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Oracle Database Training
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Oracle 11g Database - Course

  1. 1. Oracle Database Course Details © UWINPro Inc.
  2. 2. Oracle 11g At UWINPro, our expert Oracle 11g trainers/consultants provide the best Database training.• Course Duration: 90 Hours (30+30+30)• Course Format: Weekends/Weekdays• Mode of Training: - Onsite/Classroom - Online © UWINPro Inc.
  3. 3. Course Highlights Oracle Database online access Hands on training Reference course related videos Training through slideshows /notes and exercises Case Study - Real time business scenario and a typical Oracle implementation case study Oracle Database Quiz Oracle Database Certification material Sample of interview Questions for Oracle Training Quality Feedback form How to use important Oracle resources © UWINPro Inc.
  4. 4. Course Details Introduction to SQL (30 Hrs) Introduction to Oracle Database Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement Learn to Restrict and Sort Data Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output Invoke Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions Display Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins Use Sub-queries to Solve Queries The SET Operators Data Manipulation Statements Use of DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables Other Schema Objects Control User Access Management of Schema Objects Manage Objects with Data Dictionary Views Manipulate Large Data Sets Data Management in different Time Zones Retrieve Data Using Sub-queries Regular Expression Support © UWINPro Inc.
  5. 5. Course Details Administration Workshop I - OCA (30 Hrs) Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture Installing your Oracle Software Creating an Oracle Database Managing the Oracle Database Instance Manage the ASM Instance Configuring the Oracle Network Environment Managing Database Storage Structures Administering User Security Managing Data Concurrency Managing Undo Data Implementing Oracle Database Auditing Database Maintenance Performance Management Backup and Recovery Concepts Performing Database Backups Performing Database Recovery Moving Data Working with Support © UWINPro Inc.
  6. 6. Course Details Administration Workshop II - OCP (30 Hrs) Core Concepts and Tools of the Oracle Database Configuring for Recoverability Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog Configuring Backup Settings Creating Backups with RMAN Restore and Recovery Task Using RMAN to Perform Recovery Monitoring and Tuning RMAN Diagnosing the Database Using Flashback Technology I Using Flashback Technology II Performing Flashback Database Managing Memory Managing Database Performance © UWINPro Inc.
  7. 7. Course Details Managing Performance by SQL Tuning Managing Resources Automating Tasks with the Scheduler Managing Space in Blocks Managing Space in Segments Managing Space for the Database Duplicating a Database © UWINPro Inc.
  8. 8. THANK YOU !To enroll for this course, contact us at: For more info: Visit our Channel © UWINPro Inc.