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SBC 2010


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Published in: Sports, Business, Career
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SBC 2010

  1. 1. Sports Business Club Fall Kickoff 2010
  2. 2. Mission Statement The mission of the Sports Business Club is to educate, train and connect its members to the sports industry through hands on experience, lectures and workshops. These goals are met through speaker events with industry professionals, training sessions in professional practices, volunteer opportunities within the community, and collaborative events managed by the club. The Sports Business Club stresses a diversity of events to address the variety of ambitions, passions, experiences and skill levels of its members. Active members encounter professional growth while developing their personal code of ethics, leadership skills, and preparedness for their chosen field.
  3. 3. Executive Board President Name: Justin Bernhardt Class: Senior Major: Sociology & Economics Sports Experience:
  4. 4. Executive Board Vice President Name: Ryan Schulman Class: Junior Major: Marketing & Management and Human Resources Sports Experience:
  5. 5. Executive Board Social Chair Name: Mindy Cummings Class: Senior Major: Consumer Affairs in Business Sports Experience:
  6. 6. Executive Board Chairman of the Advisory Board Name: Pat Lueck Class: Senior Major: Marketing & History Sports Experience:
  7. 7. Executive Board Director of Administration Name: Ted Zahn Class: Senior Major: Finance and Management Sports Experience:
  8. 8. Executive Board Director of Finance Name: Chad Nold Class: Senior Major: Journalism and Political Science Sports Experience:
  9. 9. Executive Board Director of Marketing Name: Michael Stallsmith Class: Senior Major: Marketing Sports Experience:
  10. 10. Executive Board Webmaster Name: Eric Shainock Class: Junior Major: Marketing, Management & Human Resources Sports Experience:
  11. 11. Past Speakers/Events Spring Brewer Game and the Bills fell to Green Bay 34-7. Next game tomorrow at New England.
  12. 12. Past Speakers/Events Chicago Trip
  13. 13. Past Speakers/Events Lambeau Field
  14. 14. Past Speakers/Events Andy Katz Senior Basketball Writer, ESPN Steve Lavin College Basketball Analyst, ESPN Matt Lepay Voice of the Badgers Andy Rentmeester Director of Strategic Marketing, Oakland Raiders Todd Taylor VP Consumer Marketing, Milwaukee Brewers Craig Benzel Director of Marketing, Green Bay Packers Joe Robinson Director of Operations, Wisconsin Basketball Vince Pellegrino Tournament Director, BMW Championship
  15. 15. Internships
  16. 16. Volunteer Opportunities $1,338.42 toward American Heart Association
  17. 17. Socials Networking is a Contact Sport