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Learning organization characteristic 5


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five characteristics of learning organisation: system thinking, personal mastery, mental model, shared vision, team learning

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Learning organization characteristic 5

  1. 1. learning organizationcaharcteristics Peter  Senge   perspec,ve   Uwes A. Chaeruman
  2. 2. TEAMlearning characteristic #5 h"p://  
  3. 3. The accumulation of individual learning constitutes team learning. h"p://   O’Keeffe,  T.  2002  -­‐  
  4. 4. The benefit of team or shared learning is that staff grow more quickly. h"p://   O’Keeffe,  T.  2002  -­‐  
  5. 5. h"p://   the problem solving capacity of the organization is improved through better access to knowledge and expertise. McHugh,  D.,  Groves,  D.  and  Alker,  A.  1998  
  6. 6. Learning organizations have structures that facilitate team learning with features such as boundary crossing and openness. h"p://   -­‐  Argyris,  C.  1999  
  7. 7. Team learning requires individuals to engage in dialogue and discussion h"p://   O’Keeffe,  T.  2002  
  8. 8. therefore team members must develop open communication, shared meaning, and shared understanding. O’Keeffe,  T.  2002
  9. 9. Learning organizations typically have excellent knowledge management structures, allowing creation, acquisition, dissemination, and implementation of this knowledge in the organization. h"p://  
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