User Experience Design Fundamentals - Part 3: From People to Product


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#3 in a 3-part series on UX Fundamentals: From People to Product
* Learn how to analyze the information you get from your users.

* Learn how to apply findings to your product design.

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User Experience Design Fundamentals - Part 3: From People to Product

  1. 1. User Experience DesignFundamentals 3: From People to ProductPeriscope | www.periscopeux.comWe design smart, usable digital productsLaura Ballay & Meghan Deutscher
  2. 2. A brief recap…
  3. 3. The User Experience process is based on Goal-DirectedDesign, where focus is maintained on user goals to providerationale for design decisions and a benchmark for evaluatingthem.If your product helps people achieve their goals effectively andhappily, it will be successful.
  4. 4. Discover Research users to understand why they do what they do.Validate AnalyzeTest design solutions with Uncover key user goalsactual users. Do they and pain-points fromsupport user goals? research findings. The UX Process Design Conceptualize Create and communicate Create design requirements possible solutions for from user goals, business requirements. goals and tech. requirements.
  5. 5. Talking with Users•  YOU ARE NOT YOUR USER•  Talk to user to uncover their goals and understand how they fulfill them•  Three principles: 1.  Always ask “why” 2.  Consider user biases 3.  Study users in context
  6. 6. You’ve talked to your users. Now what?Today’s TakeawaysLearn how to analyze theinformation you get fromyour users.Learn how to apply findingsto your product design.
  7. 7. What are you trying to do?Deliverable How well user goals Purpose are understoodPersonas; I don’t know my users’ Uncover user goals by questioningDesign Brief goals. their behavior.Workflow I have an idea of what Validate user goals by observing their my users’ goals are. behavior.User Stories; I know what my users’ Understand how users fulfill theirRequirements goals are. goals; what their behaviors, attitudes and challenges are.Refine Design; Does my product help Validate whether or not your productValue Prop users accomplish their helps the user and how likely it is goals? they’ll use it.Business Case Can my product be Continuously learn more about your better? users and how they use the product.
  8. 8. Where do you start?
  9. 9. OrganizePull interesting andrelevant notes from rawinformation.Categorize the notes.Put them on the wall; makethem tangible so you canplay around.
  10. 10. Look for Patterns
  11. 11. Identify types ofcustomers fromyour clusters.
  12. 12. FACTS PAIN-POINTSFactual information about The problems they have.your target customer. CATEGORIESBEHAVIOR GOALSThe things they do now. What are they trying to accomplish? Grid courtesy of Will Evans at Semantic Foundry
  13. 13. What do you get rid of?•  User biases•  Your own biases•  Anomalies When…?
  14. 14. User Profiles:•  Name them•  Choose focus (pick one, maybe two…)
  15. 15. Output:•  Epics/Design themes•  Feature list•  User stories•  Scenarios
  16. 16. Too many? Try Voting.(like dot democracy)
  17. 17. Voila – PrioritizedRequirements!
  18. 18. Hold onto what you’ve learnedThis is great reference material youcan use later too!
  19. 19. An Example: Personas
  20. 20. An Example: Personas Review Organize Uncover1 2 3 Notes Notes trends Review Create Match Trends to4 5 6 Real Users Composite Users Composite Users
  21. 21. Test DriveAffinity mapping in action.Background: You’re creating a productthat will help novice to intermediategardeners like Gloria get info they need toplan and take care of their garden.Read through the notes from an interviewwith Gloria and determine categories ofdata:•  Facts•  Pain-points•  Behaviors•  Goals
  22. 22. That’s all folks!This was UX Fundamentals…Requests for future topics?
  23. 23. Questions?
  24. 24. Thanks!…and thank you to all the awesome people who share their photos on Flickr: Stephen Bowler Leo Reynolds See-ming Lee Simon Law Luz Bratcher “CHWSFO” Deborah Leigh Pamela Barclay “Canned Tuna” Katie Inglis Benjamin Chun Morten Just “Broken Thoughts” Harsha K R Devon Shaw