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Learning organization characteristic 3


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Characteristic of learning organisation are system thinking, personal mastery, mental model, shared vision, and team learning

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Learning organization characteristic 3

  1. 1. learning organizationcaharcteristics Peter  Senge   perspec,ve   Uwes A. Chaeruman
  2. 2. characteristic #3 mentalmodel
  3. 3. the  assump*ons  held  by  individuals  and   organiza*ons  are  called   The assumptions held by indi- viduals and organizations are called: mentalmodelSenge,  P.M.  1990  
  4. 4. to become a learning organization, these models must be challenged. Individuals tend to espouse theories, which are what they intend to follow, and theories-in- use, which are what they actually do. Senge,  P.M.  1990  
  5. 5. Similarly, organizations tend to have ‘memories’ which preserve certain behaviours, norms and values. Easterby-­‐Smith,  M.  ,  Crossan,  M.,  and  Nicolini,  D.  2000  
  6. 6. In creating a learning environment it is important to replace confrontational attitudes with an open culture that promotes inquiry and trust.O’Keeffe,  T.  2002  
  7. 7. To achieve this, the learning organization needs mecha- nisms for locating and assessing organiza- tional theories of action. -­‐  Argyris,  C.  1999  
  8. 8. characteristic #4 shared vision NEXT