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Mobile web vs app (Sharon Grubaugh)


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  • I build mobile websites for business. I found the best mobile friendly sites, do not have the whole main site on the mobile optimized site. Mobile is not meant for that. Basically you want to give your user a call to action. Click to call, About Us, Products or Services, Contact Us, and of course links to the best of your main site. You need to consider the nature of the mobile user. They are on the go, they want quick and fast. Very few mobile customers are going to take the time to order anything on a small screen using their oversized fingers. Give the user the best of you and save thousands building a mobile website few will use for ordering. We are Check our work and see.
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Mobile web vs app (Sharon Grubaugh)

  1. 1. Mobile Apps versus Mobile WebsitesThe User’s Perspective Sharon Grubaugh Synergistic Paradigms LLC Presented at User Focus 2012 October 19, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Mobile Today The Mobile User – Case Studies  The Mobile Traveler  The Mobile Job Seeker Mobile Apps and Websites  The Business/Technology Perspective  The User’s Perspective Q&A
  3. 3. Mobile Today
  4. 4. Mobile Today General Smartphone usage  81% browse the Internet  77% search,  68% use an app, and  48% watch videos on their smartphone  72% use their smartphones while consuming other media, with a third while watching TV  93% of smartphone owners use their smartphones while at homeSource:
  5. 5. Mobile TodayUS Only  25% of mobile users are mobile only  25% downloaded apps are never used again  55% apple/android - $$ is the top factorUsability of Mobile  64% success rate on mobile website  76% success rate on mobile apps
  6. 6. Mobile Today Mobile users reported a preference for mobile browsers for virtually all mobile content. Games, music and social media only categories prefer app than mobile web. Mobile users would rather fire up a browser than a dedicated app.
  7. 7. The Mobile User – Case Studies
  8. 8. The Mobile Traveler
  9. 9. The Mobile Traveler - Touchpoints
  10. 10. The Mobile Traveler
  11. 11. The Mobile TravelerPLANNING and BOOKING STAGESTop mobile flight-related activities while planning atrip:  Checked airfare prices: 26%  Looked up a phone number: 25%  Checked flight schedules: 25%  Researched airport information: 24%  Received price alerts for flights: 19%  Booked a flight: 18%
  12. 12. The Mobile TravelerDURING TRIP STAGETravellers using a mobile device to check flightstatus:  2011: 30%  2012: 50%Travellers using a mobile device to check in for aflight:  2011: 17%  2012: 30%
  13. 13. The Mobile Job Seeker
  14. 14. The Mobile Job Seeker The Mobile User – Case Studies
  15. 15. Mobile Apps and Websites
  16. 16. The Business/Technical PerspectiveMobile Websites Functionality: can be accessed quickly and easily. Usability: Accessible on any phone with a web browser Increasing the usability of the website is essential; just because mobile websites can be accessed on any mobile device doesnt mean that users will want to access the website if it doesnt have a good design. Discoverability: Mobile websites come up in web searches. Many mobile websites are also being accessed via social media websites and e-mail, so it is also important to divert users directly to the mobile site and not the standard version which can be more difficult to use, thus removing the convenience factor.Mobile Applications Functionality: A major advantage of mobile applications is the specialized functionality that they offer. Mobile apps can use the special features of a mobile device, such as GPS, camera, video or phone capabilities. Usability: Apps have a much higher usability than many mobile websites and offer a more engaging and integrated experience with users. An advantage is guaranteed to work on each device Discoverability: A big disadvantage of mobile apps is the fact that users must find them and then download and install the application. Apps can therefore be good for established brands with an existing customer base that will receive added value from the application.
  17. 17. Mobile App versus WebSouthwest Airlines – Different User Experience
  18. 18. Mobile App versus WebSouthwest Airlines
  19. 19. Mobile Apps vs WebMonster
  20. 20. Mobile Apps vs WebMonster
  21. 21. The User’s PerspectiveImportant Factor’s in Decision to Build Mobile/Native App versusMobile Website Context Cost Performance  Access Speed  Connectivity Usability  Rich experience Consistency Discoverability/Findability Usage Social/Cultural Functionality Relevance
  22. 22. Questions?