Presentation at Plug N Work, Sao Paulo, Brazil


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An informal sharing session to the startup community in Sao Paulo, Brazil, kindly hosted by Plug N Work (the coolest startup ecosystem there).

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Presentation at Plug N Work, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  1. 1. User  Experience  DesignEnhancing lives through user-centric design thinkingRaven  ChaiFounding  Principal  ConsultantUX  Consulting  Pte  Ltd
  2. 2. About  Myself• Founded  UX  Consulting  in  2008• Based  in  Singapore• Only  worked  with  clients  with  local  presence• Love  any  type  of  sports  -­‐  except  golf• A  foodie  and  will  continue  to  be  one• A  lifelong  Liverpool  FC                fan  and  will  always  be
  3. 3. 4RAVEN CHAIDirector & Principal Consultant• Over 15 years experience as a technologist, designer and userexperience practitioner• Lead UX consultant for SingTel since 2008• Formed a local UX Community - UXSGUser Experience Professional Association - Asia Region, Leadership TeamFounder & Principal ConsultantFounder of UXSG CommunityPartnership / MentorshipCertiGied  Practising  Management  Consultant  under  SPRING  Singapore
  4. 4. About UsWe  help  our  clients  to:• Conduct  user  research  to  extract  meaningful  customer  insights(not  market  research)• Design  solutions  base  on  these  customer  insights  and  global  best  practices(we  are  not  design  agency)• Evaluate  the  effective  of  the  design  and  measure  it’s  performance  (design  is  not  a  one-­‐time  effort)• Empower  our  clients  through  knowledge  transfer  (it’s  a  continuous  journey  you  need  to  improve  your  business)What  We  Do  in  Short
  5. 5. UX Consulting - What We DoDesign  Research  and  Service  Design  Methodology
  6. 6. Some stuff I’m involved in...Public  SectorPrivate  Sector
  7. 7. Past Usability Studies conducted by UX ConsultingRaven  has  been  involved  in  more  than  100  projects  across  various  industries  and  of  different  products  -­‐  eServices,  course  program  site,  large  corporate  websites,  eCommerce  ,  lifestyle,  B2B  portals  and  TV  apps.  
  8. 8. Speaker at User Friendly China 2011 Conference @Suzhou, China
  9. 9. Speaker at UX Hong Kong 2012 Conference
  10. 10. Speaker and Design Judge at User Friendly China 2012 Conference @Beijing, China
  11. 11. Panel Speaker at 2012 Taiwan Ux Summit 台灣使用者經驗高峰會
  12. 12. Organiser of UX Singapore 2010 & 2011 Workshop
  13. 13. Organiser of UXSG Conference 2013
  14. 14. Relationship - UX is not UIUIUXh"p://­‐disciplines-­‐of-­‐user-­‐experience/
  15. 15. UXUIhow  people  feels  while  they  do  certain  thingswhat  people  use  to  interact  with  the  productEmotionalTechnical
  16. 16. Success Stories
  17. 17. Success Stories
  18. 18. How can mobile apps helps peopleto improve the quality of life?Success Stories
  19. 19. Design  ROI  -­‐  Measuring  the  return  on  investment  for  design  is  a  long-­‐term  pursuit.If  stock  price  can  be  viewed  as  a  proxy  for  the  impact  of  design  in  the  marketplace,  consider  the  performance  of  this  bucket  of  10  Girms  that  have  invested  signiGicantly  in  design  over  the  last  10  years.  Note:  To  normalize  data,  we  left  Apple  off  the  list.Article:  “6  Keys  For  Turning  Your  Company  Into  A  Design  Powerhouse”  by  Jeneanne  Rae  published  in Stories
  20. 20. Source:  ArNcle  from  Jared  M.  Spool,  Nov  30,  2011,  h"p://­‐the-­‐new-­‐brand-­‐leaders/Why UX can be next catalyst?
  21. 21. Why UX designers are problem solvers?
  22. 22. 1Discover  &  Understand   Iden%fy  problems  and  opportuni%es  for  improvement2User  Research  &  Idea$on generate  insights  through  observa%on  &  immersion3Collabora$ve  Design develop  ideas  to  concepts,  and  translate  into  prototypes4Storytelling  &  Presenta$on illustrate  interac%ons  through  customer  journeyHow do we transfer UX knowledge to product teams?
  23. 23. Case  Study:Key  projects  being  commissioned:  Next  Genera%on  Digital  Retail  Store Revamp  Corporate  WebsiteNext  Genera%on  Online  StoreWhat  we  did:  Re-­‐alignment  of  Retail  and  Digital  Experience  to  complement  each  other
  24. 24. SingTel Digital Retail Store Concept (1st store @Jurong Point launched on 15 Jan 2009)A  complete  redesign  of  SingTel  retail  stores  with  that  won  2  awards:•Global  POPAI  Awards  -­‐  Gold  Award  (Digital  and  Interac4ve  Media  category)•Singapore  Retailers  Associa4on  (SRA)  Awards  2009  for  Best  Retail  Concept  of  the  Year(1)  Creation  of  Digital  Stores  Concept  with  collaboration  with  multi-­‐agencies  and  domain  experts(2)  Information  Architecture  and  Touch  Screen  Design
  25. 25. New Launch in Jurong Point
  26. 26. New Launch in Jurong PointService  Design:  prototyping  service  moments  with  employees
  27. 27. New Launch in Jurong PointImplementation  through  multi-­‐disciplinary  collaboration
  28. 28. Before and After for [SingTel Digital Retail Store Concept]Before - Brick and Mortar After - Digital LifestyleSingTel  Comcentre
  29. 29. The acceleration of startup scene in Singapore started back in 2008
  30. 30. Jeff Gothelf
  31. 31. Concentrated within or near the city area where the actions are
  32. 32. I  think  this  idea  will  change  the  world,  super  excited  about  it!Some dialogues I had with Startups
  33. 33. “Everyone  I  have  just  mentioned  a  while  ago.  Furthermore,  I  believe  people  from  here  +  there  will  Find  it  attractive  too,  we  can  extend  the  modules  to  do  this  and  that  too”“So,  who  are  your  intended  users  (or  customers)  for  the  app  you  are  designing  for?”“Really?!?  Basically  you  don’t  even  know  what  speciMic  problems  you  are  trying  to  solve”
  34. 34. “How  do  you  come  about  building  this  app  in  the  First  place?”“I  Find  it  frustrated  or  inefFicient  to  do  certain  things,  I  believe  I  can  solve  the  problem  better  through  my  idea.  I’m  the  best  user  after  all,  isn’t  it?”“Great,  so  who  else  have  you  validated  your  ideas  with?”“Myself,  ...  and  a  couple  of  my  friends,  they  said  the  idea  is  cool!”“Err.....  you  mean  everyone  else  behaves  exactly  like  you???”
  35. 35. Why the UX of myapp is not good?“I  have  built  a  list  of  great  features  but  I  (or  my  investor)  feel  that  the  user  experience  is  not  good”“In  what  way  you  Find  the  user  experience  is  not  good?”“The  UI  is  not  sleek  enough,  I  need  to  make  it  more  beautiful  and  attractive  -­‐  perhaps  by  adding  a  couple  of  nice  icons  here  and  there...”“I  see,  your  deMinition  of  good  user  experience  =  better  user  interface,  no  wonder  the  user  experience  of  your  app  sucks...”
  36. 36. Slide 85Perception  of  UX  within  the  startup  communitiesA  “user-­‐friendly”  UI  =  Good  UX
  37. 37. h"p://­‐vcs-­‐understood-­‐ux/Dear  VCs,  these  slides  are  specially  for  you  :)
  38. 38. h"p://­‐vcs-­‐understood-­‐ux/
  39. 39. Slide 91Economy  FocusTo  turn  Singapore  into  a  leading  centre  for  contemporary  design  in  Asia.Extracts  from  ofGicial  report,  The  “Design  Singapore”  Initiative
  40. 40. Slide 92Singapore’s  Vision“A  global  cultural  and  business  hub  for  the  design  of  products,  content,  and  services,  where  design  consciousness  and  creativity  permeated  all  aspects  of  work,  home  and  recreation”.
  41. 41. Slide 93Evolution  of  Design  in  SingaporeFocusBefore 1995Industrial  DesignArchitectural,  Industrial  Design,  Product  Manufacturing2001Web  ProgrammingProgramming,Graphic  Design,Interactive  Web2007Usability  EngineeringTesting,Evaluation2012Experience  DesignMulti-­‐Channel  DesignInteraction  DesignService  Design
  42. 42. Slide 102Be  An  Integrator
  43. 43. Slide 103Adapt  Global  Best  Practices  for  Local  ContextThink Globally Connect Locally
  44. 44. Changes need to start by ourselves first
  45. 45. As an individual, we then share online UX web resourcesSmashing  MagazineUX  BoothUIE  BlogJohnny  Holland UX  MattersFast  Company
  46. 46. Initiative to Build a more Holistic User Experience Community in SingaporeOrganise  Meetup  Sessions UXSG  Facebook  Group
  47. 47. UXSG  Facebook  groupDestrActionsIxDA  Singapore  chapterNext  Bank  AsiaDesign  Singapore  CouncilCohesive Local Community Platforms
  48. 48. Regional ConferencesUX  Taiwan User  Friendly  ChinaUX  Hong  KongHCD  Net  JapanUX  Singapore
  49. 49. International ConferencesIxDA  Conference UX  LisbonUXPA  InternationalUX  LondonUX  Australia
  50. 50. Slide 110OpportunitiesBounce-­‐Off  Ideas  .    Provide  Expertise    .    Business  Partnerships    .    Provide  Thought  Leadership  .Transform  our  Education  System  .    Connect  Cross-­‐Border  Design  Communities  .
  51. 51. Slide 111Let’s  Start  a  Dialogue
  52. 52. Raven  ChaiEmail:  @ravenchai