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Steve Bromley - Running User Tests for VR Games

Presented at UX Brighton's evening event Designing for Games & VR 10th May 2016

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Steve Bromley - Running User Tests for VR Games

  1. 1. Running User Tests for VR Games Steve Bromley @steve_bromley
  2. 2. My background I’ve been at PlayStation for 5 years, working on their hardware, software and system UI. For VR, I have: - Run research for ergonomics and comfort - Run research in participants homes - Run quantitative tests - Run many, many qualitative tests on the headset and the launch games
  3. 3. Onto the good stuff…
  4. 4. Room Setup Running User Tests for VR Games
  5. 5. 1:1 Games Testing
  6. 6. Getting the room right is very important for VR games
  7. 7. Watch out for the one way mirror
  8. 8. Beware moving chairs
  9. 9. Room scale VR
  10. 10. Room Setup Make sure that the room setup is not going to cause technical or usability issues during the session. Keep the user safe!
  11. 11. Methodology Running User Tests for VR Games
  12. 12. Qualitative Research
  13. 13. They cant see or hear you
  14. 14. Multi-Seat Tests
  15. 15. Methodology Remember to adjust your study design to take into account that players can’t hear you.
  16. 16. Participants Running User Tests for VR Games
  17. 17. No-one has used VR before
  18. 18. Remove comfort issues
  19. 19. Participants Help people with the set-up Recruit resilient people!
  20. 20. Opinions Running User Tests for VR Games
  21. 21. For usability, 5-8 users per audience will give a good balance between comprehensiveness and practicality.
  22. 22. 5-8 users is not good enough for reliable opinion data. REPRESENTATIVE
  23. 23. It’s often tempting to ask ‘overall’ opinion questions anyway - Development teams want you too. - You want to be nice to your dev teams. This is (usually) a waste of time for VR Games
  24. 24. Can I do anything to get better opinion data from qualitative sessions? Palate Cleanser Getting experienced users
  25. 25. Opinions Ultimately, you probably shouldn’t bother with overall scores or generic likes/dislikes. Run a proper quantitative test if that's what you're after, and ask more nuanced questions
  26. 26. Summary Set the room up right. Think about the methodology, it’s not the same as other games. Don’t expect to talk to players. Help users with the system, they’ll be new to it! Don’t expect useful opinion data.
  27. 27. Thanks! Any Questions?