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James chudley - UX leadership - UX Lausanne


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What skills do you need to ensure smooth projects and effective outcomes?

UX projects often present us with all sorts of leadership and management challenges – from problems with people, expectations, changes in requirements and challenging design problems.

Strong leaders are critical to great design projects and great products – but what do they actually do that makes them so effective? How do they ensure that projects run smoothly and have effective outcomes? How do they create great working relationships that make the experience of working on the project as enjoyable as the end result?

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James chudley - UX leadership - UX Lausanne

  1. 1. Essential UX Leadership Skills UX Lausanne, 2016 James Chudley | cxpartners
  2. 2. @chudders Hello!
  3. 3. 1 Why does great design need great leadership? 2 (Soft) essential leadership skills to pay the bills …..expect practical advice ! @chudders My plan for this talk
  4. 4. Research assistant IA Intranet manager UX consultant Head of UX Principle consultant Author UX Director Head of product 20161998 @chudders A story of theft as I transition from a ‘designer’ to ‘leader
  5. 5. @chudders My lens - leading UCD projects within a UX consultancy
  6. 6. @chudders Anyone a leader?
  7. 7. The managers job is to plan, organise and co-ordinate. The leaders job is to inspire & motivate Adapted from “The Wall Street Journal Guide to Management” by Alan Murray, published by Harper Business.
 @chudders This is for everyone, not just ‘managers’ or ‘leaders’
  8. 8. @chudders Why does great design needs great leadership?
  9. 9. ‘Squiggle’ by Damien Newman Central Office of Design @chudders Design projects are chaotic
  10. 10. It makes sense that a journey with an unknowable destination will require a strong leader .. Me, while on my bike, a while ago @chudders Outcome is unknowable, journey is unknown
  11. 11. @chudders Anyone worked on a project that went wrong?
  12. 12. @chudders Loads of stakeholders (who don’t agree)
  13. 13. @chudders You get ‘seagulled’ by ‘HiPPOS’
  14. 14. Politics Hard Constraints Never finished Compromise Opinion @chudders Products must ship despite design being…
  15. 15. @chudders (Soft) leadership skills that pay the bills
  16. 16. This stuff is easy, you don’t need an MBA…
  17. 17. Write down 5 qualities of leaders you admire 
 Copy them 1 2 @chudders Why should people follow you?
  18. 18. @chudders Be positive and enthusiastic
  19. 19. @chudders Don’t (ever) take the credit & admit you failures
  20. 20. A B Pre mortem Roles & responsibilities Write brief & share vision with team Identify measures of success Regular communication Critique & feedback Mid project wash ups Internal / external showcase Critique & feedback Wash ups Share stories Measure outputs @chudders Make a plan and share your vision (regularly)
  21. 21. ‘Storming’ Effectiveness Project duration ‘Performing’‘Norming’‘Forming’ *from ‘Tuckman's model of group development’ @chudders Accept classic project dynamics
  22. 22. Responsibl e Accountable Consulted Informed Design the project Manage scope Negotiate deal Responsible for quality Run kick off Own deliverables Present design solution Director PMUXDirector Director Director PM UX Director UX Director PM Director Director UX PM PM PM Director UX UX UX PM Director UX UX Director PM @chudders Clarify roles and responsibilities
  23. 23. @chudders Make decisions
  24. 24. Discover people’s passions
  25. 25. @chudders Say thank you & reward great work
  26. 26. I’ve worked out what you do, you’re basically a shit shield..A. Colleague, UX Consultant @chudders Be accountable & protect your team
  27. 27. Keep your distance but don’t disappear
  28. 28. I miss designing stuff & meetings are killing me I’m going to get involved with the design This doesn’t mean I can’t still be creative @chudders Transition of do’er to manager (massive deal)
  29. 29. @chudders Keep talking & sharing stories
  30. 30. 1. Work hard 2. Share what I know 3. Make stuff better 4. Keep it fresh 5. Make it fun Like design principles but for you… @chudders Lead by example
  31. 31. ‘Stop, start & continue…’ Be brave and ask for feedback
  32. 32. Be honest with people
  33. 33. @chudders Brief for new project Why are we doing this? Why are the deadlines? How will we measure success? What will this project deliver? etc…. 1. Regular, clear and simple instructions 2. Ask the stupid questions 3. Document & share everything Be clear about what you want people to do
  34. 34. @chudders Design the experience people have working with you
  35. 35. ‘How to win friends and influence people’ 1.Smile! 2.Always remember names and peoples interests & issues 3.Be enthusiastic and keep your problems to yourself 4.Be genuinely interested in people 5.Be a good listener, encourage others to talk about themselves 6.Don’t criticise, condemn or complain  7.Be a good conversationalist 8.Give honest and sincere appreciation 9.Put yourselves in the shoes of other people @chudders Dale Carnegie worked this all out in the 30’s!
  36. 36. In every job that must be done
 There is an element of fun
 You find the fun and snap
 The job’s a game
 Mary Poppins from ‘A spoonful of sugar’ @chudders Make the work fun, fun shouldn’t be a reward
  37. 37. Set and share your vision Lead by example Look after people 1 2 3 @chudders So if you just remember three things
  38. 38. Thanks!@chudders