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Google Project Glass


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Project Glass: Explored by Ultan O'Broin (@ultan) at GDG Dublin's Google I/O Extended Extended. What is Project Glass? Opportunities, Innovation, UX, and Developer Uptake aspects explored. 31-July-2012

Google Project Glass

  1. 1. Google I/OExtended ExtendedGDGDublin, Ireland 31 July 2012Project Glass What is it? What does it mean for user experience, business, and innovation? Dev uptake, issues, and call to action in Ireland. Ultan O’Broin ( / @ultan Disclosure: Oracle Employee: Director of Applications User Experience Opinions and views are not necessarily those of Oracle.
  2. 2. What is it?• Google X Lab R and D project• Head mounted, hands-free display for useful, organized, information (data, visualizations)• NLP, voice, other input• Android O/S• Dedicated glasses, other integration, form factors possible (car windscreen?, windows? buildings, glass walls?)
  3. 3. Sci-fi? Not New…• Augmented Reality apps• Military
  4. 4. What is New?• Consumerization of sci-fi R&D device (trend)• Wearable device• Integration with data, services• New business opportunities: Mobile, BYOD, COIT• Another Mobile option? More than that…
  5. 5. Possible Use Cases / Opps• CRM • Infield service – glass-based maps, geo-location, information, customer information, knowledge based access. • Sales management: Analytics, predictive power in real-time • Multilingual customers: Google Translate, NLP• Learning device in-situ• Gaming• True mobile; cars, bikers, pedestrians, home viewing• Fashion? Skinning?• Geo-location ads, maps, information, MT, analytics, big data…• Lots possible – go beyond the device, explore the data integrations, APIs, services…
  6. 6. Dev Uptake / Sources• Product developer version / SDK 1,500 USD early 2013 (Google Glass Explorer Edition)• Consumer version = ? +1 year• Sources/References: • • • glass/ • reality-arvr/4030-google-glass-how-it-could-be.html • glasses-do-real-time-language-translation-2469/
  7. 7. Issues?• Performance (can’t be any worse than mobile)• Accessibility (S508, WAI, visual, other impairments)• Security (enterprise)• Health and Safety?• Ads in your eyes?• Fashion issues (opportunity, Bono, GaGa?)• Onboarding in large user profiled orgs?• Usual BYOD (
  8. 8. Conclusion / Call to Action• Exciting, consumer-driven integration of BYOD and data possibilities• Costly for individual developers• Great business, learning, data and services innovation possible• Love to see Ireland-based group exploring device and data integrations for tourism, non-profits, language learning, interpretation, commuting, business apps, (CRM)• Contact me: