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Evidence based design


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Despite our best intentions we can often make the wrong design decisions. How do we ensure that we're making the right decisions? Further, how do we convince rational, evidence based decision maker of the commercial importance of good design?

We're fortunate that web analytics allows us to test and measure alternative designs and gives us the hard numbers we need to have commercial discussions with stakeholders.

At SEEK, we've found that setting goals, determining metrics, designing for those metrics and then measuring the impact has given us the freedom to experiment and has earned the confidence of decision makers.

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Evidence based design

  1. 1. EVIDENCE BASED DESIGN Rob Scherer User Experience Designer
  2. 2. isio ns ign dec des EVIDENCEoBASED DESIGN inform ytic st ga nal U sin Rob Scherer User Experience Designer
  3. 3. Good policy design requires more than good intentions Evidence (it’s easy to get!)
  4. 4. Good intentions?
  5. 5. How do we ensure our designs aren’t sticking out the top of our pants?
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Rational Emotional
  8. 8. Start small Identify and agree the goals Choose the important metrics Design for those metrics Test / iterate / measure / share
  9. 9. 27% Increase
  10. 10. 13% Decrease
  11. 11. 0.003% Increase
  12. 12. Freedom to experiment Freedom to fail Stakeholder confidence
  13. 13. THANKS!
  14. 14. WE’RE HIRING You looking? Let’s chat. Andrew Green Craig Hill Rob Scherer Stuart Partridge