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Lavacon: What Is User Research?


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A presentation breaking down how Content Strategists and Technical Writers can get involved in the greater User Experience process.

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Lavacon: What Is User Research?

  1. 1. @Speaker #LavaCon UX for Content Strategists and Technical Writers What is User Research? Patrick Neeman Director of Product Design, Apptio @usabilitycounts Troy Parke Associate UX Director, Disney @uxhow
  2. 2. What is User Research? @usabilitycounts
  3. 3. A Definition The process of understanding the impact of design on an audience.” Mike Kuniavsky, Xerox PARC “ @usabilitycounts @uxhow
  4. 4. The only way to find out if it really works is to test it.” Steve Krug, Author “ @usabilitycounts @uxhow
  5. 5. What are some methods? @usabilitycounts
  6. 6. Contextual Inquiry @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  7. 7. Provisional Personas @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  8. 8. Usability Testing @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  9. 9. @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon Analytics
  10. 10. Rich Personas @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  11. 11. Who’s doing it now? @usabilitycounts
  12. 12. The Competencies of User Experience User Research and Analytics Understanding the users through observations and data @usabilitycounts @uxhow Content Strategy Planning for the creation, delivery and governance of usable content Information Architecture Organizing information in a product or website in a usable way Interaction Design Designing interactive behaviors with a specific focus on their use Visual Design Designing the visual qualities in an aesthetically pleasing way Front End Development Building the interactive behaviors to be used by the end user
  13. 13. User Research and Analytics @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon Content Strategy Visual Design Front End Development Researcher Information Architecture Interaction Design
  14. 14. Interaction Designer User Research and Analytics @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon Content Strategy Information Architecture Interaction Design Visual Design Front End Development
  15. 15. How to get involved in the process? @usabilitycounts
  16. 16. Just do it. @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  17. 17. Recommended Resources @usabilitycounts
  18. 18. @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug
  19. 19. User Research on Twitter • Jared Spool — @jmspool @UIE • Jonathan Colman — @jcolman • Alan Cooper — @MrAlanCooper @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon
  20. 20. Exercise @usabilitycounts
  21. 21. Travel Website: Contextual Inquiry Develop three provisional personas based on information supplied by Troy and Patrick. • Who are they? • What do they want? @usabilitycounts @uxhow #lavacon • How they would do it? • Why would they do it?