UVic SOS Exam-AID Tutor Info Fall 2012


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Information for new or prospective tutors of UVic Students Offering Support..

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UVic SOS Exam-AID Tutor Info Fall 2012

  1. 1. Becoming an Exam-AID Tutor is a great way to make a difference to many students on campus!In 2011/2012, we taught 400 students and raised $7700, proving there is a definite need for our services!
  2. 2. President’s Message: Our goal is not only to get large numbers of studentsattending our sessions, but more importantly to ensure we provide a helpful and high-quality service.
  3. 3. What’s involved in theExam-AID Tutor position?
  4. 4. The VP Academics will organize Exam-AID Tutors into groupsof 2-4 to develop and run sessions for a course of your choice.You must have attained at least an A- in the course you wish to teach and be comfortable explaining the material. (Exceptions can be made if you have gone on to study related content in higher-level courses).
  5. 5. Tutors are expected to:- develop a PowerPoint that includes the reviewcontent for the session- make a sample exam or take-home review packagefor students to access after the session- practice and then run 1 or 2 sessions before themidterm/examA Course Coordinator in each subject group willhelp you stay connected and on track!
  6. 6. Responsibilities of Tutors can be split either:a) By task – some tutors prepare the session and others make the take-home packageb) By content – Evenly split the units to be reviewed among the tutorsAdditionally, you will have access to the review materialsused last year and by SOS chapters at other universities.
  7. 7. Tutors can expect to meet other exceptional studentswho are dedicated to making a positive difference at UVic!
  8. 8. Exam-AID Tutors gain valuable leadership and teaching experience, while also refreshing and strengthening their knowledge of the course content.
  9. 9. Anatomy of an Exam-AID: General Volunteers collect donations at the door Quality review materials Well-prepared Tutors SOS T-shirts provided for you Lots of students!
  10. 10. The Big Picture:- Tutors just focus on preparing, practicing andpresenting their sessions.- The VP Academics will work with the CourseCoordinators to oversee Tutor preparation.- The VP Marketing and General Volunteers willadvertise Exam-AIDs to students and will becashiers at the review session.
  11. 11. How to Get Involved:If you haven’t already done so, please emailuvicsos@gmail.com with your course preference(s).If other tutors are interested in the same subjects, wewill help you form a group and begin preparation.Watch for our email updates regarding tutor meetingsand social events!
  12. 12. Additional ways to support UVic SOS:Follow us on TwitterLike us on Facebook Tell your friends about UVic SOS!
  13. 13. Result: Look, everyone in this picture is really enjoying the review session! Preparing for exams doesn’t have to be stressful and boring – let’s make each of our Exam-AID sessions a helpful and fun student resource!Thank-you for your interest in becoming an Exam-AID Tutor!