 8. A coalition of key influencers? How?
  9. 9. ● Was an SEO guy ● Assigned the role ● Thought that Usability = UX. ● Looked for where UX People were How I Started UX
  10. 10. Found Practitioners in the Web Design Groups
  11. 11. First Major Web Project: Success!
  12. 12. Second Major Web Project: Flop!
  13. 13. What went wrong?
  14. 14. “Ordered the part when it was in stock, got an email that it was out of stock 3 days later. Too annoyed to order a different part. Choose a different site to buy from. ” Customer Feedback on Second SIte
  15. 15. Discovered that UX is not just UI (and I was in the wrong community)
  16. 16. Human Factors Lab and Usability Professionals
  17. 17. First Ever Meetup: In a Bar
  18. 18. Regular Monthly Meetups Happened
  19. 19. First Usability Philippines Event
  20. 20. Unintentionally formed a coalition of key influencers who shared common experiences.
  21. 21. But could we bring the experience within the Corporate Setting?
  22. 22. One Usability PH Meetup was in OLX (Sulit)
  23. 23. Was Embracing the Usability/UX trend
  24. 24. Was Hired by OLX/Sulit
  25. 25. Was tasked to Start UX within the Company
  26. 26. Had Executive Support; Build Influencers
  27. 27. Created a UX Department
  28. 28. Our First A/B Test
  29. 29. Present Small wins in MVP Sessions
  30. 30. Still Active Within the UX Community
  31. 31. OLX/Sulit Sponsored Events
  32. 32. Still Learning From Each Other's Experiences
  33. 33. And Networking With Other Influencers
  34. 34. With Whitney Hess at the 1st UXPH Conference
  35. 35. What was the result?
  36. 36. Feedback
  37. 37. :(
  38. 38. Luke Wroblewski
  39. 39. Culture Change Is Not Easy
  40. 40. What Now?
  41. 41. New Company: Rewards Platform / Android Users
  42. 42. Ad Solution for App/Website Campaigns
  43. 43. Do It All Over Again (Iterate)
  44. 44. Building Influencers
  45. 45. Building Community
  46. 46. Learning with You