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UX Recherche Open-house - Thanks


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UX Recherche’s open-house on May 22nd 2014. See what you missed!

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UX Recherche Open-house - Thanks

  1. 1. UX Recherche’s open-house!
  2. 2. We had a wonderful evening thanks to our numerous guests!
  3. 3. We conducted many eye-tracking tests!
  4. 4. And witnessed some ferocious video games competitions!
  5. 5. And made many winners!
  6. 6. We must thank all of our collaborators!
  7. 7. Wines recommended by Yves Mailloux, President of the Club des Dégustateurs de Grands Vins
  8. 8. Ice creams graciously offered by L’Armoire à glaces
  9. 9. Photos by Dominique Boisclair of Ulysse Photo
  10. 10. Caricatures by Marie-Claude Journault
  11. 11. Concert by Wesli Louissaint
  12. 12. Concert which Maxime Bourbonnais from UX Recherche joined with his bass!
  13. 13. As you can see, we had a lot of fun!
  14. 14. We’re looking forward to having you at our next event!
  15. 15. Who is UX Recherche?
  16. 16. Who is UX Recherche? A young, dynamic and flexible usability and user experience consulting firm backed by more than 75 cumulative years of experience.
  17. 17. Experience and expertise Established in 2007, UX Recherche gradually became Quebec’s reference for organisations of all sectors who want to improve the usability and user experience of their products and services. Through a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we provide decision makers with representative results to fuel informed decision making.
  18. 18. What can we do for you? Focus Proprietary methodologies to evaluate usability and user experience Mobile Optimisation of our UX Focus proprietary methodologies for mobiles Zoom Usage of eye tracking technology to go beyond self-reported information Quantum Online surveys to gather representative statistical data
  19. 19. Some of our clients
  20. 20. Contact us! UX Recherche 1470 Peel Street, Suite 820 Montreal, Quebec Canada, H3A 1T1 Telephone: +1.514.670.8988 email: