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Building ladders to success rotary presentation 2013


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Building ladders to success rotary presentation 2013

  1. 1. Building Ladders to Success:Education Birth to WorkApril 29, 2013
  2. 2. Success in School, Work & LifeEngaged in community andschoolAn expectation for post-secondary educationAdvancing in MathReading to learnEarly language and literacy
  3. 3. 30millionwords
  4. 4. 47%Low IncomeChildren
  5. 5. 50thGraduation Rate for Black Males
  6. 6. 50%Of Cedar Rapidshomeless peopleare18 and under
  7. 7. Childhood experiences arepowerful determinants ofwho we become as adults.
  8. 8. 10 Common Traumas:CHILDHOOD ABUSE• Physical• Emotional• SexualCHILDHOOD NEGLECT• Physical• EmotionalHOUSEHOLD DYSFUNCTION• Substance Abuse• Mental Illness• Parental loss• Witnessing violence• CrimeAdverse Childhood Experiences
  9. 9. What it foundRISK FACTOR % INCREASESmoking 242%Obesity 222%Depression 357%Illicit drug use 443%Injected drug use 1,133%Sexually TransmittedDiseases298%Attempted suicide 1,525%Alcoholism 555%People with4 or more ACEscompared to thosewith 0 ACEs
  10. 10. 10 out of 30 ChildrenArrive at School with 4 or moreAdverse Childhood Experiences**Recent Washington State Study
  11. 11. Hope
  12. 12. RED (Read Every Day) AheadWords, skills, assessments!
  13. 13. Youth Achievement CorpsTutoring and STEM!
  14. 14. What can we do?• Start early• Be caring adults• Create compassionateenvironments• Build hope!
  15. 15. Questions?Thank You!