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Taking Content from Zero to Hero - Rachel McConnell

Presented at UX Brighton February triple bill evening event 12th February 2019

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Taking Content from Zero to Hero - Rachel McConnell

  1. 1. Taking content from zero to hero @Minette_78
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Strategic Consistent Optimises user experience
  4. 4. How much do you think about your content?
  5. 5. “Our users don’t separate our design from our content. They think of them as the same. So why don’t we?” Jared Spool
  6. 6. Content is the user experience
  7. 7. “Often leaders understand bad content can lead to business damage but they don't seem to understand that mediocre and/or confusing content can lead to a huge waste of opportunity. And money. And time. Mediocre content also leads to brand and organisational damage. It's just not as quick to spot.” Sarah Richards
  8. 8. How to think like a content designer
  9. 9. Design discovery
  10. 10. Your website
  11. 11. Content users need New content Existing content create Content business wants createoptimise optimise
  12. 12. “I estimate that at least 60% of my tests got their main lift from optimising the words, button copy, headlines, text decoration, the layout, scan-ability, readability, comprehension and simplicity of TEXT.” Craig Sullivan
  13. 13. This page isn’t converting. I think we need to test a new design I’m not sure, I don’t speak latin But we’ve redesigned it 6 times already
  14. 14. Blockers Create Content Get Content Sign-off
  15. 15. Potential solutions
  16. 16. Educate? Excite? Inform? Inspire? Help? Convert? Drive awareness? Drive loyalty?
  17. 17. So, would you buy This product? I’m not sure, I don’t speak latin
  18. 18. The practical bit
  19. 19. Tone of voice
  20. 20. Happy, relieved, excited Interested, curious distracted, indifferent Annoyed, frustrated, Stressed, confused Enthusiastic, positive, passionate Helpful, clear, personal, memorable Clear, serious, straightforward, empathetic Success message, marketing message Error message, legal wording, servicing Email, navigation labels User feels Copy needs to be Content examples
  21. 21. Content hierarchy
  22. 22. Labels
  23. 23. Navigation labels
  24. 24. Navigation labels
  25. 25. Make payment Make payment
  26. 26. CTAs Go back Continue
  27. 27. CTAs Which button to cancel? 😭
  28. 28. CTAs
  29. 29. Help and errors
  30. 30. Help content
  31. 31. Help content
  32. 32. Error messages What happened More detail and how to fix CTA/Way to close
  33. 33. Content design system
  34. 34. Keeping it simple
  35. 35. Av. reading age 11 1 in 10 to 20 have some degree of Dyslexia For 10% English isn’t main language 5m adults struggle to read or write
  36. 36. This stuff is hard You don’t have to do it alone
  37. 37. Thank you