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Diagramming 21st Century Experiences


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Driven by a hunger for wealth and enabled by emergent technology, the Age of Exploration that started six centuries ago connected Europeans to the rest of the world's population on an unprecedented scale. It's a model that should sound familiar to us now in an age defined by the Internet and its potential for connecting anyone to everyone.

Our efforts to holistically model today's user experiences are similar to 15th century mapmakers' struggles to locate newly discovered lands within a global view. The simple process flows, Visio documents and conceptual diagrams of the 20th century aren't useful when experiences transcend individual interfaces and devices.

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Diagramming 21st Century Experiences

  1. Mapping the UnknownDiagramming 21st Century Experiences Dan Willis, Sapient @uxcrank May 27, 2011
  2. “ None of these labels begins to describe the extraordinary diversity of the ambient, pervasive, mobile, social, real-time mashups unfolding before our very eyes ... as we wander blindly in this landscape of vernacular chaos, one thing is clear: WE NEED A NEW MAP. ” Peter Morville, in the Foreword for “Pervasive Information Architecture” (Resmini and Rosati, 2011)
  3. Shortcomings • Context • Interactions • Insights
  4. Shortcomings • Movement in space • Perspective
  5. Shortcomings • Same issues as 2D map • Data
  6. Requirements • Expose relationships between things • Provide both meaningful information and context • Highlight interactions between people • Reflect user’s perspective, but not necessarily the provider’s • Offer flexibility
  7. IntentPaths
  8. IntentPaths
  9. Primary Intent Alternative AlternativeIntentPaths Alternative Alternative Alternative
  10. IntentPaths
  11. IntentPaths
  12. IntentPaths
  13. IntentPaths
  14. IntentPaths
  15. IntentPaths
  16. Happy PathIntentPaths
  17. Happy PathIntentPaths
  18. Happy PathIntentPaths
  19. Happy PathIntentPaths
  20. Happy PathIntentPaths
  21. Happy PathIntentPaths
  22. Happy PathIntentPaths
  23. Happy PathIntentPaths
  24. Happy PathIntentPaths
  25. Happy PathIntentPaths
  26. Happy Path Typical PathIntentPaths
  27. IntentPaths Test Drive
  28. Dan Willis@uxcrank on Twitter
  29. The Secret Presentation Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati, 2011
  30. Pervasive IA HeuristicsPlace-making • Across channels, the sense that you are some placeConsistency • Maintaining logic with a channel and across channelsResilience • Adaptable to specific users and their needsReduction • Minimizing cognitive load (not necessarily limiting choice)Correlation • Making relevant connections
  31. Dan Willis@uxcrank on Twitter